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Why Everyone Has Purpose in Life and How to Find Yours!

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Why Everyone Has Purpose in Life and How to Find Yours!

Do you have a true purpose? Yes. Do I need to validate that for you? No. But is it helpful to hear? Yes. 

When you hear this, you’re reminded, (not from me personally, as Tabitha Stitt, another human being) but the fact that *YOU* were drawn to listen to this. 

Spirit, Source, God, The Universe has guided you to hear this. 

You have guided yourself because you ARE Source as well. 

Here’s why and how you can find your greater sense of purpose: 

Why Everyone Has a Purpose In Life and How to Find Yours Blog from The Self-Help Psychic Podcast with The Host, Tabitha Stitt Showing a Woman Holding a Candle for Illumination of Her Path Ahead with a Crow for Guidance and Wisdom

You are a representation of Source. 

You are a channel of source of this creative energy and this is the purpose of life. This is life’s meaning. 

So, yes, indeed, you have a purpose.

And what is that purpose? Right. 

You might be wondering, how do I know what my purpose is? How can I make my life a meaningful life? 

I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. Maybe some days I feel like crap. Some days I just feel completely stirred up. 

Maybe some days you feel down and unenthusiastic about life, and maybe other days you feel really, really great and you feel like you have clarity and you’re connected, and everything seems to be rolling beautifully. 

So right off the bat – everything is essentially connected. 

The first step is realizing that everything is energy, and energy is everything when it comes to your life’s purpose.

So the more that you are aware of how your energy is affected or what could possibly be affecting it, the more that you’re able to utilize this knowledge to your advancement. 

You’re able to recognize: 

“Hey, I’m feeling like crap right now. I’m feeling like shit right now. I’m feeling like I am completely unmotivated. I recognize that I’m feeling this. I hear you. 

And I understand you. I’m going to take a deep breath. I’m going to notice that I feel this way. Maybe I feel enraged. I feel angry. Or maybe I feel just blah. Like there’s really not much to feel.”

This is part of the human experience, right? 

And maybe you’ve heard this before, and maybe you’re tired of hearing it, and this is going to ultimately be a very positive podcast episode. 

So bear with me. 

I’m just saying that as humans, we experience tons of emotions, and they’re fleeting, right? 

It could be like seconds of feeling enraged. 

And the next minute someone could comfort you, or you might see something and it reassures you, or you might get yourself back on track with your best life. 

Or maybe you’re reminded of something. 

Then all of a sudden, you feel at ease and at peace in a better place. And you feel like you can get through these deeper levels of emotions. 

Or maybe you listen to the right song that turns on and everything feels at ease again, when just seconds ago, you were totally enraged or totally mad, or just totally sad or whatever it is. 

So this is part of experiencing life as a human and having a meaningful life too – experiencing negative experiences or stressful events. 

These fleeting moments help us shape goals throughout our whole life. They help us reassess meaningful answers for ourselves. 

These fleeting traumatic moments help shape us. They give us despair but then the gift of a new perspective and new ways.

It’s life’s purpose essentially. 

And I know we’re going to be talking about your purpose, your soul’s purpose, the purpose of life, your meaning here. 

But how do you know that you have a greater purpose? 

Well, the fact that you’re here, you’re listening to this, this is all intentional, right? 

This is all intentional. This experience is of the highest value. 

Maybe it feels accidental. Maybe you’re like, “oh, I just stumbled upon this. And that’s okay, too.”

So we all have purpose in my understanding. 

Last night, as I was sitting up in bed, I felt completely exhausted. 

My stepdad has just passed away. He has transitioned. 

He has moved on to a better place of less restriction. His physical body is no longer here on this earth. 

But I don’t feel that he’s no longer here. 

I actually feel closer to him as I’m talking about this. 

And I feel emotions now. 

I think this is good, because we are here to learn from each other.

And this is part of the purpose, too. This is life’s meaning. We’re here to experience this. 

We’re here to feel the feelings, especially during an existential crisis. 

This is how we tap into our true purpose and potential and find meaningful answers for our best life. 

We’re here to know that we’re connected, that we’re not alone. And this is a good thing.

 And why we’re here as a human species, well, that’s kind of beyond me, right? 

Here I am as a human being with life decisions.

But our purpose of life here, in my understanding, is to be a healing source for not only ourselves, but for others.

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To be a source of inspiration, guidance, motivation and inner workings. 

And it’s not always easy, right? But it’s almost like this sense of surrendering. 

If I can just surrender now, this doesn’t mean to give up. 

This doesn’t mean to not care or to not have core values. 

Surrendering is a source or a place for you to trust, to have faith and to let go of limiting beliefs. 

It’s almost like all efforts have been exhausted and there’s no other choice but new ways. 

And now, all of a sudden, perhaps, you’re lying on the floor, you’re crying your eyes out, and you’re saying, 

“I surrender. I surrender. And I surrender.” 

Wondering – “What’s the meaning of life? What’s life’s purpose? Am I having a purposeless life?” 

Thinking these things is a good thing.

I’ve actually done this before in difficult situations. 

So that example came to me quickly in a past relationship. It was hard because we didn’t understand each other for a lot of the part. 

And that’s okay, because now that I’m seeing it, I see it differently. 

I have this different love, and I have this different appreciation.

At that moment, I just felt exhausted. I felt depressed. I didn’t understand. Tough times.

I remember saying, I surrender. I surrender. It was the only thing I could say. 

What’s the next step for my best life? 

And after that, it was like everything just sort of seemed to ease up. 

It’s not that I didn’t care anymore. Because I did and I do. 

It was just like, “hey, I just feel this sense of connection, this feeling of this connection to this higher power, this higher source, and just trusting.” 

And it was almost as if something had been lifted from me. And I think that’s all part of our purpose as well, is just trusting in something that we can’t physically see. 

Sometimes we can physically see entities that would be beyond our physical eyeballs, right, beyond what’s normal, quote, unquote. 

But for the most part, we can’t see with our physical eyes God, necessarily. 

But then again, maybe we can! 

Maybe if we just see each other as a source of Source. 

Why Everyone Has a Purpose In Life and How to Find Yours - See Each Other as a Source of Source with Pink for Healing

As a source of God, as a source of energy, of healing. 

Maybe then we are looking at this higher power and we don’t even realize we’re looking at our true purpose. 

That’s part of our purpose, too, is just understanding that we’re all in this together. We’re all the same, essentially, deep down, at our very core. 

We’re all here as this physical body, this sense of matter, as a living organism.

And we’re all walking around or strolling around or moving around in these bodies, and yet there’s something that we feel that we’re connected to that we can’t necessarily see. 

So what the hell is this all about, right? What does this even mean? What does this have to do with a meaningful life? 

Well, if I’m experiencing this, then I know that you’re experiencing this. 

And there’s these fleeting moments of, like, okay, even though that was a bad moment, that doesn’t mean that this is a bad life. 

Even if that was a bad fight. 

That doesn’t mean that all of life is bad or that all relationships will be bad or all scenarios will be bad. It’s just a single moment. 

It doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to be in a state of struggle for the rest of your life. 

And I know that this is easier said than done. 

There is trauma, there is hurt, there is pain in these difficult situations. 

This is what makes it a purposeful life actually. 


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But if we understand for a brief moment that we’re all in this together, then that kind of helps, doesn’t it? 

A little bit. 

Like, this doesn’t mean that we are totally accepting someone else’s actions when they feel completely immoral or completely hurtful. 

But in a way, if we can see, like, okay, we’re all just trying to figure this out, we’re all just maybe hurting occasionally, and we’re just trying to figure it out. We’re trying to see things. 

And I think that’s the purpose in life as well. 

We’re all just trying to figure things out and wondering how we can NOT have a purposeless life. 

We’re all asking deep questions, big questions about our greater purpose. 

And the more that we can have this sense of compassion and this sense of understanding or this sense of, hey, I have something special that I can offer. 

I know that I’ve experienced this hurt before, but maybe I can use it. 

Maybe I can see it and offer this advice out or offer this insight out or offer this source of energy out because I’ve experienced something similar, right? And you’ve experienced something similar.

And so we can take these experiences, these behaviors, these past circumstances, these ways of being our family, we can use all of this to our advantage, to our strength. 

So use your strengths, use what comes to you naturally. This is the purpose of life too! This is how you access your true purpose. 

And have a more purposeful life. Have a specific purpose actually! 

And it probably comes so naturally to you that you don’t even see it as a strength or a core value. 

“It’s just who I am.”

But if it’s positive, it’s something that comes so easily to you that it gives you a source of peace, right? 

It gives you this sense of freedom and a sense of meaning and a greater sense of purpose. 

So, for example –

Let’s say you are just constantly doodling or constantly drawing or constantly writing or constantly reading or constantly praying or constantly having a sense of compassion or whatever it is. 

If it’s something that you find yourself doing often, then you know that you can know now that this is part of the process of your inner workings. 

The process and your specific purpose and life’s purpose, right? 

This is part of your purpose and having a meaningful life. 

Now, it’s not going to always be easy to figure it out, but try and look at what just comes naturally to you and that gives you a sense of meaning. 

Try and look at something that you just do so naturally, so as I’m saying this, I’m seeing a space just filled with a ton of plants and someone that, who is like, offer these plants TLC or a space of a ton of animals, like an animal sanctuary, where these animals are treated with compassion. 

And maybe this is so natural to someone, they don’t realize this is part of their true purpose and passions. 

This is just what I do naturally. This is the main topic or theme or central motivating aims of your life. 

But really, if you look at it like this is your purpose, it’s offering this sense of healing energy. 

THIS is for a specific purpose of a happy life. 

You don’t have to see yourself as a healer per se, as a nurse or a doctor who might have the title as a role or as a healer of some sort. 

You can just offer healing energy. Maybe you don’t want to call it “healing”. Whatever your highest value or gift you can offer.  

Why Everyone Has a Purpose In Life and How to Find Yours - Offer Your Healing Energy with a Candle for Prayer

Maybe you want to call it something else. Like, I’m just offering, or I’m just extending out this energy of who I am, and this feels at ease, and this feels like freedom, and this feels like something I enjoy. 

So once we do this, as we’re doing this so naturally, we don’t even realize we’re doing it, yet it’s our own life purpose! 

This is part of the process of discovering your true purpose and greater sense of purpose. 

This is part of the purpose of life and of being here – is offering and extending this part of ourselves out that comes so naturally to us. 

So it’s one thing to allow ourselves to experience it, but once we recognize that this is giving ourselves healing energy, a sense of peace, then we can say,

“Oh, my gosh, I can offer this out, share this with others, and that will also give them healing energy.” 

We can either share our gifts with others or, and we can teach about it to others. 

We can extend this out, and it’s extending out this sort of connection, this understanding. 

You can do it directly, one on one, you can do it or have it be held in a space with lots of people.

Or if that feels like too much, just start off small and then extend out. 

But it’s not like something is going to be found overnight, necessarily. 

Part of the problem is not recognizing or accepting your own gifts. 

It’s like this whole expansiveness of understanding who you are and then just taking it step by step. 

Step-by-step is how you discover and rediscover a clear purpose in your life. It’s ongoing. 

Maybe you might have an epiphany and this leads you toward a more fulfilling and meaningful life! 

There are people that have near death experiences and they have this crazy epiphany.

But do you really want to have that experience where you’re nearly basically dead, to put it frankly, but you don’t have to have that. 

Instead, just take a step back. 

Spending time with Source can be similar to a near death experience as you trust and let go. It’s liberating. It gives you the answer to your deep questions.  

It’s almost like viewing yourself from an outside angle and you’re seeing yourself differently, and then you say, okay, this is what feels right with me, and it’s not always going to be comfortable right. 

So in order to learn more about who you are and what gifts and strengths you do have, because sometimes they come naturally and easily. 

But other times, it’s like we have to put ourselves a little bit out of our comfort zones. 

To learn about our true purpose and potential, we have to extend ourselves. 

We have to take a course, we have to connect. We have to travel. 

And take an adventure. We have to meet someone in order to find out a little bit more about ourselves. So it’s a source of self discovery, right? 

And then we discover, “Oh, my gosh. I never knew I even had this knack. I love it. This feels great.” 

Okay, so then there’s another example of finding something that resonates with your soul. 

If it resonates with you, if it just feels deeply connected to you, then again, you can share this with yourself and then ultimately share it with others. 

And this is all about how to find your purpose and to know this is how you know that you have purpose is feeling that connection, feeling that source, feeling those fleeting moments of, okay, this too shall pass, or okay, I’m going to be okay, I’ve got through this. 

And recognizing that it all comes back. It all comes back to the highest value. 

Feeling that sense of ease and that sense of peace and that sense of surrendering and refilling that over and over again and regrounding and resetting. 

And that’s how you know that you have purpose. Because you feel this connection with Source

Why Everyone Has a Purpose In Life and How to Find Yours - Extend Yourself to Learn about Your Soul's Purpose with a Crow for Knowledge and Wisdom

Again, it’s not always constant, but you can allow it to be constant. 

If you sit and connect, if you choose to connect, if you choose to meditate, if you choose to have this sort of silence every day, if you choose to have the intention of connection, then you will feel it every day. 

Otherwise, it may be more fleeting. 

And that’s okay too, because those moments are just as important in discovering your own life purpose. 

But the more that you choose to be intentional with recognizing and getting a state of where you feel at bliss – 

Creating a space where you feel at ease, the more that you’ll recognize, “Okay, I have this purpose. 

I feel this source, I feel this connection. I feel this sense of having a purposeful life.” 

Whether it’s connection with yourself or someone else or God or the universe –

That’s how you know you have purpose, is when you feel this connection, this sense of ease and peace and freedom. 

And if you’re in a state or a relationship or a job or wherever it is, where you are constantly feeling depleted of your energy, you’re not validated, you’re not feeling happy. 

This is a clue that to take a different step, to take a different path, this doesn’t mean that you’ve wasted time. 

This means that now is the moment to move your energy to another space, to another source, to another environment, to another relationship, to what you feel is the most important things to YOU.

That’s all it means. 

And try not to be hard on yourself, but to know that, okay, now is the time to move in a different direction. 

And then as soon as you do, I can promise you that you will feel liberated. At first, you’re probably going to feel tired. 

You’re going to feel exhausted, you’re going to feel pissed off. Especially during a major life decision, or any stage of life really! 

You’re going to feel all these different emotions. 

But then you’re going to get past the threshold and you’re going to feel a sense of freedom and peace. 

And it might not come at first, but it will, because you’re going to have those fleeting moments. 

You’re going to have those moments of feeling connected again and this is the purpose of life. It’s feeling the value of our lives and making it a priority. 

Make your own dreams arrive in the first place. 

And this is how you know that you have purpose, is feeling that connection. 

You can do it intentionally or not so much, but the more that you choose to intentionally feel this, the more that it’ll come.

The more that you’ll feel that stillness, the more that you just look around and look past these moments and just see things differently. 

It’ll feel more like a sense of play rather than obligation. 

Look at them from a different perspective and you’ll feel that again. And you know that you’re on the right path when you feel this connection. 

It will become more and more consistent every day when you choose to focus on what lights you up. 

And if you don’t know, you’ll have to take the stride to find out. You’ll have to focus on yourself. 

This isn’t selfish. 

This is self loving. 

This is self discovery. And this is what this is all about. 

You can do it. 

Take the reins, take charge, go for it. 

And I have lots of goodies and resources for you. 

This is part of life’s purpose as well, is discovering more about yourself and your soul’s purpose, your soul’s mission. 

And what I do, I feel connected to this. 

I’ve been connected to this source as I’m speaking this. And maybe you feel this too. 

And you have this already. It’s already within you. 

It’s just a matter of recognizing it and utilizing it and appreciating it and stepping into it. That’s the only thing you need to do – trust. 

However that looks and feels for you, it’s going to look and feel differently for you because you have different core values compared to someone else. 

Your version of your best life will look different than other people’s lives. 

Because we all have our unique strengths and gifts and these things that we’ve experienced. 

I can go on and on and on, but I think I’ll stop here for now. 

Until next time, continue to tap into your intuition. Pay attention to your intuition. 

Right, pay attention to it. Okay? 

Take action little bit by little bit, because you’ve got this. 

You continue to grow and expand and keep trusting in yourself. 

When you trust in Source, you trust in yourself and vice versa. 

And the more and more gifts you’ll recognize and the more and more you’ll feel at ease and feel connected.

And so it is.


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