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Copyright All material, information, images, artwork and logo are copyright of Tabitha Stitt LLC. (unless otherwise credited). No work may be taken from this website, copied or used in any form without my immediate and direct permission. Disclaimer I, Tabitha Stitt, am dedicated to assisting and supporting you on your spiritual journey. I do this by offering intuitive and spiritual guidance through psychic mediumship readings, energy healings, courses, insights and digital products.  I’m a licensed and certified teacher by the state of Ohio, a certified yoga instructor, have received certification of completion as a professional psychic medium, and am an attuned Reiki Master practitioner through the ICRT – International Center for Reiki Training. I’m here to help you initiate and amplify the self-healing power we all innately possess; in this way, I support and hold space for you as an opportunity for you to embrace your own natural, intuitive healing abilities. The services offered can certainly complement any mental, emotional and/or psychological care you may be receiving but should NOT replace any advice or instructions given to you by a qualified legal or medical professional. If you have any questions or concerns, please CONTACT ME directly. I’m here to help you in all ways. Thank you kindly for considering and respecting the time and effort in creating this sacred space for self-empowerment and healing. Truly, Tabitha
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