Tabitha Stitt The Self-Help Psychic, psychic medium, spiritual teacher and Reiki master healer

Tabitha Stitt

The Self-Help Psychic™️

I’m Tabitha!

The Self-Help Psychi

I started clairvoyantly seeing things more than a decade ago.


As I was giving a client Reiki, a Native American Spirit Guide randomly appeared and kept thanking me for being a channel for healing energy – 

which changed the course of my life and led me to this path…

But if I’m being 100% honest

I’ve witnessed the most important women in my life battle addiction, emotional and even physical abuse, be fully taken advantage of and keep her own natural gifts hidden because of fear. 

This went on YEARSAnd I’ve never felt more compassion in my entire life. 

So the real, raw reason my soul keeps me on this path

and the deeper meaning behind this work is to help others rediscover and reignite their inner strength, natural gifts and even purpose. 

I’m here to be the medium/channel so you can receive direct messages from Spirit and your Higher Self that’ll give you guidance, clarity, reassurance and remind you of your sacred path.

You see…


Your circumstance may not be addiction or abuse but when negative or dense energy adds up we can become paralyzed, consumed with responsibilities, overwhelmed with anxiety, feel trapped in an unhealthy situation or become stuck in our own insecurities or self-protective ways.

We can become temporarily lost.

We veer off our true paths. We forget about our power. We forget our gifts (or don’t even know they exist)! 

We distract ourselves because it’s less terrifying than focusing on what our soul is yearning for. 

The good news?!

Ultimately you have everything you’ll ever need to be, do and have the life you want and truly deserve because you’re worthy and powerful beyond measure!

And NOTHING can take your power away from you, not even yourself. 

It may feel scary and you might not know all the details BUT your Higher Self is guiding you at all times. (Even now!)

Your next step will be revealed to you if you just trust and have faith in yourself, however that looks and feels to you — 

just like the most important women in my life have done. ❥ 


“See the good.” – Your Higher Self

On a lighter not

Tabitha Stitt, The Self-Help Psychic sitting on steps to symbolize moving forward with faith, photographed by Tiffany North Photography


Things I love the Most

My home, books, oracle cards and creatures of all kinds!


Favorite Food

Pizza + wine = the love of my life.


My Guilty Pleasure

Spending time alone ALL of the time. I can’t help it! I’m an introvert – you too?  I’m a total book nerd which takes quiet concentration. (:


what I do TO UNWIND

Shop at antique stores and rehab old homes.



I was a high school FCS (Family and Consumer Sciences) teacher for 7 years. Yes, I’m a certified and licensed educator. I’ve always dreamed of being a teacher so I still teach!


A super FUN FACT

My ancestors are Romani and my great, great grandma read tarot for a (secret) side hustle!



I graduated from college with high honors, I made 6 figures after rehabbing my first home, I feel I’ve officially broken free from my own sabotaging ways and I’m going after my dreams every single day.  I’m also most proud of my fiancé, family and friends – I love you. 

The Benefits:

Inner Awakening

More Confidence

Recognize Your Magic


Heal Within

Let Go with Love

Manifest Your Dreams

Get Clarity

Live Your Truth

Being a Psychi

As a psychic, I don’t “predict” your future because we ALL have free-will and our circumstances can change. (Although… I can tap into what your future COULD look like considering what’s going on in your life right now.)

Working psychically is connecting with you, your energy and what’s going on in your life using the gift of clairvoyance and empathy.


For you to receive clarifying and inspirational messages, guidance and reassurance from a higher perspective of infinite intelligence and understanding. 

Bottom line, I’m a kind and genuine human being – 

with TONS of experience communicating with “invisible” forces like spirit guides, angels, your higher self and even your loved-ones. 

All of which love you and are here to help you in the best ways possible (even if you can’t physically see or touch them).

I didn’t ask to become a psychic medium – or did I?? 

(Maybe my soul did before I came to earth!)

I “accidentally” started receiving clairvoyant messages which led me to learning more about this path and stepping fully into it. 

This is what God/The Universe has chosen for me. 

And I’ve agreed to embrace it because it feels true to me and aligns with my heart. I just know it. I can feel it. I witness the transformation in my clients every day.


It’s simply not a coincidence that you’re here. 

You have the opportunity and choice to receive messages that your soul needs you to hear now. Spirit says “take action and trust the process.”

And so it is! 

*You* have a unique callin.

There’s a pure, loving force that guides ALL of us, all of the time. You can call it Spirit, God, Goddess, Universe, Source, Creator, etc.

Simply put, when you set the intention to commit and move beyond your comfort zone, your life begins to flow effortlessly.

See, ALL the questions you want the answers to lie within you because you’re connected to this higher realm.

You can access it by following your intuition – this subtle pull that you feel and know deep within.

Your curiosity will lead you straight into your calling. Even though it can feel scary – 

listen to it and take it seriously. 

It’s helpful to reassess and ask yourself: 

Is it time to reinvent my goals in life?
Do I need to finally move on? 
What do I need to truly honor my gifts?
Isn’t my inner child enough to express myself HOWEVER I want?
Have I been holding myself back from beliefs that aren’t mine?
Am I taking action on my soul’s calling? 

And if you need or want some guidance and a gentle push, I’m dedicated to being the medium to relay messages to you from your Higher Self.

If I can step into this insanely taboo role – SURELY you can follow whatever it is that’s calling for you. It’s meant for YOU. 

All in all, this work is

a force for good.

See for yourself.

Tabitha Stitt Psychic Medium for Self Empowerment


Keep empowering yourself.

Connect with your own sacredness and uncover deep intuitive insights and visions of what lies beyond everyday life.

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