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Tabitha Stitt Psychic Medium for Self Empowement


I'm Tabitha and I'm here as a messenger and teacher to guide you on the path that's perfect for you.

10+ years ago I clairvoyantly saw and heard an immensely beautiful Native American man. He was standing right in front of me, talking directly to me. He kept thanking me for helping my client heal. But he wasn’t reaaaaaaally there  –  at least not in the physical form. I had NEVER experienced anything like that in my entire life! I wasn’t scared; I felt at peace actually – or confused is more like it. And since that very day I’ve been working with Spirit/God/Universe using this strange and daring gift as a psychic to empower you from the inside out. And I couldn’t be more grateful.


“See the good” – Your Higher Self

A Few Facts:

I was a high school FCS teacher for 7 years

My Ancestors are Romanies + My Great Grandma Read Tarot as a (secret) Side Hustle

I’ve given readings to clients from all over the world

A Force for Good

Why I do what I do!

There’s a pure, loving force that guides ALL of us, all of the time. (You can call it Spirit, God, Universe, Source, Creator, etc.) Simply put, when you set the intention to commit, trust in it and take action beyond your comfort zoneyour life begins to flow effortlessly. I know this because I experience it time and time again. And I’m here to help you tap in, feel it, and use it to understand and better your life – if you choose.

I listened to this deeper drive and curiosity nearly a decade ago to follow something I knew NOTHING about – Reiki. But I became a channel for healing energy anyway – because I felt called to. It then introduced me to clairvoyance, reassuring me and my clients that there’s a higher consciousness that exists beyond our physical eyes and it wants to help us!

See, ALL the questions you want the answers to lie within you because you’re connected to this higher realm; you can access it by simply trusting in yourself and your intuition – this subtle pull that you feel.

Your curiosity will lead you straight into your calling (if you choose to follow it). Listen to it; take it seriously. And if you need or want some guidance and a gentle push, I’m dedicated to showing you through messages from your Higher Self and lessons from personal and professional experience.

If I can live following my somewhat taboo calling – SURELY you can follow whatever it is that’s calling for you. So, I do what I do because it’s a force for good. See for yourself…

Tabitha Stitt Psychic Medium for Self Empowerment
Tabitha Stitt Psychic Medium


Things I love the Most

my home, self-help books, oracle cards, trees, creatures of all kinds


Favorite Food

pizza + wine = the love of my life


My Guilty Pleasure

spending time alone, all of the time (I’m an introvert)


what I do for fun

read, go on road trips, shop at thrift stores, spend time with my family + rehab/remodel old homes


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The Benefits:

Inner Awakening

More Confidence

Recognize Your Magic


Heal Within

Let Go with Love

Manifest Your Dreams

Live Your Truth

My Psychic Intentions

“Psychic” just means being able to connect with you, your energy and what’s going on in your life by using clairvoyance and empathy.

I don’t predict/finalize your future because we ALL have free-will and circumstances change. But I can tap into what your future could look like considering what’s going on in your life now.

And that’s what I’m here for – to give you clarifying messages, guidance and reassurance – all from a higher place of love and understanding.

Bottom line – I’m a kind and genuine human being with lots of experience communicating with invisible forces like spirit guides, angels, your higher self and loved-ones. All of which love you and are here to help you in the best ways possible (even if you can’t physically see or touch them).

And I’m the medium/messenger/instrument to help you receive its healing messages.

Stay Centered + Grounded

Keep empowering yourself.

Connect with your own sacredness and uncover deep intuitive insights and visions of what lies beyond everyday life.