A Course for Introverts

Are you ready to be gently guided to take one step at a time toward your dreams and desires?

This is your sign. It’s time to step into your power.


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From fear to flo

The most self-empowering program that shows you EXACTLY how to go from feeling scared, uncertain or stuck – to – making forward momentum with faith!

So you can FINALLY flow with life and ultimately manifest whatever you want as the brave person you know you are deep down – even as an introvert!

From Fear to Flow gently guides and gives you the EXACT ACTIONS to take to get out of your own way so you can finally do what you REALLY want to do in life. 

All the while having lifetime access to the course and framework that easily repeats itself ANYTIME you need a little bit of encouragement and guidance to 

move out of your comfort zone with confidence.

Before I tell you all about this life-changing course, let’s talk about

who this is really for...

You’re a sensitive, spiritual soul with lots of ambition and dreams for your future who’s tired of holding yourself back. 

You’re ready to finally stretch yourself and go after what’s been calling to you, even if it makes you a tiny bit uncomfortable – 

Because you know that hiding, playing small and not honoring your true aspirations is slowly tearing away at your soul.

Whether you’re:

You’re in the right place.

And I’m going to tell you exactly how From Fear to Flow is going to give you the tools, inspiration and support on your journey to finally understanding fear/worry/uncertainty and using it as fuel for your inner fire.

By the end of this program, you will have:

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Flow into your magnificent power.

Meet your teacher:

Hi, I'm tabitha!

A professional psychic, energy healer and spiritual teacher.

And I’ve been receiving clairvoyant messages from Spirit/Universe for more than a decade now which all stems back to healing within, living the truest version of yourself and CREATING THE LIFE YOU WANT.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and students from ALL over the world helping them move from doubtful to hopeful so they can live freely and finally follow whatever is calling to them.

And it’s my mission, my intention, my soul’s calling to help YOU do just the same.

So I’m sharing all the secrets of what I know about finally getting past fear as an introvert and how to ultimately have everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Because it’s time to be bold, make moves forward and

step into *your* truth. 

And that’s PRECISELY where this tiny but mighty self-empowering course From Fear to Flow fits perfectly into place!

Tabitha Stitt, The Self-Help Psychic


Success storie:

Maggie Breving

I feel like something shifted in me from working with Tabitha. I received more clarity about the situation I’m in, and also more belief in moving forward in my life – away from the past and on to a different direction.

Psychic Soul Reading with Tabitha Stitt Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Reiki energy healer

Chris Popejoy

Your insights helped to affirm a very new opportunity I’ve literally just begun, in the right place at the right time. Thank you so much! You exude professionalism with warmth and insight which is very much appreciated.


Jennifer Voegele

She let me know I will feel liberation and exhilaration once I get to my goal and that I will be the example to others. She reminded me that I have been resistant based on how I was raised but to keep going. This is the encouragement I needed.



What's inside

From fear to flow?

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Module 1

Figure Out Your Frustrations

Before you can move beyond fear and into the FLOW of your life – your Inner Magic, purpose and passions – you’ll need to figure out what’s been stopping you in the first place! And that’s precisely where figuring out your frustrations (apprehension, anxiety, uneasiness, stuck-ness, etc.) comes into play. Get ready! Because in Module 1 you’re going to begin to successfully transform from the inside out!

In Module 1

you'll learn:

Module 2

Befriend Fear

Once you understand what fear actually is, you’ll find out that it’s not so scary after all! In fact, it’s actually here to help you, not stop you. EVERYONE experiences a sense of fear or nervousness, especially as an introvert. So it’s not something to be afraid of, however it can keep you from moving forward – IF you don’t understand how to become its friend and use it to your advantage. And that’s exactly why I’ve created this course and I’m going to teach you exactly how to move forward – with confidence! 

In Module 2

you'll discover:

Module 3

Manage Your Mindset

Managing your mindset is absolutely essential for flowing with life easily and ultimately creating everything you’ve ever wanted! If you don’t practice being mindful or aren’t aware of how your thoughts are affecting your reality, you’ll find yourself in a constant cycle of feeling stuck – whether you’re aware of it or not. Module 3 is going to teach you all the ways to take back control of your power to propel yourself forward, once and for all. 

In Module 3

you'll find out:

Module 4

Take Action with Assertion

Taking action is THE step you MUST follow through with in order to manifest what you want. It’s getting out of your comfort zone and right into your flowstate – the part of your soul that’s pure magic and can do anything. It’s the hard truth but not taking action is the ONLY thing holding you back from living as your truest self. I know this because I’ve experienced it for YEARS as an introvert. It’s now time to take action and say yes to YOURSELF.

In Module 4

you'll figure out:

Module 5

Trust The Process

Trusting can be challenging BUT it’s the final step in moving away from fear and officially into the flow of life – into your purpose, passions and Inner Magic. It’s what’s going to ease your mind and give you the freedom you’ve been wanting to feel deep down. Without trust, you’ll continue to feel stuck. In this module you’ll find out EXACTLY how to trust in all ways that are perfect for you.

In Module 5

you'll discover:


When you enroll in this special limited time period –

you'll get:

Each module is set up to go day-by-day so you can take your time and go at your own pace – you’ll have access immediately to ALL 5 modules as soon as you enroll so if you’d rather binge-watch all of them at once that’s an option too.

You’ll also get immediate access to some special BONUSES (see below) so you can feel the healing energy and support of the Universe throughout the entire process of humbly stepping into your truth. 

From Fear to Flow

(a $379 value!)


You get these subtle yet incredibly powerful BONUSES for additional support and reassurance along the way!


Guided Meditation + Visualization

Meditation and visualization allows you to sit and be at ease, thus live your life abundantly and ultimately manifest what you want. 

It’s the direct connection to your Higher Self – the part of you that is always cheering you on with complete love and acceptance. You’ll use this to further quiet any thoughts that aren’t serving you and become more fully aligned with your truth – with trust.

(a $29 value)


Distant Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means life force energy. It’s a source of complete love. It heals in infinite ways and can be sent and received at a distance, at any time, in any space.

As a Reiki Master practitioner for more than 10+ years I’ve seen my clients transform from the inside out, no matter what they’re going through. I can personally attest to its subtle yet incredible power to help you in all ways for the highest good.

(a $119 value)

Unique Magic Guide to unlock a surprise treasure for the Magic Guide: How to Use Your Intuition Practically


An Extra Special Module

This extra special bonus module features – The Queen of Wands – who is ALL about manifesting a life you truly want. She’s a SYMBOL for creation, confidence and courage – everything YOU possess – but may have forgotten about. And she’s here to remind you.

And it all starts with how you see yourself and your life. She’s going to teach you how to visualize your future and the benefits of doing so!

(a $79 value)

When you add that ALL up it’s a 

total value of about $600!

But because I’m super excited to welcome you into this self-empowering mini course especially for introverts, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in From Fear to Flow now for this special price of just $49!

Get started no!

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Flow into your soul-full power.

answers to your questions...

I’m also very introverted. I promise. And that’s precisely why I created this course! (Plus, Spirit/Universe was pushing me to do so!) I’ve ALSO gotten out of my comfort zone… big time.

I want to show you what’s possible when you trust in yourself, ALL aspects of yourself. Even if you prefer to stay home – all of the time – or don’t want to converse with a crowd.

When you tap into the infinite possibilities and begin to flow forward with faith, you’ll discover EVEN MORE about your power and potential.

So YES this will most certainly work for you, even as a super introvert! You’re meant to be the way you are. And now’s the time to stretch yourself….. (:

EVERYONE experiences fear sporadically throughout their entire lives. This course isn’t going to rid you of ALL your fears all at once because you’re going to keep growing and with growth comes some uncomfortable feelings – and that’s okay! 

This course will teach you what fear actually is, exactly how to handle it and how to keep moving past fear bit by bit so you can do what you REALLY want and stop holding yourself back. It’ll be like some good old practical magic! 

If you follow my suggestions and specific step-by-step strategies you shouldn’t have any issues whatsoever in moving forward. 

You’ll create space for growth, become more productive and fully step into your truth – your most authentic self and fullest potential.

And remember – the framework I teach is a quick and simple 5-day repetitive process so you can use it over and over as much as you need! The more you use it, the easier it gets. 

Did you know that I’m a licensed school teacher?! I taught for 7 consecutive years so I have the knowledge, skills and experience inside a classroom – both in school and online. I loved everything about it. And still do! So, everything you can think of is beautifully organized inside the course. However, if you have any questions navigating the course you can simply message me and I’ll be there to help! (:

Yes, fear shows up in ALL areas of our lives so nothing is left out. You can implement the strategies and philosophy of this program in any area of your life and however much you need too!

Forever! Anytime you feel a bit nervous to take action or to move forward, simply log in as an encouraging reminder. 

The From Fear to Flow “in 5 Days” part just takes you through the process in 5 days but it simply repeats itself whenever you need. Now you don’t have to take 5 whole days to complete it either. Once you get used to the process, you can easily go through the framework at your own pace, whether that’s quicker or slower – whatever feels right to you. No matter what, it’s ALL yours to have and keep as soon as you decide to enroll

Short answer: Simply put, you’ll feel it in your heart and soul. You’ll be taking tangible action and creating the life you want, one gentle guided step at a time. You’ll feel a bit uncomfortable taking action BUT you’ll embrace it and move forward anyway because you know it’s worth it.

Long answer: You’ll begin to notice your energy shifting. You’ll begin to feel more alive, more driven, more excited, more YOU. Yes, you’ll also feel some nerves here and there because you’ll be stretching yourself but this is what life’s all about!  This is necessary and what you want – discovering your truth and being you – in all creative ways that ring true to your heart.

For example, you may let some people go that haven’t been treating you well, you may choose to buy what you’ve had your heart set on (because you deserve it!), you might begin to see your situation in a whole new perspective, one in which lights you up and/or gives you the encouragement to walk in a different, more positive direction.

Due to the nature of this product as digital and downloadable, and to honor each other’s time, refunds are not offered. Instead, I encourage you to read this page carefully to know exactly what the course includes and check out this entire FAQ section.

You can send me a message before purchasing via the chat button below – I’ll personally answer any questions you have. (:

If you need some extra comfort in making your purchase just check out what others have said about working with me. 

Also, if you have any questions once you’re in the program, just send me a message and I’ll be there to help!

I truly believe that EVERYTHING always works out for the best. 

Flowing with life is the opposite of feeling stuck, anxious, apprehensive, finicky, etc. Ultimately, you’re going to begin living as the truest version of YOU thus tapping into your intuition and opening doors of opportunities left and right. You’ll surprise yourself of the magnitude of your abilities and discover SO much about yourself and what you have to offer. It’ll be a snowball effect of pure magic. And this is just the beginning! 

You’ll be taken through a 5-day process (that easily repeats itself whenever you need) that’ll get you moving past fear and right into WHATEVER it is that’s calling for your heart to explore… 

You won’t be working with me 1 : 1, instead this is a self-paced, self-empowering course with walkthrough videos for every module, beautiful and inspiring PDF guides, transcripts and MP3’s with TONS of guidance, examples and practical solutions and suggestions.

You get lifetime access to this program so you can refer back to it ANYTIME you need and little reminder and encouragement to keep going after your dreams, one step at a time.

It starts immediately.  Once you decide to join – which I hope you will! – you’ll receive a confirmation email with your login info and can sign in and get started right away! And, yes, you’ll have immediate access to all 5 modules and all of the bonuses, materials, guides, oracle images, etc. So get excited! And get started!

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More success storie:

Gwynne Gabbard

I will have more freedom to be creative now. My Inner Child is here to help me heal. Thank you, Tabitha!


Sabra Dunlap

She delivered and interpreted spiritual information with ease that is beneficial to my soul.


Amanda Jewell

Everything she said was relevant to things I have been struggling with & provided so much comfort!

Tabitha Stitt Psychic Medium in Columbus Ohio

From Fear to Flow is proof that

you can do *whatever* your heart is calling you to do.

It’s taken me YEARS to accomplish certain dreams of mine when it could’ve taken just a few months. I’d find excuse after excuse, distraction after distraction. I was subconsciously sabotaging myself and everything I’ve ever wanted.

I was so hard on myself. I’d cry and cry, feeling plain stuck and just… unsure.

But when I look back, all I needed was someone to walk me through and help me understand what I was fearing and experiencing. If I understood it, I would’ve been able to handle it. I would’ve been able to move forward and trust myself – trust my dreams. I just needed someone to guide me and show me the way.

That’s why this course came to me one day. This course is needed and Spirit/God/Universe put me to the test to get it accomplished. 

I’ve discovered along the way, it isn’t about getting it all perfect. (What’s ‘perfect’ anyway?!)

It’s about getting it started; making forward momentum; getting out of this rut; freeing yourself from your own mental boundaries; healing your hurt; giving yourself time to focus on YOUR dreams and aspirations; discovering what you’re capable of! 

Creating this course pushed me. It made me very uncomfortable. I resisted every step of the way. (I was actually sick when I recorded it!) So creating it wasn’t for anyone else but myself at the time.  

But I KNEW I had to do it to prove to myself that I could. And now I pass it on to you. 

So YOU can prove to yourself that you too can do whatever you want. 

To flow right into your very own inner magic – your purpose, passions and self-empowering ways.

You have everything you’ll ever need to be successful. That’s not the issue. The issue is getting out of your own way so you can finally do what you know your heart and soul needs. 

Getting a little uncomfortable is absolutely 100% *necessary* to have, do, and BE what you want in life… there’s no way around it.

And the good news is From Fear to Flow will be the higher guidance and encouragement to show you exactly how to get through it.

It’ll hold your hand and cheer you on and remind you of who you really are and what you’re made of. It’ll give you the right tools to make things so much easier – because it doesn’t have to be hard anymore.

I hope you join me and allow yourself the opportunity to see yourself in a new light. To BE the light you know you are deep down. Now’s the time to trust yourself and to trust the process. 

And so it is!


tabith <3

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Flow into your power.

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Everything here is created with healing energy.