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From Fear to Flow in 5 Days Mini Course



Whether you’re an introvert, nurturer, healer, giver or more of the creative type, From Fear to Flow will be perfect for you. This is a mini course that teaches you in just 5 days the necessary steps to gently get out of your own way so you can finally do what you REALLY want to do in life – no matter what.

By the end of this course, you’ll:

✔️  Befriend fear so you can use it for your betterment and take charge of your future  

✔️  Figure out your frustrations so you don’t stay forever feeling apprehensive or unsure

✔️  Let go of worry forever with my simple 3-Step Mindset Method

✔️  Learn exactly what it takes to feel at ease after making ANY type of decision

✔️  Symbolically use the Queen of Wands’ ways as a source of empowerment for your own throne and castle (a.k.a. your creative passions and purpose)

✔️ Easily access the From Fear to Flow 5-Day Framework ANYTIME you need reassurance

✔️  Turn any doubt into action that’ll get you moving in the direction that’s right for YOU

✔️  Move away from feeling stuck, unsure, apprehensive to FLOWING toward what it is that you truly want in life

✔️  Finally live your dreams with faith and feminine fierceness

This course includes:

Lifetime access! – You’ll get access to any extra bonuses, templates, pdfs, etc. that I add

Complete with 8 modules (one for each day + some!)

Inspiring and encouraging walkthrough videos

Downloadable and fillable Magic PDF Guides for each module

Choice to submit your “assignments” to hold yourself accountable

Optional Quiz to challenge your new empowering knowledge


Meditation/visualization mp3 for manifesting what you want

Distant Reiki Energy Healing for your personal growth on this sacred journey

And a money-back guarantee!

Money Back Guarantee

No worries here! If you’re unsatisfied with this empowering mini course then all you need to do is contact me within 48 hours of purchasing with your completed Day 1 and Day 2 PDF work attached to ensure you at least tried to make it happen. After 48 hours from purchase, there will be no refunds offered. Easy peasy.

I’m here for you. If you have ANY questions or concerns whatsoever along the way, please reach out. 

Everything you’ve ever wanted is just on the other side of fear. And you’ll learn how to befriend it along the way. You’re meant to follow your calling and curiosity. Now go for it!


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