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Your reading will shine a light on your purpose, path and highest potential in life.

You’ll receive messages from your Higher Self and Spirit for practical insight, clarity, confirmation and peace-of-mind.  

You may keep your reading open-ended or choose to focus on specific topics such as: 

Your career, relationships, the next best step, your natural intuitive gifts, or any personal needs or concerns.

No matter what, it’ll be healing and empowering. Get started now.  Book your reading below.


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"She is a gift that keeps on giving."

I have personally had the joy to experience Tabitha’s healing energy and was mesmerized with her intuitive gifts.

She has a way to connect deeply with the energy around her and this has reflected in my own energy.  I noticed many sudden shifts that arisen and was able to heal them and move through them quickly thanks to her guidance.

I highly recommend her work and especially her one-to-one sessions which have proven to be transformative in more ways than one.

She is a gift that keeps on giving.

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As always, pay attention to your intuition, take action and keep trusting yourself.
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Everything here is created with healing energy.