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Tabitha Stitt

The Self-Help Psychic™️

If you sincerely want to transform your life then this is the place to be.

Believe in your magic and you shall receive!

Flower for Transformation with Tabitha Stitt The Self-Help Psychic


Your soul has led you here. I know this not because I’m psychic but because

 you’re meant to hear thi

*Your purpose is to pursue your passions.*

No, this isn’t selfish, it’s not too late and there’s always room to discover more! Self-help doesn’t mean you’re supposed to do this all by yourself.

Instead it’s about

trusting yourself.

It’s paying attention to what your soul’s calling you to do and then taking action.

This could mean standing up for yourself, asking for guidance, healing your heart, creating your art, finally making the move even though you’re terrified, or investing in yourself because you’re worth it.


This is*your* path.

You’re meant to be the most radiant version of yourself. You have SO MUCH MAGIC within just waiting to be revealed.

And so it is!

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The Self-Help Psychic Podcast

Where you’ll discover:

You’ve made it!
I’m so happy you’re here.  I’m Tabitha

The Self-Help Psychi

You have ALL the power you’ll ever need to make your dreams a reality.

But it’s not always easy,  is it? 

I have about 13 years experience as a licensed school teacher and psychic medium and I’ve helped clients and students from all over the world transform their lives – from anxious and stuck to starting their own business!

Here you’re getting the same necessary tools and templates to finally take charge and step into your soul’s purpose WITH clarity and confidence!

Because deep down, you know

it’s time t

✓ Be brave and express your true authentic self.

✓ Let go of what’s holding you back and move forward with faith.

✓ Invest in yourself, your dreams and desires.

✓ Trust your feelings (no matter how hard it might seem). 

I know this because I’ve been there and so has my mom, granny, sister and two of my best friends. And hundreds of my clients and students. 

In other words, you’re not alone.

But it’s up to you to take action. 

(I say this often because it’s the only thing that keeps us stuck – it seems so simple yet can be quite debilitating.) 


*All you need is to believe in yourself.*  

And I bet you do!

So go ahead and get settled in…

The magic has just begun!

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