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The Best Guided Meditation for Finding Your Soul Purpose

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The Best Guided Meditation for Finding Your Soul Purpose

Did you know that finding your soul’s purpose is easier than it seems? Being guided through a meditation that connects you to Source, your spirit guides and your higher self is the ultimate way.

And here’s exactly how to do just that!

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Discovering your soul’s purpose is aligning with the highest possible vibration. 

So this is gonna be a different form of communication. It’s gonna be a guided meditation for finding your soul’s purpose and life purpose.

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There are many different soul purpose meditations but this one in particular comes from a space of pure connection aligning with your highest self. 

Now, you’ll be aligning and connecting with your highest self.

You wanna find a space where you can find comfort physically absorbing into the space, absorbing the body into this stillness.

Perhaps it doesn’t feel like stillness right now, but even in the midst of chaos, noise, sounds, other energies, there is a stillness amongst what we perceive as perhaps the opposite of stillness.

Thoughts, emotions, feelings may arise. This is all part of the process. For example, this is for personal growth.

Right now, you may be thinking, “hmm, I’m not sure if I wanna listen to this right now”, or maybe you’re thinking “this is exactly what I need to hear”, or maybe you are not sure, but you’re open. 

Go with what feels right for you at this very moment and know that you’re in the right place too.

This guided meditation is an invitation for you to discover more about your soul’s purpose.

I will not tell you exactly what that is, but as you sit and welcome this presence of stillness, this energy, you will discover time and time again. 

The more that you listen to this – such as your purpose, your intention, your mission, your highest self, your authentic self – you’ll begin to receive what you may call inner guidance or messages from the universe, perhaps even just your intuition.

Equally important, this is a guided CONNECTION.

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A connection to your own soul – the highest possible vibration.

You are receiving and being open to this presence. These words that you are hearing (you may not hear all of them) but subconsciously you are inviting them in and allowing for them to work in all ways for the highest good. 

Continue to breathe and if the mind wanders (which it will) just simply notice. 

There’s no reason to be hard on yourself or to judge or to feel bad about that. Just simply noticing you are an observer of your thoughts, your sensations of the body, the sounds, the emotions, it’s all part of the experience. 

There’ll be moments of silence where there is no talking and instead it’s just being present with yourself. Being in the present moment with your authentic self, higher self and even your spirit guides. 

The more that you practice this, the more that you will be aligned with your soul’s purpose and life purpose.

The more that you will recognize that you are aligned with the truest version of you, the part of you that just feels right, THAT is your authentic self.

Without a doubt, there’s nowhere to be but here, in this moment.

You’re in the right place at this very moment, breathing in and out. 

And what’s happening is allowing yourself to be in this present moment. You are inviting this version of you that may feel new to you. 

It may feel uncomfortable, it may be interesting. It may be a feeling, an emotion, a thought, but you’re inviting this version of you to come in closer.

You are in the present moment right now.

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And this is what it takes to find or to be fully aligned with your soul’s purpose and your own inner guidance. 

Simply by being present, outside energies distract us. We can tend to forget who we really are, but when you allow yourself to be in this moment, you begin to remember.

You’re remembering now. You are inviting this stillness.

This is what personal growth is all about.

You’re beginning to feel this stillness around you – this calmness, presence, energy, authentic experience and highest possible vibration. 

No matter what it is that you’re experiencing, breathing in and out, this is all that is necessary to do, is just to allow yourself to be still. 

And what this is doing is giving you the opportunity to learn more about who you really are. 

You’re honoring your highest self and you’re in the right place. 

You are connecting with the universe, consciousness, source, God, your spirit guides, your angels and any other energy or presence that you resonate with. 

You are connecting with this source right now. In this very moment, you are allowing this source to adjust you energetically, to balance you out, to reset you, to re-ground you.

And that’s all that it takes to find your soul’s purpose and life purpose. 

Because ultimately what this is going to do is essentially give you the clarity, patience, understanding, acceptance (or whatever it is that is for the highest good) – in order to recognize your mission. 

It’s important to understand it’s not out there, but it’s within you. 

You utilize what it is you already have within you. This is your inner guidance. 

This faith, willpower, drive, motivation, curiosity – that is the energy that moves you even closer and realigns you to your soul’s purpose. 

Right now, at this moment, you are connecting with All-That-Is.

With All-That-Is in this present moment. 

Surely your inner wisdom and inner guidance is being activated over and over and over again. 

You’re recognizing this presence, energy, healing vibration.

Breathing in and out, in and out.

In this moment, this very moment, you are everything.

Above all, you are energy, source, consciousness. You are just currently living as a human being.

Black and White Symbol for The Best Guided Meditation for Finding Your Soul's Purpose: You Are Energy, Source, Consciousness

You are your soul. You are the very essence of spirit. You are fully connected to what it is you are seeking.

What you seek, what you dream about, what your goals are – that is already within you. 

It’s already happening. It’s being manifested.

It’s being presented to you in all ways for the highest good.

You are being invited to come back to this space. In this very moment, you are being invited to listen to your intuition as well as your authentic self. 

It will happen more and more often. 

Do honor your intuition, honor yourself, honor these callings that you feel. Honor them and follow them.

The more that you are present in this space of stillness, the easier life will be. 

Begin to feel. There will still be moments when things don’t always seem so easy, and that is part of being a human.

But do remember that you are your highest version of yourself right now in this present moment. That can never go away. 

The more that you recognize it and the more that you give it time to connect, the more that you will feel aligned; and the more that you know that you are aligned with your highest self. 

Finally, begin to bring your attention back to the body and the space. 

Bring your attention back to the body and this moment always honoring your intuition and following the calling of your soul’s purpose. 

You’re fully present and your eyes are open and aware of the space that you’re in.

And so it is!

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