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What is Your Life Purpose and Soul Meaning?

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What is Your Life Purpose and Soul Meaning?

What is the point of being here on earth? Are you also needing some clarity on your soul’s purpose?

I know that for many, many years I certainly have. And as a psychic, licensed teacher and speaker for 13 years, I know a thing or two about all of this but not because I have all of the answers – I don’t think any human does. 

But because Spirit actually speaks through me. (You can call it Spirit, The Universe, Higher Self, Spiritual Beings, Consciousness.) 

So! What’s your life purpose?? Let’s reveal that now! 

Pink and yellow flowers symbolizing for you to discover more about your life purpose and soul meaning

We ALL have this ability to receive messages for our own lives, and it happens all the time. So are you paying attention to these messages? Are you paying attention to your inner wisdom?

We also each have unique strengths and natural gifts as human beings. 

And I will certainly go more into detail about this in another post. 

But let’s look at this from the perspective of being a human being.

What is your life purpose and soul meaning as a spiritual being, spiritual entity and energy, living a human experience? 

Because essentially, we’re all here for the same reason. 

Now, that might sound boring and something that you don’t want to hear but again – remember that you definitely have unique strengths and natural gifts as a human, but ultimately we are all here for the same reason. 

Your life purpose is to recognize and access your own inner wisdom. 

Pink and yellow flowers to encourage you to use your inner wisdom

The purpose of life is to be your true self, to listen and take action upon your inner voice. And how do you do all of this? How do you take action upon your inner voice? How do you know you’re aligned with your soul mission?

It is taking a deep dive and honoring these notions and intuitive feelings you get because even though we each can receive messages and guidance and knowledge from others ultimately this inner knowing is what it all stems from. 

When you are true to your TRUE self (what you feel deep, deep within) THAT’S how you know that you are living out your soul’s purpose; is when you pay attention to this…

and then you actually take action upon it. 

We are terrified to take action upon our deepest soul’s feelings because honestly, it is the most vulnerable that we can be something that we feel so deep within to do something that we feel is truly a part of our soul’s purpose that no one else would understand.  

No one else would know what we’re talking about because it is our own unique individual purpose to follow this. And that in itself feels terrifying.

So we tend to not take action – but that is your purpose, is to take action upon these notions, upon your intuition. 

Be a light upon this earth as a human being. 

Pink rose symbolizing that you are to be your true self

It is to do good in the ways that you feel honor who you truly are, even if for the very first time! 

And this will show up differently compared to someone else. But that is ultimately the purpose, your soul’s purpose. 

And that might seem so simple and yet so complex at the same time. So let’s go a little deeper. 

You don’t need to have a near death experience or some profound spiritual awakening. 

And you certainly don’t need to know who you were in a past life in order to fulfill your soul’s purpose.  

None of this needs to take place. If you are honoring your feelings, your intuition, your deeper knowing, your true self, what you know deep in your heart that you need to do, despite the fear, uncertainty or apprehension, THAT’S when you know that you are fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

That’s when you know you’re living your true soul purpose. You’re experiencing an aspect of your life that feels true to you and gives you a sense of purpose. 

Be mindful and make conscious choices and decisions that align with a sense of fulfillment — that align with who you are. 

I know this might seem simpler and easier than what it really is because we are terrified. We wanna fit in, we want to feel like we belong. 

We don’t wanna be an outcast. We don’t wanna make the wrong decision. This is a basic need to live a happy life.

But once you recognize that as a human being feels a sense of fear in our own ways. So when you know that you’re not the only one experiencing fear, then it kind of takes the pressure off a little bit. 

The meaning of your soul is to be a spiritual life coach or spiritual teacher… to yourself.

Yellow flowers symbolizing to be a spiritual life coach to yourself

This does not mean that you can’t speak with a coach, someone else, or a healer, nurse, doctor, psychic, mentor, educator, or whoever it is that you feel would help you along the way. 

At the end of the day how YOU feel within, that’s what’s gonna matter the most. It isn’t about anyone else but rather about your sense of fulfillment and a feeling of deeper meaning. 

And of course, we want to be compassionate about others’ feelings.

But if you’re not honoring your own feelings, then you might be feeling stuck, depleted or you might be racking your brain.

You might be not making moves, hesitating, coming up with excuses. You might be allowing painful memories to hold you back as well, even if you’re unaware of this consciously. 

It’s gonna be terrifying but I think it’s essential to understand that you’ve gotta push past that. And I know it sounds simpler than what it is, but it’s just tiny little baby steps. 

A scary childhood experience, painful memories or subconscious beliefs can hold us back from honoring our true self, can’t they? 

We might not even recognize that we’re holding ourselves back. This is what happens most often – we get in our own way. 

We don’t even recognize how we’re holding ourselves back until we become more mindful of how we’re holding ourselves back. 

So even though something traumatic or dramatic has happened to you, you have a choice to either take that and run with it and to strengthen you, or you can become your own victimized block in the road.  

Now again, honoring your own feelings is what’s most essential. This is what’s going to make you the strongest. And this is your purpose – to be a spiritual seeker and dig a little deeper to reveal what’s really going on within. 

If you feel you are experiencing a genuine, honest, and meaningful life then you know that you’re on the right track.

Pink and yellow flowers as a metaphor to take action upon your inner voice

If something feels off, then simply just make some subtle adjustments. It doesn’t have to be some grand, supercharged, crazy movement. 

At the end of the day, this is all about personal fulfillment, personal development, personal growth, self-help, and honoring your authentic dreams. That is also your life purpose and soul meaning.  It’s a combination of all these things. 

It’s about making yourself a better person and not being cruel to yourself, not being cruel to anyone else. 

When we do things for ourselves, this doesn’t mean that we’re being selfish. 

This means that we’re honoring who we are. We’re living an authentic self. We’re expanding. We are bettering who we are, and thus ultimately bettering others, bettering our situation and our circumstances and the world around us. 

One tiny little thing that we do, you are then making your life better. And eventually, you are expanding out this light version of you. This beautiful light is growing.

You’ll begin to notice your alignment with other ever-expanding conscious beings too! 

Follow your notions of who you are and give yourself the space to expand your consciousness. 

You are then living your soul’s purpose and soul calling!

That’s what it is. This is all about growing yourself, being mindful, being aware, and having patience with yourself as well. It is all about personal development. 

Giving yourself space to expand your consciousness simply means to do what you want to do in life, focusing on your own moral and desirable values. In doing what you want rather than suppressing your wants, you’ll align more and more with your higher self and true self. 

You’re listening to your intuition and inner voice by following your desires in life. 

As you grow as a human being, you will light up from the inside out. 

You can’t continue to blame others. (Not saying that you are, but this happens often.) But the more that we empower ourselves, the more that we take charge of who we are, we take charge of our decisions, the more that we empower ourselves from the inside out.  

By empowering ourselves, we naturally empower other people. It just happens naturally because we’re spiritual beings thus affected by others’ energy. 

You don’t even have to do it intentionally because they will feel this automatically, either consciously or subconsciously. They may not understand it and they may resist it, especially as you are growing as a human. 

Others might feel nervous because they see that you’re bettering yourself. And that’s okay because they too have a choice to run with it. That’s up to them to grow as well. 

We can encourage others to do this, but ultimately we cannot force anyone to do anything because we all have free will. 

Although we’re humans, we’re spiritual beings which means we have to abide by natural laws of the universe.

And although we all have different roles in life, we’re ALL the same because we have a choice to live our own unique fulfilling life or choose to ignore or neglect our inner voice. 

As we learn and grow, we too will expand others’ consciousness as well. 

This just lights up the world. This lights up the earth. This lights up human consciousness. 

Now, I know it’s not easy. There’s a lot of things around the world that are heartbreaking and detrimental and scary. And life is not easy, right? 

But the more that we can be a light to others while being a light to ourselves, this is the purpose. 

This is the reason for being here – it’s to make this space, earth, your surroundings, a better place energetically; on a level of higher consciousness.  

Get clear on your goals in life and manifest your authentic dreams. 

Pink and yellow flowers symbolizing honoring your authentic dreams

Tap in – what is it that you daydream about?

What is it that you’ve always wanted to do?

What gives you a sense of spiritual awakening?

When you daydream about your future goals, what is it exactly that helps you feel a deeper meaning?

You still have time.

I don’t care if you’re 75 years old or you’re 16 years old, there’s always space to fulfill your dreams and soul mission because it’s ongoing!

Now, you might have to adjust them a little bit. You might have to change them a little bit. But I do believe that there’s still time, there’s a way to fulfill them. 

You might have to see them in a different way, or maybe let go as well. And that’s your soul purpose and meaning in life, is to be who you are… 

What’s the next step? Be your true self, listen and take action upon your inner voice — despite the fear.

Despite the nervousness, trust in who you are. 

Get out of your own way and do what your heart’s telling you to do! This is most likely going to require you to get out of your comfort zone, even if it’s for the first time. But that’s okay! A lot of people or I should say ALL of us must get out of our comfort zone in order to live our lives with inner peace.

Trust in your intuition and your higher purpose. 

Please listen to your inner wisdom and inner voice. It’s a feeling within. It’s a sort-of knowing deep within your soul. 

This is your true soul purpose. You are to create a fulfilling life for yourself and everything else will fall into place as you share your brilliant light.

BE the light that you are intended to be. 

And so it is!

What else can help you get clear on your soul’s purpose in life?!

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