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Why You Should Use Oracle Cards

I just looked out my office window and noticed the clouds.

One of the clouds was forming into a monster.

I immediately began to freak out.

Why the hell am I creating an image of a monster in the clouds? 

Right away a flock of birds flew by snapping me back to reality, letting me know that I’m NOT crazy;

getting me back on track and reassuring me with positive thoughts. 

This is how oracle cards work.

They’re used as SYMBOLS to help you figure out what’s going on in your life and mind (both consciously and subconsciously);

how you’re perceiving the world around you, all while confronting and comforting you at the same time.

They’re not here to scare you or predict your future.

Your future is infinite with possibilities – and depending on your attitude and willpower to knock out what you want in life – they’ll help you determine how you want your future to unfold. 

See, YOU hold the power of your decisions; the cards just guide you and confirm what you probably already know deep-down.

Oracle cards will help you understand who you are at your core; your soul.

They help you tap into your spiritual, innate side where all of your experiences and wisdom are housed.

An oracle card’s meaning can change day by day depending on your current perspective of it,

what’s going on in your life at the moment,

and what you need to hear (not necessarily what you want to hear).

They represent life and all its circles, cycles;

ups and downs, ins and outs;

life’s light, easy-breezy side and the not-so-cool, darker side.

Oracle cards help you progress on your path toward your full potential.

They’re inspirational with their images and deeper interpretations. 

Oracle cards are reassuring.

I’m not sure how it really works but I’ve been using them to HEAL for YEARS:

I’d sit with them during my most vulnerable saddening times, quietly ask a question and pull out a card:

No matter which card was drawn, it would give me this sense that I’m not alone and I’m indeed being watched over and guided by some outside loving force.

They’ll do the same for you.

(If you give them a chance.) 

If you decide to work with Tarot, you’ll find a different yet similar type of oracle deck.

Tarot has 78 specific cards with specific meanings.

They take you on a journey from “The Fool” to “The World”.

It helps you recognize which archetype or persona you’re playing and representing in your life at the moment.

Tarot also gives you all the inspiration, guidance and confirmation to propel you further along your extraordinary path.

Sure, some cards can appear a little eerie BUT remember, they’re symbolic

They’re not here to scare you or gobble you up!

Instead, they’re here to show you what you can work on to better yourself and your situation.

It’s really your preference how you want to work with oracle cards.

No matter what, you’ll want to ask questions.

They’ll give you answers with reverence and help you understand your circumstances.

And I’d suggest following your intuition when finding the “right” deck.

Pay attention to which deck you’re drawn to and trust that vibe of yours.

You might just fall in love with your new best friend!

And if you find out it wasn’t what you expected, simply pass them along to someone else and try out a new deck.

But don’t give up on them! That’d be like giving up on yourself.

And that’s precisely the opposite of what they’ll do for you.

They’ll never give up on you.

Bottom line, oracle cards are a sacred self-empowering tool to help you –

to tap into your intuition and intentionally show you the many ways to manifest your Inner Magic – 

your purpose, passions and full potential.

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