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Lights. Camera. Action. Flow!

Sometimes it can feel as though you’re standing on a huge stage and all eyes are on you. 

It’s like it’s now or never. 

You know you must make a move. 

There’s a sense of doom lingering over you – the clouds are caving in. 

You have so many people looking at you full of anticipation all while feeling a sense of doom and regret! 

How did I ever get myself in this mess?!  

Why did I pick this route?! 

But don’t give in and certainly don’t give up. 

Yes, maybe others are looking at you in suspense but that’s because they’re excited to see you! 

You’re finally standing tall on that stage, ready to take action, to open the curtain to reveal what’s been hidden in your depths for so long. 

Don’t feel a bit nervous although this is definitely easier said than done. 

Of course they’ll be nerves to feel! 

This is it. 

It’s now time to make your move as the character you’ve chosen to portray in this ‘play’.

The play you’ve chosen to create. 

There’s no looking back now. 

The curtains are opening and the lights shining bright. 

But you begin to breathe quickly – not sure if you’ll pass out, trip, fall or hell, ‘break a leg!’ (Why do they say that anyway?!

But once you put yourself in this position you’ve already made the first step. 

And that’s the hardest part – taking the first step.

Once you take your first move, write your first blog, call your biggest client, coach your dream team, fill out that application, build your only home, birth your newborn, you start the scene and it doesn’t end.

It actually flows quite effortlessly – if you let it. 

Just get in the notion of the character that you want to play. 

And begin acting out that character! 

This is magic. 

You’ve built everything up to this point. 

And now it’s time to go. 

Lights. Camera. Action.


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