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Remove The Blindfold Already

Sometimes our eyes are being covered up by someone else who doesn’t want us to see our true potential. 

To excel, shine, or stand out.

Why would someone do that?

Why would someone want to hide your strengths; to put you down?

It happens.

This may be someone you know or this could be yourself.

What’s the good in it though?

The only good that can come of it really is to have more compassion for someone who does.

Because if they’re putting you down then you can bet they’re pretty miserable.

Sad. Unsatisfied. Confused. Scared.

If you’ve never had someone else do this to you then ask yourself if you’re doing it to yourself.

Putting yourself down, talking poorly, discouraging the many possibilities out there.

Going back to the question why?

Life can be downright frustrating, annoying, confusing, bitter, hateful.

These are all real feelings, emotions, realities.

But know that they come, and then they go.

Eventually if you work to better your self-talk and/or choose to walk away from someone who is disrespectful or down-playing your potential then you’ll notice a shift within.

You’ll grow taller.

Now at first, making a move may feel startling to your soul because it’s not what you’re used to.

But hang in there.

Don’t go back.

Keep pushing forward and having patience with yourself.

Because your chatterbox may surface; your doubts may be daunting.

So it takes a bit of time to adjust to this new you – one that removes the blindfold to your potential.

You have the power to choose yes or no.

Will you choose strength or weakness?

Victory or victim?

Pride or misery?

Don’t allow someone to control you.

There is deception unfortunately.

But fortunately there is truth too.

And it trumps.

Win back your self-esteem.


So ask yourself: is there someone holding a blindfold over my eyes or a scarf to muddle my singing voice?

Be honest with yourself.

Because it’s now or never.

Make the move.

See the truth.

Send healing in all directions and be on your way.

Trust in yourself.

Listen to yourself.

The self-empowered woman that you are.

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