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How to Tap Into Your Inner Child

Your Inner Child is what lives within you.

It never dies and it never grows up.

It’s not to be mistaken with immaturity though. It’s child-like, innocent, and free from worry of any kind.

It can’t be taken away – not by anyone.

But it can hide.

Usually it hides when it was told not to do something multiple times, or it was bad for trying something.

But the magic of the inner child is that it gives you what you’ve always been seeking.

It IS this longing you’re searching for.

It’s your deepest aspirations that have never gone away.

It’s been tugging at you, wanting your most heart-felt attention.

Don’t you feel it?

Can you imagine your little self again?

Why would you want to tap into your Inner Child?

Because as you get older, learn more, and are salvaged from the world’s harshness, you begin to slowly stop believing in what’s actually possible.

You’ll want to tap in because it’s where all of your answers lie; the answers that relate to what you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

The answers to why you’re feeling unhealthy, beat up, stuck, stagnant, unsure, indecisive.

Believe it or not, your Inner Child, this magical infinite energy that lives within you, has ALL of these answers you’re wanting.

So HOW do you tap in and find reassurance, clarity and comfort from your Inner Child?

You recognize that you are another human being just trying to figure out this entire world and all its madness, the ups and downs, the happiness and utter sadness.

You begin having patience with yourself (just like you would with your own child, student or sibling).

Begin to recognize that you really are your own best friend, or at least you can be!

You step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

What have you been curious about? What’s drawing your attention?

Even if it’s just exploring out in Nature, going for a ride, traveling to the next small town, taking a class in-person or online.

How else do you tap into your Inner Child?

You do what you want to do!!!

Wow, it’s so straight forward, huh?

That’s because it’s true.

Now doing what you want to do can be for a quick moment, for the day, or it can change and transform your entire reality!

See, you’re not supposed to live your life feeling stuck to a certain person, place or job.

This is just security and the feeling of security is important to a child but this type of security isn’t really secure, is it? 

Instead – give yourself security and peace of mind by knowing that you’re living your life the way you want to.

THIS is more liberating than anything – thus secure.

You can break out of your mundane way of doing your tasks, duties, and roles if this is what you’re being called to do.

And you know you’re being called to do this by how you’re feeling.

If you’re consistently stressed, feeling unsatisfied, lacking joy then this is your Inner Child crying for you to pay attention.

Why put yourself through it any longer?

What is it that you need to remove from your life, give away, step away from, share with someone else, move on from, move closer to, give another chance, see and experience for yourself?

Challenge yourself to BE YOURSELF.

Your Inner Child.

This little being that’s still you.

It’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to love, it’s okay to express yourself however you want, it’s okay to get dirty, to make a mistake, to ride your bike.

How do you tap in?

You give yourself a chance to be free and finally remove yourself from those beliefs that aren’t serving you anymore; to forgive whoever hurt you.

It’s not going to be comfortable stepping outside of your comfort zone.

But it’ll be worth it.

This is your life.

And what better way to live it than to do what you’ve always wanted to do.

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