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What Wise Women Know

Weaving, wandering and spinning, around and around.

There’s a power in the process of putting together all of the pieces.

Literally and symbolically.

There’s a cycle to everything and it’s using our experiences to learn and become a better person.

It reverberates the soul.

Our experiences give us the tools to invoke what we need to continue on with patience, practice and love.

We take all parts of our lives and build them up and out.

We start from the center and continue moving outward to help others along the way.

We teach from our lessons.

A pattern emerges in our thoughts, actions, habits.

Do these need to be shifted a bit to see from a new perspective?

A perspective we don’t even know exists, like the power other women seem to possess that I so wish I understood. So too possessed.

There’s a balance.

What tools, traits and skills do you see other women using that you’d like to know more about?

What is it that they do, create, possess that inspires you?

That catches your attention?

It’s in the making that makes it magical.

It’s a give and take.

How can you teach what you know?

It’s now time to spin… see the pattern of your own passions.

Now weave, wander and go around and around.

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