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10 Ways to Discover Your Life and Soul’s Purpose

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10 Ways to Discover Your Life and Soul's Purpose

Want to know 10 quick and easy ways to discover more about your soul’s purpose?! You’re in the PERFECT place.

Here are 10 ways that are definitely gonna help you discover, reveal, unearth more about your soul’s purpose. So let’s get into it. 

1. Recognize, honor and fully accept that you do indeed have a purpose.

It’s not a singular purpose. You don’t just have one single divine purpose. And that’s so important to recognize! We have many ways of looking at our life and our mission and our reason for being here. THIS is your soul mission – to recognize that you do indeed have a higher purpose and that’s to be open and honest with yourself, your true self.

That’s where a lot of people can get caught up, is when they think that there’s only one single thing that they’re supposed to be doing. And yet, that is not necessarily the case.

Although you’re an individual soul, it’s not just one thing. It can be a combination of many different aspects of your life.

And I don’t want that to overwhelm you because it is helpful to get focused on what it is that you are passionate about. 

Remember it’s up to you to follow through because you have free will as a human, your spirit guides, spiritual teachers or guardian angel will automatically help you recognize this as well. You can simply ask for their assistance.

2. Look at everything you are passionate about. 

Ask yourself, what lights me up? Which aspects of my life bring me joy? When do I actually enjoy thinking about and learning about and discovering? And what am I constantly thinking about and am concerned about?

Now, there’s two different ways to look at what you’re passionate about:

The first thing is to think about something that you could offer your time and energy into, such as something that you want to be an advocate for, something that you really, really care about.

And then the other passion is what it is that you want to create with your own life. That’s the type of passion and purpose that you would want to actually focus on as far as creating something and enjoying the process. 

3. Get out of your own way. 

I personally know what this is all about. I have gotten in my own way multiple times, and it’s easy to blame others, circumstances, situations or our past or experiences.

When we blame or victimize the situation consistently, that’s when we’re losing our power.

But if we step into our power and get out of our own way, then we’re lighting the way – we’re seeing what is out there for us.

So it’s important to recognize that you certainly have a divine soul purpose, without a doubt.

And then get out of your own way so your life experiences will represent your deepest desires.  

So in other words, notice if you might be sabotaging yourself in some way. Or another way of explaining it as if you are protecting yourself in some way especially subconsciously we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

Because as young kids, we learned certain ways to protect ourselves from either the environment or what we are experiencing because we’re so vulnerable and the world can seem scary.

We find these ways to protect ourselves. But as we mature, we don’t really need to necessarily protect our emotions so much to the point where we are sabotaging ourselves.  

As an adult you have all the free will and ability to make changes in your life. Nothing is stopping you, not even your circumstances because you have a choice to mentally think differently about your situation at the very least. This is part of your life’s journey – is to take charge and make positive changes.

You must ask yourself, am I sabotaging myself or trying to subconsciously protect myself in some way?

Am I living as my highest self or is it possible I’m still stuck in certain aspects of my life or childhood that can be changed? 

How can I still bring myself a sense of inner peace without sabotaging my purpose of life?

These are necessary important questions to take the time to answer!

4. If you could only have access to two subjects or topics for the rest of your life, what would they be? 

So for example, sci-fi, gardening, self-help, self-improvement, metaphysics, angel numbers, cooking, baking, child development, psychology, crystals, etc.

What would you choose if you only had access to two subjects for the entire rest of your life?  

This will certainly help you discover more about your soul’s purpose,

Because THAT is where you are wanting to put your focus. 

That is what you’re passionate about. It is what lights you up, are those subjects.

Now don’t get stuck on this, but just whatever comes to your mind first and know it can change over time.

5. Explore, adventure out. Be a seeker. Get out of your comfort zone.

This is actually how I have discovered so much about my soul’s path and my life purpose. Literally getting out of the house, going on a car ride, taking a solo road trip.

And I think that’s also important when you go solo, because when you’re with someone else, you are in their energy and you might be more focused on them and what they wanna do.

But when you’re by yourself, you can take time for what is important to you and you discover more people and how it’s making you feel. And thus, that will help you discover more about your soul’s purpose. 

Know that your spiritual path and soul’s mission wants you to be adventurous!

It wants you to experience this state of consciousness that feels liberating, freeing and ultimately gives you this burning desire to be the best that you can be. 

When you give yourself the opportunity to just experience your life from the perspective of your highest self, you’ll start to feel like you’re completely aligned with your soul. 

It’ll be a feeling. You’ll know it deep within. There will be this moment of just knowing deep within. There won’t be any doubt that you’re aligned with your divine soul purpose.

6. Become mindful of what is right in front of you. 

A lot of times we distract ourselves with day-to-day tasks, our responsibilities, and yet we’re not paying attention to what is right in front of us.

What is it that excites you? Do you know what you need to get rid of? Is there something in your current environment that is bothersome to you or that you’ve been wanting to do or wanting to rearrange or something that makes you happy? 

Pay attention to what is right in front of you and start asking yourself questions:

How does this make me feel? Do I not like it anymore? What do I need to get rid of it? Why do I wanna get rid of it? Would I want to buy something else to replace it? Does that make me happy?

So become more mindful of what’s right in front of you and how you can make adjustments toward what actually makes you happy! 

7. Join a group, circle, class, course or mentorship where you are learning more about yourself or you’re joining a group of other like-minded people. 

When I became a reiki master practitioner, the one thing that really stands out to me after all these years is this woman brought in these SoulCollage cards by Seena Frost and it just dug up this whole other realm of passion for me that I didn’t even know existed! 

(I am actually in the process of creating a course about Oracle cards as well. So stay tuned for that!) 

Being part of a larger group will help you experience more joy and will give you a higher perspective of your true purpose because others will offer you insight that you didn’t even know existed!

Which then leads me into my next point which is to learn about yourself which will offer you more about your deepest desires too.

8. Learn about yourself. 

As humans we enjoy learning more about ourselves. You can take a quiz or personality assessment. The Meyer Briggs test or my personal favorite is the Gallup Clifton strengths finder test as well, which you can take online and it gives you tons of information about your strengths. 

And actually that gives me an idea — I will probably create a course on that as well.

As a licensed teacher, I’m always thinking about all these fun courses I wanna create THAT is going to help you discover more about what you are intended to be here for on this earth.

9. Look back on your life and your experiences, expertise, knowledge and your know-how.

Give yourself more credit. What is it that you’ve experienced? How can you use your experiences? Again, what lights you up? Can you name 3 major things you have gone through? This could be something traumatic, something scary.

It could be something that you’ve been wanting to share that you find bothersome and that you want to help others get through. 

Or maybe not so traumatic or dramatic. Perhaps it’s just something that you have experienced such as maybe you went through some type of schooling or you have a certificate that you’ve forgotten about.

Get back into that and explore more of that. Even if you were a young child and you experienced something. 

How can you use your experiences to expand your consciousness to either help yourself or help others or to share your knowledge in some way?

These things have not just happened for the heck of it. You have gone through these experiences to utilize them and to apply them.  

So get back into that. You can write down a list of all the things that you’ve done and look at what lights you up or interests you. If it doesn’t really interest you right now, then that’s okay. Then move on to something else.

10. Ask yourself, if you could take on any role or character right now, what would it be?

For example, being a teacher, an artist, librarian, builder, conductor, performer, an alchemist, a musician, writer, athlete, psychic reader, a nurse, a healer, an herbalist, an advocate, historian, um, a supporter, a survivor, all of these different roles.  

What do you feel drawn to? Do you know what excites you? Where have you always wanted to go or do? Are you aware of what you are not interested in, too? Use all of these or just some of these ways and go with what you feel drawn to.

Now, if you try to do all of them, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Pick one or two that you feel drawn to the 10 different ways to discover your life and soul’s purpose and utilize that.

Give yourself the chance to see what you’re made of. It’s never too late. You still have time.

Know that everything you’ve gone through and all of your aspirations, your dreams, what excites you and what you’re interested in, these are ALL part of your soul’s purpose. 

It’s like a puzzle and you put them together. And once you discover a little bit more, once you decide to take on a couple of these different ways of discovering more about yourself –

Then move your magic. Get into action. 

Even if it’s just one step or two steps, get the ball rolling. Trust in what you’re experiencing. If you don’t know the answer, you could simply Google it. Don’t stop.

You have to get out of your comfort zone. That is how you create your reality. Everyone experiences fear. It doesn’t matter how far along they are, they all started from the beginning.

Get into action. Trust yourself, trust your intuition and get after your dreams. This is what you’re here for. And so it is.

What else does your soul need you to focus on?

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