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50 Practical Ways to Discover Your Soul and Purpose In Life

The Self-Help Psychic Podcast with Tabitha Stitt, spiritual teacher and psychic trance reader, speaker and healer in front of steps for growth and transformation
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50 Practical Ways to Discover Your Soul and Purpose In Life

Does your purpose and mission in life need to be refocused, revamped or realigned?

How do you know? Where do you start? …

Here’s a straightforward list of answers: 

The 50 most practical ways to discover your soul and purpose in life.

You’re already living your purpose because you’re here as a human being on earth.

But do you feel aligned or a bit lost? 

Do you need to reset, re-ground, revitalize, remember?

There’s no one-way of doing this.

Pick and choose what’s calling to you!

1. Keep taking action.

Absolutely keep taking action. These can be small actions, they can be big actions, they can be just a simple movement. It’s energy.

It’s all essentially energy. And if things begin to feel stagnant, stuck, then you must take action, my friend.

This is the first thing and the only way toward your true self. But it’s not the only way! 

2. Pay attention to your intuition.

Especially if you’re in an unhealthy or depleting situation. Trust in yourself, trust in your intuition and your instinct.

It’s your inner voice. So it has your best interests in mind. Whatever comes naturally to you, just do it.  

3. Do what you love to do.

And really that is essentially what life is all about. Because if you’re doing what you love to do, then you are creating not only self-worth but self-discovery. 

You are tapping into a higher power because doing what you love to do is invigorating. 

It’s tapping into this higher consciousness. It’s the purpose of the soul. 

Then you can share what you love to do with others and you’re helping others also be inspired to do what they love to do. And it’s all essentially healing. 

4. Try out what you’re curious about. 

So if there’s something that’s been on your mind you’re interested in or curious about and you’re just not sure if it would be good for you or if you would even be good at it – try it out anyways.  

Who cares? Just try it out.

I remember I went on a trip and I had no clue what I was doing, but that is basically how my whole reality began. I became a reiki practitioner because I was just curious. 

I had no clue what it was. I didn’t even know how to pronounce “reiki”, which a lot of people don’t. So I was just curious – I flew out to Arizona and here I am, I don’t even know what, like more than a decade later and I’m a psychic medium – all from my curiosity. 

5. Journal out your emotions, feelings, experiences.

Because the more that you get out what is within you, the more space that you’re going to create.

The more you’re going to recognize and see what you’re truly, truly made of. Even if it’s just your feelings, negative emotions. Or even if you’re pissed or you’re happy or whatever it is, just write it out. Get it out. This will align you on the right path.  

You can do daily journaling. You can write, you can do morning pages. Just get it out. 

6. Meditate and connect with Spirit.

You can call it Spirit, God, The Universe, Intelligence, Higher Self, whatever you wanna think.

The more that you meditate, the more that you’re going to feel. This ultimate reality, this connection, this stillness, this peacefulness, this recognition that you are everything. 

Meditating is like clearing the mind. It might not be easy at first. Your mind is actually probably gonna tell you the total opposite and that it’s very hard. Your mind’s never gonna be fully, completely empty. So be aware of that and it will get easier. 

And actually you’ll start to crave meditation.

Instead of calling it meditating, you can call it connecting. 

I’m just gonna connect with myself. I’m just gonna sit here and connect. I’m going to have a deeper connection with … and you fill in the blank. 

You don’t even have to sit. You can garden, ride a bike, run, sew, etc. There’s this thing called runner’s high because the more that you do it, the more that you tap into this flow state, consciousness and spiritual path.

So meditating is going to help you discover more about your soul and purpose in life.

It’s gonna give you messages as well. It’s going to give you that connection that you’re seeking. 

7. Get guidance and insight from others but always come back to what resonates with you. 

So let’s say you come and get a psychic soul reading from me or from another psychic medium or someone else that you feel aligned with or just curious about. 

No matter what, at the end of the day, you have to tap into what resonates with you and what feels good with you. 

And if it’s exciting you want to go for it, then go for it. But getting guidance and insight from an outside source is just gonna give you that much more information, different ideas, different little seeds that you can plant.

It’s part of your soul’s journey.

It’ll give you validation and confirmation toward your fulfilling life. You’re like reconfirming yourself – Oh my gosh, I already knew this. 

And then you can move on from there with clarity and empowerment toward conscious choices. 

8. Trust yourself. 

If you have a hard time trusting yourself, then you can at least trust in Spirit, your angels, higher guidance, spiritual beings, higher self, etc. This is the way to a new version of a new life. 

But the more that you trust in yourself and these notions, muses, callings and this creativity that you feel within you, the more that your soul’s purpose will continue to unfold right before your very own eyes.  

Because then you’re going to be taking action. Even if it’s scary, you can still trust yourself and you can even say or affirm to yourself, which is a good technique as well. 

“I ask to trust myself. I ask to feel as though I trust myself. I ask to trust in you Spirit or God or The Universe.” 

9. Keep learning about your strengths, your personality traits, your natural gifts. 

Keep learning. There’s so many different personality  assessments out there. There are tests and forums that’ll help you learn more about your strengths. And only you possess your unique gifts. 

The number one that I always recommend is called CliftonStrengths or Gallup Strength’s Finder. It has helped me tremendously. I’m pretty sure millions and millions of people have actually taken this assessment. 

You just learn so much more about yourself and how you can actually utilize what you’re already naturally talented with. And I feel like that’s what your soul’s purpose is as well, or your sense of purpose.

That’s how you can recognize it – when you’re utilizing and applying and implementing your own natural strengths and gifts, like what comes to you naturally. 

That’s where curiosity comes from as well. That curiosity is like your higher self tapping on your shoulder saying, Hey, try this out ’cause you’re gonna be really, really good at it. 

So keep that in mind. 

10. Make time for your dreams, aspirations, ideas and goals.

You have to make this time for yourself and your own life. 

This is not selfish. Or if you feel like you need to be selfish, however you wanna think of it, go for it. 

Go after your dreams and your aspirations. Not what someone else has told you to do necessarily, unless of course that feels right within you.  

But if there’s something in your heart, something that you’ve always wanted to do, please, please, please go for it. Find a way. 

There is always a way!

One of my favorite mentors of all time is Marie Forlio and she has written a book called Everything is Figureoutable. She wrote that book and she also has a B-school as well. She’s a beautiful and very powerful soul. 

Which we all are in our own way! 


11. Consider your family history, career and craft. 

Do they truly align with your own desires or not? 

A lot of times our family history can tell us a lot about what we’ll naturally be good at. 

On the other side of the spectrum, you might feel pressured to become something that perhaps your parents are, or maybe there’s a business in the family and they want you to take it on.

At the end of the day you have to consider what’s going to light up your soul, what’s going to fulfill you. And if you’re just following someone else’s dreams, then that’s going to most likely feel very depleting. 

I know that it will be a hard decision to make. But perhaps there’s another way. Can you find someone else that would actually enjoy doing this?

How can I use their dream to align with yours? 

12. Heal and heal some more.

This does not mean something is “wrong” with you. It is a natural state of being. 

Usually healing is all about just shifting the energy and welcoming in something more powerful that can sort-of reset you and your feelings and whatever has happened in the past.  

It’s resetting yourself and acknowledging something that may have been bothersome to you. But know that getting out any stagnant energy is healing.

This is different for everyone. And there are so many different ways of healing. It’s infinite.

But it’s mainly listening to your inner voice. 

Could you let go of a burden, be kind to yourself, go for a run, break out of a situation, forgive someone or yourself? 

Could you be more true to yourself? Do you need to acknowledge a childhood experience? Do you think this uncomfortable feeling is coming from a past life? 

Get angry if you feel it! Because anger’s actually a good outlet for your healing needs.

I’m not saying do anything irrational, of course, but talk through it or express yourself in some way to where you are getting that out. You’re releasing any limiting beliefs or negative emotions that feel off.

Others may call it an identity crisis but maybe it’s just you finally embracing your true identity for the very first time. 

It’s ALL part of healing. 

By listening to your inner voice, you’ll be flowing effortlessly and living as your true self. 

13. Keep taking action.

I’ve said this twice now but you can’t solely wish or pray your way to where you want to go. 

That is absolutely part of manifestation. But you also have to move the needle. 

You have to move the energy from point A to point B. I have other episodes on this as well, that you can dig a little bit deeper on manifesting.

14. Be open to change, then actually change.

So there’s this saying – “If nothing changes, then nothing changes.” 

If you feel like you are challenging yourself, then you are positively changing. Remember, this is your soul’s journey. This is your responsibility to be the version of your highest self as best as you can.

No one else is going to this spiritual path for you. 

15. Recognize that your life and your perspective is your responsibility. 

And you have the power to shift and change it. Please trust in yourself. I know it might not be easy.

I know it’s gonna take a lot of thought, a lot of willpower, a lot of empowering yourself, perhaps even a bit of past life regression. But you can do it.

You can do it. 

16. Know that your soul’s purpose doesn’t have to be playing the role of a hero, not even your own hero.

You can tap into any specific roles you want! 

It could be expressing yourself artistically or being a professional athlete or building a home.

I want you to think about your soul purpose that way as well. It’s what gives you a sense of joy and fulfilling life. 

I know that blended in with the last example, but next on the list of all these wonderful ways of discovering more about your soul and its purpose is to – 

17. Share your light.

Again, doing what you love is living a meaningful life because you’re helping others heal. 

You’re empowering others to also be a light. And to follow their big dreams. You’re inspiring not only others but yourself. 

You’re lighting the spiritual path for yourself. You’re being a good role model for those that are looking up to you, not just spiritually but on a mental level too.  

What does sharing your light look and feel like? THIS is your career path. Make it happen. YIn doing so, you are naturally inspiring others to listen to their own innate calling too. 

18. Heighten your vibration.

You can do this through music, connection with mother nature, yoga, connecting with others, etc..

If you get chills in some way, that is a good sign you’re heightening your vibration.

The opposite side of this would be if you’re in a situation where you’re constantly feeling sad, depleted, not listening to yourself or your own needs. 

Or you’re in a stuck situation, whether that’s a job or relationship, unhealthy format of your life – that would be the opposite of heightening your vibration.

I know that life is not always easy, but you can find a way to heighten your vibration. 

Even if temporarily you have to be in a situation that’s uncomfortable, but you know in your heart you’re going to get out of it, give it a chance and heighten it.

Get inspired too! 

I know Pinterest is a perfect way to get inspired but you can look at books and images and you can talk and listen to someone too. 

19. Follow the natural laws of the universe.

A good one is Esther and Abraham. If you’ve never heard of Esther Hicks, I highly recommend her. She’s all over YouTube but she channels an entity called Abraham and there is an infinite amount of wisdom and knowledge in this.

So if this is a brand new name for you, check out Abraham with Esther Hicks.

It’ll definitely set you on the right path and you may even find yourself having a spiritual awakening! Really.  

20. Do what you want to do. (Yes, this is on here twice.)

Of course, I don’t mean this in an irresponsible way that you’re totally neglecting your responsibilities or you’re neglecting someone else. 

What I mean is creatively or getting in the flow state, doing what ignites your soul, what feels good to you.  

So whatever that is – following your intuition, going on a road trip, quitting your job that’s dragging you down, starting something fresh, starting your own business, relinquishing control, not always tending to someone else… 

if you’re in a situation where someone keeps promising you something and they’re not changing and you’re just hoping and praying over and over again, unfortunately I don’t know if that’s best for your higher self.

But if you follow your own innate callings and what makes YOU happy, then eventually that’s gonna be your main focus. 

And that is going to shift your energy and they’ll naturally be empowered to help themselves. 

Because if someone doesn’t wanna help themselves, they’re not going to help themselves. 

That’s just the case. I’m not talking about children or teens, of course that’s a different situation.  

But as adults, we’re all responsible for helping ourselves. Okay? 

21. Give it time to unfold.

If you’re working on something that you feel is part of your higher purpose, then give it some time to unfold and come to fruition.

Trust me on this one! (Starting my own business has been a LONG ride, BUT it’s worth every ounce of effort.)

Sometimes what you’ve been working so hard toward is working its magic behind scenes and will sprout and grow 10 feet tall overnight. 

(But don’t mistake this for an unhealthy relationship or situation that’s depleting or degrading your fullest potential.) 

Have patience with The Universe, and with yourself.

22. Don’t let outside pressure distract you or dictate your decisions.

I know that’s easier said than done thinking about my own family because they have a big impact on you. 

Whether it’s your family or your friends or coworkers or your boss or your manager or whoever it is. Others naturally have an impact on your decisions, especially if you are a little wishy-washy or you feel like you have a hard time making decisions. 

But if it doesn’t feel right to you, then try not to let that outside pressure get you. And instead just go with your own initial thoughts and your feelings.  

Or give it some time to reveal a bit more details. 

Let’s say you go with it and you find out, “well, maybe that wasn’t the best thing to do” <laugh> and that’s okay! 

‘Cause you know what? Now you can just reassess the situation and then take different action and you learn from it. 

That’s all there is to it – you learned! 

23. Accept that it’s in your nature to feel good and have good things in life.

You do not have to work your ass off every single day and feel depleted every single day in order to give your best day’s work.

Some of us are very, very disciplined. But I’m not talking about necessarily being disciplined with your own self.

We have this mentality as previous generations to do the whole 9-5pm ordeal, working overtime, 70 to 80 hours a week, and you’re going and going and going.  

And that might even be like a sense of workaholic.

But if you are feeling utterly zonked consistently, that is a sign that you can shift things, okay? 

The purpose of your soul isn’t to be sucked dry for an activity or person that simply isn’t aligned with your higher self. 

In order to fulfill your soul’s purpose, just to accept that it’s in your nature to experience a fulfilling life (every day!).

You deserve to feel good and to have good things. This is the right path.

If it doesn’t feel this way, how can you make adjustments? Seriously.  

24. Better yourself and have patience with yourself.

We often want to have patience with others, but what about giving yourself some patience? 

What about being kind to yourself with self-compassion? The worst thing is to be harsh and cruel toward ourselves. 

So looking at yourself as if you were that little kid again, that little child again, that little girl again, that little boy again.

And REALLY having compassion for yourself – Brené Brown is a perfect go-to for this subject. 

Instead of being angry or bitter and taking on that extra pressure, how can you take a deep dive and have more understanding toward yourself?  

How can you guide yourself from a very empathetic manner and to shift that reality for yourself? 

Because the past, present and future are essentially all the same.

By shifting your perception – thus – the energy of it, you can change even the past.

I know this might sound confusing, but as a psychic for many years, I can attest that time is all sort-of smooshed together. 

Once you change your perception of a certain reality or circumstance, THAT’S when things begin to feel lighter.

It’s like a burden has been lifted which is essential for stepping fully onto the right path – fully aligning with your soul agreement on earth. 

25. Understand that your life’s purpose isn’t just one singular role but it’s a combination of aspects.

You can think of your soul’s purpose as a subject or topic.

Rather than a single chapter or role in a book, it can be a whole category or genre! 

So if you had a topic to choose from, what would you want your soul’s purpose to be all about? How do you want to see it?

What intrigues you?

What idea, theme or area of life do you want as an expression of your very existence? 

Dig in and make it happen.

26. Follow what you feel is best to do at this moment.

Listening to yourself and being your own spiritual teacher.

This can be short term or long term, something you’re nervous about, but you feel drawn to do anyway.

Please follow that feeling. Even if you’re scared, you’ve gotta go for it.

And if it doesn’t turn out well, then that’s okay. You can make adjustments. 

If it’s helpful – think of it as you’re simply discovering more about yourself and what you like or dislike.

What does “discover” mean to you? How can you discover even more about yourself? 

27. Know that it’s okay to change your mind. 

A lot of times we get stuck if we’ve made a decision, especially if it has to do with our religious beliefs, or we’re getting pressure from our family, we feel like we have to stick with something, 

It’s okay to change your mind for the love of God. It’s totally okay.

You’re not stuck with something for the rest of your life. You can alter this situation.

And if it’s a physical circumstance, you can alter the perception of it and your reality by bringing in different energy for that situation.  

28. Have a balance of sacrifice and receiving.

Especially as good parents or children, for example, we wanna give, give, give, give and give, but we might not be receiving in return.

Or the opposite is we might be a little stingy or a little stubborn or a little selfish and like we’re constantly receiving or feeling like we need reassurance.

But if there’s this imbalance of giving and receiving, you might be feeling off a little bit. 

Which way do you need to lean more toward in order to feel more aligned with your soul’s purpose and highest self? 

Which leads me to… 

29. Have self-awareness.

The more mindful we are of what we’re saying and our perceptions, the more that we can change for the better.

Give yourself the chance to better yourself; to have a deeper connection with who YOU really are within.

If you want to think of it as personal development, personal growth, self-improvement, self-help.

The more you’re aware of how your beliefs and actions are affecting you, the easier life will become.  

And the easier life seems to flow, the more clarity you’ll have toward your spiritual path. 

Begin observing how something is playing out in your life. And you can ask yourself, “is this working for me?” 

With self-awareness may come a bit of anxiety – which I know ALL about.

You can think of anxiety as feeling discontent, uncomfortable, feeling restricted, wanting to explode or not knowing what to do.  

The way to heal this is to take action in some form.

Anxiety = action-needed.

It could be talking or moving or dancing, writing, letting go, challenging yourself or someone else seeking help, asking for help, allowing someone to help you adventuring out, getting out whatever that is getting out of whatever it is, connecting with a group or a circle.

Action can also look like going from walking around in circles with your head in your hands to, “okay, I’m going to go over there and sit down and I’m going to breathe.” 

Self-awareness is observing yourself with non-judgment. 

30. Self-assess.

So this is another big one. Do you feel aligned with your soul’s purpose or not really?  

Maybe some days you do and other days you don’t. If you don’t feel aligned with your soul’s purpose, how can you make subtle changes?

Maybe you need to cry, maybe you need to communicate with someone.

Maybe you just need to be pissed off for a moment. 

Ask yourself: “What would help me right now in this moment?” 

If you feel totally lost, it’s okay. I’ve been there too.

I’ve felt completely desperate and depressed, not related necessarily to my purpose so much, at least I don’t remember.

But instead I felt like I needed healing and needed attention and advice. I needed someone to reach out to and I really wasn’t sure what to do.  

This is energy that needs to be released, seen, and heard.

And this is all part of your purpose as well – is to give yourself the chance to grow and heal.

So much of what has happened in our past can be used as potential energy, as shifting that energy.

We’re all human beings here. So be real with yourself. What do you need?

Ask yourself these questions:

Am I numbing myself somehow? Am I restricting my life purpose? Am I being harsh with myself or someone else? Could I do better?

Am I doing really well and need to give myself a break on a mental level? 

Am I denying my career path and true dreams? 


31. Act bravely.

Discovering more along your soul’s journey is going to make you feel vulnerable. That’s the bottom line.  

Going after your dreams and your aspirations is gonna make you feel a little uncomfortable and that is okay. 

Being in that state of vulnerability is 100% necessary in order to grow and become the person that you know you are deep down.

Again, Brené Brown is the queen of talking about this subject so have at it to learn more.

You’re not alone in this act of bravery. So don’t let this unsettling nervousness stop you from living your higher purpose.

Okay?! Okay. 

32. Stop distracting or tricking yourself.

A lot of times we try to convince ourselves that we are being productive when really we might be in a state of perfectionism or a self-protective pattern.

I know that that’s what I do!

I’ll sit and think, think and think which can feel productive, but I’m not really being that productive.

Just something to consider whether you’re gaining momentum on the right path or you’re just tricking yourself because deep down it feels scary. 

33. Be open to new ways of thinking. 

Is your past still affecting you?

If you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable or perhaps insecure, jealous, stubborn, etc., you have to ask yourself,

“Are my feelings and behaviors coming from old limiting beliefs?”

You don’t have to figure it out to the nitty gritty detail but just open up to the possibilities of letting go of stagnant ways.  

Make conscious choices to be more mindful and think in new ways. New ways that better yourself and light you up! 

Speaking of…

34. Have fun and lighten up! 

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Give yourself a break if you need to. Sometimes we’re just so detrimentally hard on ourselves. Life can be easier too.

We don’t always have to be perfect.

(If you’re like me, you may put so much pressure on yourself in order to feel loved or receive positive attention.)  

But we don’t have to know all of the answers. And by lightening up a little bit, we can open up all these other possibilities and opportunities.

By letting go of heavy and burdensome ways, we allow for The Universe to flow its magic to us with ease.

It doesn’t have to try and fit through tiny little cracks to get in.

It can fly in directly with its mystical ideas and chills of confirmation. It’s so much easier that way! 

35. And with that, notice any internal judgment – just notice it.

When you’re judging yourself, just simply notice it. Notice your thoughts. Notice just notice them. 

Because the more you do, the more that you’ll be able to shift that energy. It’s almost like your thoughts need attention.

When you’re the observer of your thoughts, you can shift that energy and change it for the better.

You can be and live freely. 

36. Adventure out, explore, travel. 

Do something outside of your four walls. Get outside of your town, outside of your classroom. 

Get outside of whatever is confining you right now.  

Do something that you wouldn’t necessarily do. In doing so, you’re going to find out so much about yourself.

You can’t find ALL the magic where you are – you must adventure out.

There’s so much treasure to be discovered! And it’s waiting for you.

Along the way, be mindful of… 

37. Don’t take things too personally. 

This is where we can really get heated or get caught up in the moment.

Unless you ask for constructive feedback, that’s different of course. 

When you come across opinions, others’ negative energy, fears, etc. know it’s a reflection of that person’s subconscious behaviors.

Most likely it’s just their own subconsciousness that is projecting out but it doesn’t mean it’s you. 

It’s helpful to remember this, especially when you decide to take off and be free.

38. Try your best and reassess. 

That’s all we can really do. Just try your best. That’s all. 

And then you reassess afterwards, “Oh, I could have done that differently. How could I have done that differently for next time?”

End of story. And here’s why: 

If you hold yourself in a whirlwind of regret or anxiety about whatever happened, you’re creating dense energy.

But remember – your energy must be free-flowing in order to receive The Universe’s gifts and more easily recognize whether you’re aligned or misaligned with your soul’s purpose.  

And with that… 

39. Use your past to better your future.  

Especially if something negative or traumatic has happened to you, use it to better yourself.

A lot of times people will use their past as a subconscious excuse to stay stuck in an energy that is not bettering their situation.

Instead, it’s holding you back. It is suppressing your reality. It is holding you down. It is not helping you.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to have this light feeling in your essence of who you are. 

If you have gone through something very traumatic,

(which I feel like honestly we all have because as children especially, we’re so vulnerable and we don’t understand how to do certain things or why something is happening, and it can be terrifying.)

teach and share with others, “Hey, I went through this and I can help you. We can help each other.”

…This is a clue to your soul’s purpose!

40. Learn about yourself and your natural gifts.

But the more that you learn about yourself, the more that you’ll be able to utilize this.

It’s the easiest way to learn about your soul’s purpose and it’s so much fun!

Using what you’re naturally good at. THAT’S precisely where the flow state is going to come from.

That’s where the creativity is gonna come from, is what you’re naturally good with. That’s the way to true happiness and a happy life. 

41. Use symbology.

This is how Spirit/Source works – symbology. 

Whether it’s a language, an object, a sign, a person, a moment in time, an animal. Everything is symbolic.  

It gives you a meaning. You can relate. 

Especially archetypes – it’ll help you understand and see yourself in a new light. 

42. Understand that Mother Nature is the perfect vibration for your soul’s purpose. 

You’re going to find healing, stillness and connection with Mother Nature. 

This sense of “I am truly connected.” 

Feel it, experience it, receive her messages.

Because the more you’re in nature, the quieter your mind will become. Thus the more clarity you’ll have for your right path.

43. Know in your bones that you’re intuitive.

You’re already intuitive. It’s your natural state of being. 

But we can find ourselves in situations, circumstances or relationships where our intuition is being bombarded by some dense, stagnant, harsh energy.

Now, this isn’t to blame anything or anyone else.

But know that the lighter and airier your situation is, the easier you’ll be able to hear and pay attention to your intuition.

And the clearer decisions and choices are going to be.

You’ll be able to make conscious choices with confidence. 

Affirm to yourself:

“I am intuitive. I ask to recognize my intuition. I ask to feel brave and follow my intuition, with love and trust.”  

44. Get a Psychic Soul Reading.

I cannot tell you how many readings I’ve had in my life that have completely transformed my life from the inside out.

I received a reading many, many years ago and she said, “you’re supposed to be giving psychic readings.” 

That lit me up. Because deep in my soul, I knew it. I had this feeling but I wasn’t really sure.

And when she told me that, I left with chills and a huge smile on my face. 

It wasn’t because another person told me.

She was relaying messages from God – I knew without an ounce of doubt. 

And that has brought me to this path.

Working with and experiencing the blessing of directly connecting with this consciousness; this intelligence.

Spirit, Source, God, The Universe.

I get to be a medium or an instrument for this infinite force of good.

And I am so humbled to relay these messages so you can also receive ideas and confirmation about your soul’s path and purpose in life. 

At the end of the day, you know what’s best for yourself.

Getting a Psychic Soul Reading is another tool to discover even more about yourself and your beautiful natural gifts and spiritual path. 

45. Reach out for support.

We often think we have to do everything ourselves and we take on SO much.

But this doesn’t do any good really. It just depletes us. And of course we can gain our energy back – eventually.

But we start to forget about our own needs. They seem to disappear and we temporarily lose faith in retrieving them. 

We think it’s all about someone or something else.

You have to feed your soul.

If you’re feeling depleted, worn down, discouraged…

Please reach out for support.

It could be a doctor, nurse, friend, family member, a psychic medium, a healer of any healing modality.  

Reach out to someone and know that it’s okay. Whether you’re a man, woman – doesn’t matter.

We’re ALL here to support one another. By reaching out and opening up to support and guidance, you’re liberating yourself from unnecessary stress. 

You’re giving yourself the opportunity to be YOU. to feed your own soul in the way its calling for your attention. 

This doesn’t mean someone knows better than you.

Because YOU are deciding what’s best for you by reaching out.

You’re still in control. 

Which goes well with… 

46. Free up any dense, stagnant, unnecessary energy.

I’m all about Marie Kondo’s tidying up and getting rid of dense energy.

Let go of things that don’t bring you much joy anymore.

We don’t really want material manifestation of the objects necessarily – it’s usually much deeper.

We symbolically hold on to an object in hope of something else happening, yet it’s SO exhausting doing it this way! 

Release that dense energy and make room for your soul’s purpose and fullest potential!

Whether it’s releasing an object, person, relationship, space, old home, etc.

Whatever it is, please recognize if it’s bringing you down, you can let it go.

It’s going to be okay. It’s gonna be liberating, I promise.  

Then move away or move towards something. Because everything is energy and energy is everything.

Shift your life. Focus your energy on MOVING the energy. 

THIS is how you fully embrace and align with your soul’s purpose. 

Which makes sense now… 

47. Create something!

It doesn’t have to be in an ‘artsy’ way if that doesn’t feel right to you.

What sounds fun to create???

A home, environment, business, craft, child, community, product, book, journal, adventure, a sense of joy, etc.

If you could tap into being a kid again and were free of any restraints but had ALL the resources in the world, what would you do?  

Trust your own instincts on this! This is YOUR spiritual path.

Kids aren’t worried too much about what their friends think. They have a beautiful energy level. They just intuitively know and go. 

They’re very curious. They’re free. They’re open to infinite possibilities. They get out of their comfort zone without a second thought. 

They even see and hear deceased loved-ones, spirits and ghosts! Which are very real indeed, by the way. 

But as adults we tend to shut down and we stop believing.

(Because we’ve gone through a hell of a lot of bullshit.)  

BUT there’s ALWAYS time and a good excuse to start re-believing in your magic of creating and manifesting what you want.

Get out of your own mundane routine.  


48. Know that you have freewill.

Some religious beliefs or whatnot tend to persuade you into thinking there is some higher force that is dictating EVERY SINGLE THING that happens and that you can’t do much about it.

Now, I’m not totally disagreeing but I believe and know from my own personal experience that it’s a culmination of this higher power

AND your own freewill that creates and fulfills your soul’s purpose. Done and done. 

Which leads us to… 

49. Co-create with Spirit, God, Source.

Co-create with this intelligence, infiniteness, healing loving vibration and all-time powerful force of good.  

God wants you to be happy and to feel expansive and loving by following your intuition and your bliss. This is the way to a vibrant and a genuine happy life. Really. 

Yes, miraculous things will come directly to you with the least amount of effort. 

BUT it’s usually a combination of prayer, wishing, thinking, imagination, visualization AND taking action, moving forward, figuring out what it is that you need to do. 

So it’s this combination of allowing and moving, accepting these gifts from the universe and then putting out these gifts into action. It’s about sharing your creations, natural gifts and talents.

It’s about sharing your light and feeling into your true essence. 

So feel into this space of who you are and what you’re all about.

Move the energy from thought to manifestation.

50. Ask yourself these questions *and* do something about them:

What would give me a sense of purpose?

How can I give myself a purposeful life?

What does my higher purpose look and feel like?

How can I start or restart on the right path or a new path? 

What is my soul mission, if it could be anything?

What is my intention here? 

What can I do with my time here, in all ways and for the highest good?

What can I do or create that would light ME up?

What am I curious about and want to try? 

What do I know in my soul that I need to let go of?   

You are meant to BE yourself. THAT’S your true soul purpose. 

Just like Rumi says,

“Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in his/her heart.” 

Sometimes that takes breaking free of things that we’ve learned over time that aren’t for our highest self anymore. 

We’ve experienced lots of circumstances that have given us a lesson. But that doesn’t mean that we have to stick with it forever.

Break free. 

You are LIGHT.

You are the soul entity here in a physical body.

You are to tap in, believe in yourself and to go after your dreams. Whatever that is.

Even if it seems odd and weird to someone else, it doesn’t matter. It’s who you are. 

Believe in yourself and give yourself the space to express your true essence. 


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