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Your Life Guide to Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose

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Your Life Guide to Manifesting Your Soul's Purpose

Have you ever wondered if there’s a life guide to manifesting your soul’s purpose? Well, here you are! 

As a psychic and licensed teacher for more than 13 years combined, I’ve received the messages to put together a quick, simple and inspiring guide to fulfilling your true life’s purpose, and then some… 

This is a single guide. This doesn’t mean that this is everything that you’ll ever need for the rest of your life, because really, YOU are gonna make all of the decisions for yourself at the end of the day. 

When we receive information from outside sources, we have to ask ourselves: “Does this align with me or does it not? Does this feel right?”

“Does it help me feel an inner connection?”

“Does this resonate now and for my future self? Does this align with my sacred self?” 

Then we go from there. Take this as you will – as a guide to manifesting your soul’s purpose for your own life. 

I’ve been doing this work for many, many years. I’ve seen a commonality among many, many of my clients and students. 

And they’re wondering (as well as I have):

“What is the purpose of being here? What’s my life’s calling? What is this spiritual journey that I’m on? What is my true purpose or life purpose? Am I headed in the right or wrong direction? Is it possible to live my dream life or will I be stuck in survival mode forever?”  

And especially our own unique purpose, right?

The life of YOUR dreams. (Not someone else’s.)

We might not ask this question every single day when we wake up or in our everyday life but there’s like this nagging at our soul. A light bulb goes off. (And this can happen more than once.) 

There’s this feeling of creating a new life. 

There’s this calling and urge. This feeling of, “Okay, I feel really good, I feel in the flow.”

It’s like experiencing a new love and everything is in its perfect place. 

And then some days it’s like, “I feel really stuck. I feel shitty. I feel blah. I feel depressed. I don’t wanna get out of bed.” 

There’s all these different feelings and fluctuations of emotions when it comes to mental health. 

Like I always say, that’s part of the human experience, right? This is part of experiencing this plane and physical world. 

We have to embrace these different emotions and be aware of them and be mindful.

Self-awareness is certainly the key to a lot of understanding and acceptance of life.

It’s really the key to our mental health too. 

You can look at your soul’s purpose in many different ways. 

You can call it your sacred purpose, true purpose, spiritual journey, life purpose, spiritual purpose, deep inner longing of your heart, your true interconnection with yourself and this Infinite Intelligence of Source, God, Life Force, The Universe, your Higher Self.

The purpose is YOUR reason. It’s YOUR truth and quality of the soul.

We can look at it collectively as a human species, but what I’m focusing here really is more on your personal soul’s purpose and manifesting that. 

Your soul’s purpose is fulfilling what you feel in your heart (morally speaking), right?

Your desires, your heart’s desires, fulfilling this and going after your dreams and what you feel within you, and really having to surpass this fear, right?  

Every single one of us experiences fear and deep emotions of grief. 

But we’re not meant to remain in this deep suffering. You’re meant to experience the good things in life. 

Fear can also be looked at as thrill or adrenaline or excitement or apprehension or nervousness or anxiety. You can call it what you will.

Essentially – it’s doubt, plain and simple. 

It’s not having all of the answers – or – thinking you don’t have all of the answers to your own life.

And so we tend to feel stuck and stalled. Thus wanting to create a new life for ourselves. 

Your soul’s purpose is urging you to follow what you feel within your heart.

And this can be scary sometimes. Is it our heart? Is it our intuition? Is it our higher self? Is it just a message? Is it nothing? Am I making this up?

Looking at this as a guide to creating what you want in life on a soul level: 

Sometimes we just have to make a decision and roll with it and see what the outcome is, and then go from there.  

Then other times you wanna think things through. You want to put together your dreams and your ambitions and your goals, and have a plan. And so it’s more strategic to line things up.

Either way, your soul is urging you to do something now and for your future self – something, anything that’s going to invoke optimal circumstances for yourself. 

This is like the most vulnerable that you’re gonna be because you know that this is what your soul or your intuition or your purpose or your mission or your intention in life is urging you to do. 

You know, deep, deep, deep down.

This is frightening and terrifying because this is gonna be the most vulnerable that you can be.

Both Brene Brown and Dr. Wayne Dyer and their books tend to focus on vulnerability and that there’s no human that doesn’t experience a sense of vulnerability, blame or some form of excuse. It’s not just children, but adults as well.  

Therefore we need to start talking about this more.

So here we go! 

Manifesting or “The Law of Attraction” – 

This is exactly what you’re going to do to create the life of your dreams and fulfill your truth and quality of the soul. 

From my understanding manifesting is basically creating what you want, drawing it in, having it in your very own hands.

It’s attracting or magnetizing or bringing into your life those things that you wish for and want and desire.  

It doesn’t have to be materialistic. It could be a feeling, an idea, an experience. It can also be something materialistic such as a career or a car, home, person, or a relationship.

So manifesting is being able to essentially live the life that you want and have the things that you want. Almost like out of thin air, right?

It’s like magic, right?

(I have a whole nother podcast episode on magic.)

Here’s some manifesting techniques for fully aligning with your soul’s purpose, higher self and your future self.

For example, earlier I was actually interrupted in recording and writing this so I had to stop and restart. I got so frustrated and I’m like, “Oh my God. I want a space where I won’t be interrupted when I’m doing my work!”

And THAT’S one of the things that I wanna manifest.

Surely I will.  One of these days I know that I will. And as I listen back on this, I’ll be like, huh, all right, I already manifested that.

The point here is to

Create a space or an environment where you can create what it is that you wanna create.

So whether you’re an artist, architect, teacher, healer, designer, coach, etc. you’ll want to create that space. Whether that’s a shed, home, an office space, or even outdoors somewhere, a little nook, studio, outdoor environment, just somewhere you can begin to envision and jot down notes and plan and strategize.

You’ll wanna use different tools.

So that’s another technique for manifesting, is using and gathering the tools that you need to create what it is that you want.  

Even if it comes down to a pen and paper, writing down your wishes and creating what it is that you want that way.

We are here to create.

You’re here to create the life of your dreams. 

Hence we all have our own individual tools we need to create.

We are to utilize the law of attraction in order to invoke the tools we want and need.

That tool could be a canvas, book, pen, scissors, hammer, cooking utensils, clay, paint, people, microphone, online video course, or an instrument of some sort.

The tool is the medium or the middleman or the essential item that is going to help you take one form of energy and then convert it into another form of energy.

You’re creating something from your own mind and then you’re utilizing the tools that you have to create what it is that you want in your own life.

Sometimes manifestation happens overnight, literally. Or it could take many, many years. It depends on the timing of the universe, your dreams or how long something just takes to build.

Another technique for manifesting would be daydreaming.

This is something that you really want to do. You may end up daydreaming and you don’t even know that you’re daydreaming or visualizing. It may feel like you’re zoning out a bit.

Start thinking about what it is that you want. 

And so it all stems from a thought, right? It all stems from energy, a belief, a feeling, an emotion. These are our natural tendencies. 

You’re conjuring up these different feelings and beliefs within then you’re creating a thought or vice versa.  

What is going to also help you in another technique for manifesting is having visuals. Magazine, the internet, Google, Pinterest, etc.

So if you don’t have the Pinterest app already, I highly recommend it.

Another manifesting technique is actively getting inspired and believing that your inspirations are real and true. 

This is not just some far off fantasy that you’re experiencing. This is real. This is a good thing. 

These are your dreams, these are your visions. These are things that your soul is wanting you to do and urging you to do. 

Manifesting is just going for it.

But one of the culprits of not manifesting stems from our deep seated belief (usually subconscious, we might not even realize it’s there) that something is just going to happen or land in our lap.

Most of the time, we must take some form of action. We have to move the energy. It’s one thing to have it in your mind and to visualize and to daydream and to use tools and to jot down ideas and to strategize and to research.

Those are all part of the manifesting process. But then you have to actually take the action.

In other words, move the energy – go from point A to point B.

Convert that energy however that looks and feels in your own life and perspective.

Step outta your comfort zone. Do something that you know that you’re probably scared to do but is going to move the needle.

It’s going to get you moving forward. It’s going to give you some momentum.

We think that we’re being productive if we’re thinking about it because oftentimes thinking can feel productive. And of course, in a way it is, but it only goes so far.  

You can connect with someone, write a letter, call someone, research, apply for a position, start an Instagram, talk to the person that you’ve been wanting to talk to, take a course, ask a question, set up a session with a coach or healer, move out of your home, get married, get divorced.

Tap into what it is that the actions that you would need to take in order to move the needle, in order to move the manifestation process; in order to magnify the law of attraction.

Another technique for manifesting off the top of my head is to

Connect with Spirit and trust in yourself and the visions, notions, callings and these feelings that you’re getting.  

Just trusting them. That’s really the best way, although I know it’s now always the easiest way. 

A lot of times we have doubt, and this doubt also stems from subconscious beliefs, trauma or things that have happened to us before, or protective mechanisms that we’ve taken on, especially as children, but yet as adults, they don’t really help us.

We think that we can’t trust ourselves.

That’s a good indicator that you’re not trusting the process or trusting – when you feel doubtful. 

If you feel like you can’t trust yourself, how about something more than you? Something that you feel is guiding you such as your angels, spirit guides, God or this Intelligence.

I know that that takes some work. 

Trusting might need to take some healing.

You might need to reset, re-ground, talk to a therapist, a counselor, a psychic. 

These are different resources that you can use which is also a technique for manifestation – connecting with other people as well and getting their input and their perspective and allowing yourself to expand.

We only know what we know, and yet when we connect with other people, it might not necessarily mean that they’re right or that is right for you, what they’re telling you, but it could give you another idea.

It could give you a different perspective, jog an idea in you or give you inspiration. 

It could give you the encouragement that you’re needing in your own life in order to take the next step; in order to have that courage, support and reassurance.

Another manifestation technique is to 

Get out of your comfort zone.

Ultimately at the end of the day, you’re gonna be safe, physically safe, emotionally safe.

You’re just expanding your circle a little bit. You’re expanding yourself out.

You’re creating a brand new future self! 

It actually breaks this stagnant energy that is happening.

When you break this stagnant energy, which often feels like stuckness, you’ll find yourself aligning with your soul’s purpose and drawing in what you want in life.

When you’re doing all these things, you’re sort of revving up the engine or fueling the system or giving you the energy, recharging the battery.

It’s like collecting all these different tidbits, these different sources of energy, you’re collecting them and you’re utilizing them, you’re actually applying them.

You’re utilizing them rather than just thinking about them which is basically like the first step, right?

Then you’re moving along and you’re doing it! You’re creating the life of your dreams.

It may not feel like it on a daily basis but you can still trust this invisible intelligence that continues to guide you. 

Know that there’s no ONE way. There’s no one specific, step-by-step guide or order either.

I was gonna make this like a step-by-step life guide, but really, it fluctuates.

It’s different for every different person. It is listening to your intuition and to your higher self is just doing it.

When it comes down to it, combine your inner desires and your unique gifts then you have three options to choose from:

One: You can either wing each step and then alter the aftermath once you see how it plays out.

Two: Or you can strategize beforehand, get everything in a row then take action.

Three: Or a third option is to have a combination of these. You wing it and you plan out. 

No matter what, the commonality in all of this manifesting your soul’s purpose is aligning with your own aspirations then taking action, bit by bit. 

That’s the magic in manifesting! It’s combining the “invisible” world with the world of physical form. 

Manifesting IS magic. Magic IS manifesting.

I’ve written a specific article on this topic for GOSS magazine that you can check out. It’s in Issue #13, featuring Teal Swan.

Even if you quickly make a decision, you’re still getting the energy flowing, and then you can always reassess and redo something if you need to.

For example, in my little cottage that I have here in German Village, I’ve made some decisions and I thought that they were the right decisions at first. 

Although looking back, I did have some doubt, which was my intuition telling me not to do that. But I did it anyway. And now I’m looking back and I’m like, “man, I wish I would’ve listened to my intuition.”

Worst case scenario – I learned! And I’ll use this experience and knowledge the next time. 

And now I have to wait a little bit longer to readjust what I did and redo what I did. That’s all. No harm no foul. 

I know I’ll eventually have what I want in my cottage. Honestly, it’s giving me the ambition to do it even more. Once I do this project that I’ve been wanting to do especially in my kitchen I feel like I’m just going to appreciate it so much more.

That’s another thing to recognize – when it comes to your soul’s purpose and manifesting – 

everything is going to give you some form of learning lesson, which is a good thing. 

Everything that you’ve experienced can either be used as a tool to learn from, or you can use it as a way to just kind-of keep yourself remaining where you are. 

We’re naturally like seekers as human beings. We want to learn and we want to better ourselves. We want to grow. But if you stay where you are, that can create bitterness, feelings of stuckness and resentment, or guilt. 

But instead of regurgitating the same information, thoughts, useless actions, beliefs or attitudes over and over again, you’ve got to change something! 

Feng shui is a good one for manifesting techniques.

My dad has brought this up to me often before and he has worked for Whole Foods and they use feng shui.  

Feng shui is using the different elements in a space to create balance – earth, air, fire, water.

For example, in your home environment something might not feel right. Something’s unhealthy, it feels extremely stagnant, drab, it’s bringing you down, it’s depressing your thoughts, etc.

Something needs to be changed.

The idea of feng shui is like getting rid of things or bringing in things that bring you joy. Such as Marie Kondo’s book that she wrote about the joy of tidying up.

So when you have this space of clarity and getting rid of the things that are heavy on your heart or just burdensome, giving yourself that space to create, make momentum is absolutely essential.

Shifting that energy in your own life; figuring out what it is that you personally need that’s going to shift the energy.

The most important thing to recognize is that essentially manifesting your soul’s purpose is all about energy.

That’s really what everything is all about and what it all comes down to.

You’re changing the energy from one format to another format, or from one space to another space, or from one element to another element. 

Whether you’re feeling stuck or unsatisfied or fearful or apprehensive or depressed or vulnerable, whatever the feeling is or whatever the thought is or whatever the desire is, right?  

This desire, in order to change that, you must change the energy.

Energy is all different types of forms. It’s everything. It’s Infinite Intelligence. 

Your thoughts are energy. Your desk is a form of energy. Your space is energy. Your connection with people is energy.

Your soul’s purpose is energy!

It’s utilizing all of the resources that you have either internally or externally, or both.

There’s no one right way of doing this, but it’s about believing in yourself and these notions that you’re feeling, these callings, that you’re getting this true self. 

And then being open to developing who you are to growing, becoming self-aware.

Are you truly satisfied with who you are?  It’s common to not be 100% truly satisfied all of the time. 

So if there’s a bit of dissatisfaction. You can sit with it and you can be okay with it.

That’s observation; that’s observing yourself and your mind. 

Or you can change that as well and move forward from there the next time.

You alter the path and make it feel more like the right path. 

It’s ultimately taking the energy and moving it and believing in it and having faith in yourself. And this higher consciousness that you’re being guided.

I will create either a PDF or an ebook or something that goes with this that will help you apply all of this information and it’ll give you more specific details as well.

You can find Your Life Guide to Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose in The Magic Shop.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Subscribe and share this. We’re all in this together trying to figure out life.

The more we follow our heart’s desires the more peace there truly will be.

That’s the bottom line. THAT’S the end result – inner peace. 

As always, pay attention to your intuition, take action, and then trust the process.

And so it is!  

How else can you align with your soul’s purpose and higher callings?

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  • Patricia Lane
    September 6, 2023

    Boy,Tabitha,youalways just “hit the perfect spot!” I’m sitting here reading this email (the whole thing)and SMH. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now! Exactly. I’m so glad you were sent my way. I will pass you around 🤗 and be in touch. Yes!

    • Tabitha Stitt, The Self-Help Psychic™️
      > Patricia Lane
      January 10, 2024

      Hi Patricia! I know you posted this comment awhile ago so I apologize I’m just now seeing it. I love how I love how “this hit the spot” for you! And that this is exactly what you needed to hear right now – or at least at that time. (:

      I hope this still resonates for you and continues to be a tool that you use again and again. Let me know how I can help! Thank you again, Patricia. ❤️

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