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What Is The Meaning of Your Spiritual Journey?

The Self-Help Psychic Podcast with Tabitha Stitt, spiritual teacher and psychic trance reader, speaker and healer in front of steps for growth and transformation
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What Is The Meaning of Your Spiritual Journey?

YOU get to determine your spiritual journey and its gifts and opportunities.

But how do you know what to do?

What questions do you need to ask in order to make your dreams come true? 

What Is The Purpose of Your Spiritual Journey? with the moon and pink flowers for transformation

I do ask to receive messages for you and always for the highest good on your spiritual journey.

So this is the way it goes in our daily life. 

You ask to be guided — and you will be guided toward good things in life.

I will go deeper into this trance state-like position of allowing this information to come through these beautiful universal messages. 

And this is how readings go as well since they reveal so much about your spiritual journey too. 

One-on-one readings can help specifically with your daily life and spiritual development.

But in the moment of this state of mind –

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We are going to take you through the process of Tabitha channeling information for you and always for the highest good. 

So sometimes I’ll speak to myself in third person, and sometimes I will speak as I am now. 

I am very aware of what’s happening during this spiritual practice. 

Spirit wants to talk about the position that I’m in, not only physically, but also mentally and psychologically as a new connection. 

We’re not going to be talking about chemistry so much as more as what is happening and how I work. 

So I’ve been doing this for many, many years now. 

I have done thousands of readings; thousands of healings because 

Psychic readings are healing!

That is something that I have noticed myself. 

So, personal development for you, as we move deeper into this trance state, what is it that you are seeking? 

That is a question that you may have asked yourself many, many times before on your journey of discovering your true self. 

Maybe you don’t know the answer to that. 

So Spirit’s asking you to dig a little deeper into what it is you’re seeking for spiritual development and your everyday life.

What is it that your heart and true nature wants? 

What it is that you know that you need to leave behind to set yourself on the right path. 

So what happens is when we are transfixed by our environment or religious beliefs SO much to the point where we are so deep into what’s happening – we’re not even aware of what’s happening.

We tend to forget who we are. 

And where we came from and why we’re here. 

Spirit is wanting you to get back to the basics and to your higher power. 

To remove yourself from the situation of drowning. 

Of not physically drowning, right. We can still breathe.

But in those moments of feeling like you cannot breathe or having a dark night of the soul experience. 

This is Spirit asking you to then choose to remove yourself from the situation. 

So whether that’s financial, in a relationship, mentally… 

Perhaps you are even, in a way, symbolically suffocating yourself from your own demise. 

From your own mental challenges (or the opposite of inner peace). 

So there are two different things that are happening when this happens on our spiritual journey. 

When we are in a sense of drowning, right. When we’re in a sense of not being able to breathe again. 

Not physically, but just psychologically, right. We feel anxiety.

So what happens is two different things are happening: 

So this is a form of taking on information and energetic frequencies from outside sources. Our spirit is naturally intervolving with those. And so that impacts our mentality. 

That impacts our emotional state, our psychological state. And our energetic state. Which is encompassing in everything.

Another thing is that we are allowing ourselves to be in this state, right. 

We are putting ourselves in this state. 

We are putting ourselves in this situation. Where we are allowing for those energies to consume us in a way. 

So it happens twofold. 

So, depending on where you are, what your environment is, sometimes, subconsciously it happens where we’re not even aware of it. 

We are brought up in certain circumstances. And these energies just start to happen. Right? 

And so they start to absorb into our energies. 

And we’re affected by them. Other situations, when we become more mindful and more aware of what it is that we’re doing. 

We allow ourselves as adults to become more aware. 

We see how something is affecting us. Then we have a choice to remove ourselves from that situation. 

And or to step into another situation that is either better for us. 

And so then we are taking on that energy as well. So we are actively choosing to become part of another source or energy.

So one form is more subconscious where we’re not even aware of it.

And this could be deeper situations, long term situations. 

Where we become so used to our situation that we are, in a way, sort of numb to it, right? 

We’re just there. 

It’s happening, it’s mundane, it’s our everyday, and we’re used to it. 

In a way, we’re in our comfort zone, right? 

It’s what we know.

What Is The Purpose of Your Spiritual Journey? showing pink and red flowers for transformation and empowerment working with Tabitha Stitt on The Self-Help Psychic Podcast, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher Allow Yourself to Become More Aware

It’s what we know. 

That’s oftentimes where we get caught up in situations where we have a hard time removing ourselves because we’re SO into that circumstance. 

That thinking about removing ourselves from that circumstance seems terrifying and scary because we’re so used to it that we don’t even know what would happen if we were to remove it. 

Having that thought or that idea is quite challenging for us to take on.

But when we become more aware of how it is that we’re feeling this sense of lack, stuck, or this dissatisfaction, depletion, of melting away, or this feeling of numbness –

ALL of these feelings of our energies being sucked right out of our soul… 

Those are indicators for you to choose to remove yourself from that situation.

Park yourself in another situation, to drive yourself to another situation, to drive yourself to an environment, a different relationship, even by yourself or Mother Nature. 

A new home, a new space, a new state, a new job, a new career, a new family, a new friend.

When you become aware of this, which you will now, because you are listening to this – you are now aware, you then have a choice. 

And that choice will not be taken away from you. 

Because before you may not have been aware, you may have just been part of that circumstance. In that situation where I bet you there was a part of your soul that is urging you to move on, but mentally, you’re so into it that it is hard for you to move on. 

But now is the time to move on to something bigger and better, per se, right? 

Bigger and better.

This isn’t to say that you are better than or that you are more confident than or that you are whatever it is. I feel like there’s judgment that gets in the way, right? 

There’s judgment from others, and we’re aware of this, right? We’re aware of this judgment. But what is it that you want? 

What is it that you’re seeking? 

Don’t you want to better yourself? 

Don’t you want to grow? 


Step into your dreams? 

Don’t you want to believe in THIS MAGIC that you know exists?

Don’t you want to allow yourself to be the person that you’re meant to be – your true self.

Of course you do!

This is all part of your spiritual journey and being spiritual seekers.

Yet, sometimes those external sources of energy, sometimes they will convince us otherwise. 

They will convince us to stay in a way of life we don’t truly want or need anymore. 

Especially if there’s a fear based there. 

And that’s where the daunting part comes, right? 

The shadow aspect of all of this is this fear based. 

Now, EVERY human experiences fear. This is simply part of our life experiences. 

Every animal experiences fear. Every creature experiences fear. This is the way of life but it doesn’t have to keep you down. 

But it is time to now move on and up in this space of Reality.

And the more that you do, the brighter that your light will shine, the happier that you’ll be, the more that you will receive what it is that you do deserve. 

You deserve happiness for your spiritual journey. 

And you deserve to allow for those burdens to finally flow. 

You allow for those worries to be lifted up and handed off into the light.

You can give your worries off to the light. “Send those worries to the light”, is what I’m hearing. And that is how you do that. 

What Is The Purpose of Your Spiritual Journey? Move On and Up showing different kinds of flowers for expansiveness and growth with Tabitha Stitt on The Self-Help Psychic Podcast, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher

You can call it God, you can call it Jesus, you can call it The Universe, you can call it Source. 

They’re all different ways of thinking about the same higher power; the same realm of spirituality. 

You can call it spirit, your higher self, your angels, whatever it is that you will send,

“I ask you, send my worries off into the light.” This is the best way. 

The light can handle everything. The light can take everything.

It is the true essence of unconditional love. 

I do not recommend sending this energy into the earth, because the earth is a different source of energy than the light, although it is all encompassing, right? 

It is all one. But you want to send it to the light.

Now I am becoming aware of my presence, my own presence as I’m speaking. 

Sometimes I drift in and out of a trance state and I’m aware of that.

I’m here. 

I understand that I’m here. 

And so this is all part of the process as well. Part of our spiritual journey. Knowing that – 

Our minds get in the way. 

Our mind gets in the way, and then we get nervous, and then we think everyone’s looking at us and judging us. 

“What if? What if?” 

It’s like – what if we don’t want to do something? Because what if they think this? And then what? 

But who cares! 

So what if everyone is experiencing this? 

Then it’s up to you to make the choice to live the life that you want and the life that you seek and deserve and desire. You’re to be your higher power. 

If someone judges you, well, then that’s okay. It’s the way of life. It doesn’t have to stall you anymore. 

Have you not judged someone else? 

We all judge every once in a while, even when we don’t mean to. 

We all judge in our everyday life. 

It just happens. It’s nature, right?

It’s the nature of being a human. But you have a choice. 

You can choose to move on and up and beyond. 

Or you can choose to stay where you are now, perhaps you’re watching this and you are perfectly happy, and everything is just absolutely grand and wonderful, and that’s great. 

I do not say that that is not acceptable. I do not disagree that that is absolutely possible. 

But I do feel as spiritual beings, as humans –

We are always consistently seeking something – because we’re spiritual seekers.

Even if it’s just a small bliss for the day. We seek gratitude. We seek peace. 

And we seek even something materialistic as well, right? 

And that’s okay, too. We live in a material world! 

But there’s always something that we’re seeking – because there are good things in life along our spiritual journey. 

What Is The Purpose of Your Spiritual Journey? You Are a Spiritual Seeker showing pink flowers for transformation with Tabitha Stitt on The Self-Help Psychic Podcast, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher

There’s never NOT a moment where we are seeking something.

Even with our food and nutrition and nurturance and comfort and reassurance and the sun and the light, we are always seeking something. 

There’s never a moment that we’re not. 

It’s okay to seek and to want and to desire. ‘Seeking’ can be seen and utilized as a spiritual practice. 

You’re not alone in this, and it’s not selfish. 

Personal development is all about growing and expanding your light and offering this light out. 

This is your best chance to make a positive difference and align with the right path. 

In another [future] episode, we will also talk about how to tap into your individual gifts and personal power.

The natural gifts, the unique gifts that you were born with and that you will easily take on the more that you expand your energy out. 

Not everything is given to you at that very moment of birth, right? That’s why life is considered a spiritual journey. 

Life is a spiritual quest of personal growth and discovering your true potential! 

It’s in those moments where we transcend our comfort zone out and beyond to where we notice that there are natural gifts that we have that we didn’t even know that we had!

It takes different practices and different methods for each of us to unearth our own unique treasures, skills and talents. 

And so THAT’S what personal development and your spiritual life is all about. 

Spiritual development *is* personal development. 

It’s self help, it’s self growth, it’s self love, it’s self compassion. 

Because when you take on this individual aspect of who you are, you will continue to grow and expand this love and energy out. 

You will grow your compassion for others. You will help them also do the same thing in your own way. 

It doesn’t have to be exactly what is happening with me now in this present moment. 

You might not be a trance or a psychic or a medium or a channeler or a spiritual leader. 

You might channel in a different way… 

Where you’re doing artwork or writing or speaking or crafting something or building something or honoring someone or nudging someone forward. 

It can be a different way of expressing your gratitude.

There are tons of different types of spirituality!

Your best chance for understanding your spiritual journey is honoring and expanding your true self. 

The more that you work on who you are and your own gifts and your own aspirations and dreams in life, the more that you will ultimately help others as well.

It’s taking your spiritual growth to a deeper level. 

And that’s how the world works. 

That’s how your spiritual experience works, is growing and expanding who you are and trying not to worry too much about what others think, right? 

Coming back to that space of. It’s like dancing, right? 

It’s like dancing. 

You’re in the flow. 

What Is The Purpose of Your Spiritual Journey? You Are In THE Flow showing the moon for ebb and flow of Mother Nature with Tabitha Stitt on The Self-Help Psychic Podcast, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher

It’s a way of life.

You’re in the present moment, and then all of a sudden, you remember that you’re dancing, and then you start to act weird and funny, and now you’re offbeat.

But as soon as you get back into the flow state, right, as soon as you start to feel the rhythm and hear the rhythm and experience the rhythm of life, the beautiful ebb and flow of this virtual energy, of this phenomenon of infinite energy – 

The more that you will walk into the state of bliss, of who you are, the less you will worry about what others think.

The more that you will grow, the more that you will help yourself heal and help the earth heal and help others heal and ultimately transition this world into a bigger, better space for not only you, but for generations to come. 

And that’s what it’s all about. Yes, we have responsibilities.

Maybe we have children, and maybe we have animals and plants and mortgages and all these human experiences that we take on, right? 

But oftentimes we take on things that tend to distract us JUST to distract us. We veer off the right path for us because it seems scary to follow our dreams. 

Sometimes we think, I don’t want to work on myself. I don’t want to think about myself. It’s because I need to work, work, work for others.

But do you really?

Isn’t there a moment in time where you have to work on yourself? Yes, you do. The answer is yes.

Everyone has the same amount of time. 

Everyone is in this vicinity of this frequency of Earth, and everyone has this present moment in time. 

You can ask for time to slow down and to be in that energy state of producing what it is that you want. 

You have that ability and that opportunity, just like everyone else. And YOU get to choose what you do with your personal life experiences. 

You may think that someone else is further along than you, I’m sure. 

Perhaps externally it appears that way as we live in a physical world. 

But internally and spiritually, you are just as far as someone else. It is taking the external action and then projecting it outwards, taking the next step in your spiritual path. 

Then all of a sudden, good things will start to flow and unfold the way that they naturally should.

Where you thought you were behind, now it might seem and appear that you’re ahead on your spiritual journey.

And that’s the way that time works. 

Time is a concept to help us organize the spiritual realm. 

It’s all in your mind, right? It’s all in your mind.

The more that you go back in time in your mind, the more that you go back in time, either positively or not so positively. 

And so this is all personal development is working on yourself. 

Becoming aware. Stepping into your inner personal power. 

*Awareness* is the number one key to this ultimate reality that you’re seeking.

Because the more aware you are, the more that you’re able to change and alter and switch and choose and become more powerful in your own way. 

And that’s what this is all about. 

But *you* must choose to change and move forward on your spiritual journey. It’s *your* responsibility. No one else can make you. This is the way of life as a human. 

So I do hope that this has been helpful for you. 

I do hope that you continue to work on yourself and always for the highest good and more information and more videos to come as we move forward on our path together. 

Thank you so much for watching and listening, and I do hope that you continue this beautiful path of self love, self gratitude, self compassion, and self discovery.

And so it is.

What else can you do to best move along *your* spiritual journey?

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