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Your Complete Guide to Awaken Your Inner Magic in 7 Ways

The Self-Help Psychic Podcast with Tabitha Stitt, spiritual teacher and psychic trance reader, speaker and healer in front of steps for growth and transformation
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Your Complete Guide to Awaken Your Inner Magic in 7 Ways

YOUR Inner Magic – 

What does this mean for you and for the world? 

NOW’S the time to awaken your inner magic. And I’ve got seven ways of doing so! 

These ways aren’t in any particular order. It’s just whatever feels right to you, and always for the highest good.

As a psychic medium, I’ve been working in this spiritual realm, this mystical space of tapping into others energies, psychic awareness.

In doing so, this term has come to me time and time again. 

Inner Magic. Inner Magic. 

I’ve actually been using this for at least five years to explain what I do, but not only what I do. 

What you’re intended to do as well. That’s right. 

Your soul’s purpose, your natural gifts are to be used. 

And THIS is your Inner Magic

Your abilities, your skills, your talents, your intuitive notions and feelings, ambitions and ideas and dreams.

All of this is what your inner magic is. YOU are magic in itself.

This inner magic can be thought of as your soul’s purpose. 

It’s your muse.

Creative callings.

Your dreams.

Your true self.

Inner self or your inner child.

Inner witch, (if you shall!).

Your Inner Magic is your life’s purpose expressed outwardly. 

It’s true magic that stems from your heart and soul. 

What does it mean to awaken your inner magic? 

What does it mean to awaken your own inner magic? 

It’s recognizing that it even exists.

Give it some attention. Give it a new look. 

Or give it a chance to come alive and live through you; to stoke its ember and reignite its flame and sense it and feel it and hear it and be it, stir it and blend it and use it!

It’s recognizing your inner self in the best way possible.

It’s using your third eye. 

Tapping into the natural world that you’re a part of. 

It’s connecting with your spirit guide. 

All of these fun ways of expressing yourself – the power of your true self. 

This is your inner magic. It’s your soul’s purpose. 

It is your highest calling, your fullest potential.

Your curiosity. It’s all of these things that you feel within it. 

It’s applying your own intuition. This dream that you have. 

Here are seven ways to awaken your own Inner Magic. 

These can go in any order – by the way!

1. Expect good things to happen.

You have to have the expectation, this belief that good things are happening now. 

This isn’t to eliminate those things that come to us that are a struggle or a challenge or more of a hurtful situation. Those happen, right? 

And I don’t mean to speak lightly of it, because it’s part of being a human. We deal with struggle sometimes. 

But you have to maintain that faith and that belief that everything is going to work out for the highest good. 

There are lessons and everything that happens to you, to me, to us. 

Expect good things to happen to you. 

Expect whatever it is that you want. 

Know that it’s going to happen in its own way.

Now, sometimes it might not show up at exactly the right timing that you think it’s going to happen, especially if it’s a dream of yours. 

You probably want it to happen as soon as possible. 

But if it is a dream or a business that you want to start, or school that you want to go to, or this idea or these ambitions that you have, this may take some time, and that’s okay, because that is for the highest good. 

Sometimes the universe wants you to learn certain lessons before you actually fall into this space of manifesting what it is that you want. 

Know and believe that magic does indeed exist, and it lives and breathes within you, and it comes through you.

A whole culmination of this energy, this swirling, blending energy. 

And the more that you believe in it, the more that you will see it, the more that you will invoke it, the more that you will cast your beautiful intentions out into the world, and it shall come back to you full and with excitement as well. 

So expect it to happen. 

2. Another way to awaken your inner magic or your soul’s purpose and creative callings is to explore unknown or new territories that spark your interest and your passions — even if for the very first time. 

For example I have mentioned this before (if you are an avid listener of my podcast), which I hope that you are, but I all started off well. 

I was a teacher at first. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher – 

So I became a teacher in the classroom for seven years. But then I had this feeling of like there’s something more. 

So I came across this magazine. It said “Reiki” on it. That was the first time I ever heard of Reiki. 

Didn’t even know what it was at the time! 

(It’s an energy healing practice or modality which is really a part of all our mystical paths.) 

So I went out to Arizona and I became a practitioner and it was a great time! 

I had no clue what I was doing, really. I was quite vulnerable, but in the best way. And I was just open to the possibilities. 

So I was exploring this new territory that I had no clue what it was about, but I went for it because it was an interest, it was a curiosity. 

It was like an intuitive pull. I just felt like I needed to look more into it. 

And that amongst other things sparked this whole path of mine as a psychic medium to this very day!

Because once I started becoming an energy healer, I started clairvoyantly, seeing and sensing and feeling all these different messages from spirit and the universe. 

So if I never would have followed that notion, I wouldn’t be here today, you wouldn’t be hearing me. 

So it goes back to trusting in your intuition, which is certainly another way of awakening your inner magic. 

3. The third way to awaken your inner magic and your soul’s purpose is to write out your dreams and your desires.

Actively daydream and get inspired. This is all part of true magic and even traditional magic as well! 

Which is essential for your personal growth. 

So plan out, map out, write out. 

I have lots of goodies IN THE MAGIC SHOP, which I will include in the link below if you want to check out what I have. 

Journal prompts, meditations, connections, digital planners, courses PLUS LOTS of goodies that are in the ethers and being created right now!

But I want you to get out what is in your brain. 

Get out what is in your aura and your energy field and your intuitive notions and these ideas.

Get them out on paper. 

Whether you write it with a pen or if you type it out but plan it out. 

So how are you going to make it happen?

How are you going to get this project going? 

Are you going to start this endeavor?

Are you going to step into your truth? 

Even if you don’t have all the answers (which you’re quite simply not going to) they will be revealed to you as you move along. 

But if you have at least some sort of strategy or a notion or an idea of how you’re going to get started, then you are certainly awakening your inner magic because you are working with the universe.

You’re telling the universe that you’re getting very serious about what it is that you want to do.

You’re getting serious about your dreams. And you’re getting serious even if you don’t think of it as a dream. 

Dreams are a huge power source of answers.

Let’s say that you just have an idea, and maybe it’s a small idea, maybe it’s not a huge endeavor, maybe it’s just something that you want to try out. 

Well, that’s perfect because that’s all part of your inner magic. If it feels creative or curious or if it’s just an interest, this is also your inner magic. 

This is part of your purpose and your mission. 

It’s like collecting all these little pieces and putting them together. So it doesn’t have to be this massive ordeal. It’s just tiny things as well. 

Or it could be a bigger ordeal as well. 

But even to get to that bigger ordeal, or to manifest that huge dream of yours, if that’s the case, you still have to collect all these puzzle pieces which are smaller, right? 

And so get it out. Write it out. All right. 

4. So the next way to awaken your inner magic is to discover more about who you are, what your personality is about, your learning style, your personal preferences, etc.

For example, the colors that you love or dislike, what makes you happy or sad, what drives your passions and curiosities, what you believe in and why. 

So I want you to discover more about who you are.

Also, again, IN THE MAGIC SHOP I’ve got all these goodies for you to discover even more about yourself and to help design your life as well. 

But you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. 

Something that I highly recommend, it’s called the Strengths Finder or Clifton Strengths or Gallup Strengths. (It’s all the same assessment, just different names.)

But millions of people have taken this assessment. You can look at your top five strengths out of 34. 

I highly recommend this. 

This is something that I purely and truly love. I feel like I have learned so much from it. 

But they have books, they have online assessments.

You can learn more about your strengths. 

And the idea of this is that instead of looking at something that you feel is your “weakness” or look at something that you’re already naturally gifted with, or that you’re already quite naturally good with – and then take it from there. 

It’s like you’re taking something good that you want to become, then grand or great, or you want to maximize what already is good within you.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t try something that you’ve never tried before, because there are ways in which you can step into a different trade or a different skill or area of your life that you’ve never been or you’ve never experienced. 

And you can go that route, too, and you might just happen to find that you are quite good at it as well. 

Maybe it’s a little rough around the edges at first, but then you end up getting really good at it. 

So discover more about who you are. Self discovery. That is prime. What is that saying? 

Thine own self be true. To thine own self be true! 

So that’s all about being true to who you are and discovering who you are and your magic. 

Learn more about who you are and how you can actually utilize those traits and those skills and what makes you who you are. 

And that includes your experiences and all those other fun things too! 

5. Give yourself the time and space to actually awaken and grow your inner magic and discover more about your own intuition.

You’ve got to give yourself the time and space.

If you don’t make the time to do this (to discover more or to create what you want, or to manifest those dreams) 

…then it’s simply not going to happen. Which would be unfortunate! 

This is all part of personal growth and stepping into your true magic!

Someone’s not going to knock on your door and force you to do something – 

I believe Mel Robbins said this. She’s absolutely wonderful and I love and adore her. She’s mentions this. 

No one is going to force you to do this. You must take responsibility for your own dreams and make them come to life. 

So please trust in yourself. 

So make it happen. Give yourself that time and space for good things to manifest. 

If you are bombarded with too much, perhaps subconsciously you might be doing that to yourself, because maybe you’re afraid to step out of your comfort zone. 

Maybe you’re scared to do what it is that you really want to do, and you might not even be aware of it. 

So maybe you’re distracting yourself with all these other priorities. Do you think? 

But are they really a priority? 

Surely if you have children, that’s a different story, of course. 

But even then, you can still make time for yourself and for your goals and your dreams. So please go after that. 



6. The next way is to either get a psychic reading which you can come to me, speak with a healer, a mentor, a career counselor, a therapist, a coach.

Whatever it is, I want you to speak to someone else or to chat with someone else, whether that’s in person, over the phone or a video. 

You can even get a tarot reading!

Receive some outside insight into you and who you are and your strengths.

(Know that you don’t have to go with what they say.) 

But I have found this personally liberating, eye-opening, and a great way to find my true magic.

It is so helpful, and it has been completely life transforming.

When I’ve spoken with other psychic mediums, it has been profound. It really has changed my life. It has given me confirmation and validation that I needed to hear. 

I knew it within, but when I heard it from someone else, I was like, “oh, my gosh, how did they know this? 

How did they know this?” 

And no, they’re not doing research on me because as a psychic myself, I am very honorable with what I do.

It’s a gift. 

We all have gifts and are a powerful source and force for good. 

But I know personally that what I do comes from a source of infiniteness and love and God and the universe. 

This information comes to you in all ways for the highest good. 

It is confirming what you already know in your heart and soul. 

And maybe there’s new ideas as well.

You’ll know because it’ll either resonate with you or not. Because you have your own intuition to go by in confirming the messages as well. 

No, you don’t have to have anyone else validate anything for you. 

But when you feel that validation, you’re like, oh, my gosh, this feels incredible.

It’s supportive, kind, gentle and empowering! 

It’s like a spark of encouragement. It’s like Spirit’s giving you a little bit of a nudge or a push more so onto your soul’s path and purpose and mission in life. 

Spirit’s saying – you can do it. You can do it. 

7. Another way (which is my personal favorite) is to use the items that you love! 

So what is it that you love? 

Is it books? Do you love journals? Planners? Colors and paints and paper? 

And what about wood? Do you love antiques? Collages? 

Do you love tarot? 

How about a love for oracle cards, plants, crystals? 

Do you love taking courses and classes? 

Do you love crocheting? 


Do you love flowers or toys or cups or glasses or oils? 

Whatever it is that you love – I want you to think about and use it!

And if you’re not quite sure, maybe you need to dabble in different things. 

Maybe you need to explore a space or a shop or go online and kind of just have fun with it! 

What feelings does it give you? 

Does it have a meaning or a purpose behind it?

Is it just what it’s made out of, the material that it’s made out of, does it give you a feeling of comfort? 

Is it mysterious and wonder-full? 

How about ancient philosophy? 

What about traditional magic? 

Does it give you a sense of pride? 

Does it give you a sense of, “Oh, my gosh, I can create something with this. I can blend something. I can sell what I’m making!”  

What tools can you use that will invoke this inner magic within you? 

Whether it’s just purely inspiration and/or you’re using it to actively sell something or just to create something or to heal in some way or to learn more about yourself or to share it with the world or just to inspire others. 

So it’s like creating these and using these different tools to make and discover and awaken your inner magic.

And here’s a little challenge for you!

I want you to start something that you’ve been wanting to do, but you’ve been maybe scared or hesitant or perhaps you’ve been maybe giving yourself some excuses by not starting it. 

But there’s been this curiosity…

Like maybe you’ve just been wanting to go somewhere, you’ve been wanting to buy something that’ll align with your inner witch or inner self. 

Start something just for the heck of it! 

Just because you want to and because you feel like it’s important to you or it’ll just be fun.

You feel this notion within you, this inner magic, this creative urge, this calling, this pool, this feeling. 

“I’m just feeling like I want to do it.” 

I want you to challenge yourself and I want you to start it. 


Email me over at my tabitha@tabithastit.com and let me know and simply say: This is what I started!” 

That’s ALL going to spark your inner magic as well. 

Awakening your Inner Magic is living your dreams. It is fulfilling your mission. It is discovering more about yourself. 

It’s giving yourself the sense of greatness and love and care and compassion and attention.

It’s giving yourself what your soul has intended you to do here as a human being on this earth…

So one of the programs I’ve been wanting to start and to create which – 

Aha! I will challenge myself!

I am creating a course which has been in the ethers for many, many years now. 

I’m talking for at least five years that it’s called –

INNER MAGIC MAKING: A Practical Course to Design Your Dream-Life from The Inside Out 

If you are interested, I want you to hop on board, get on the waitlist

Because the more that I see, the more that will give me the notion that “Hey, this is real, this is happening, and let’s work together!”  

Inner Magic Making is going to give you a platform to utilize and discover even more about yourself, the power of your true self, your own intuition, and your creative callings. 

We’re going to talk all about what true magic is even more in depth and how you can create this space and utilize these tools and blend them together for positive changes and personal growth. 

It’ll be a modern guide to true magic and traditional magic. 

It’s going to be the space of creative involvement and manifesting your dreams and desires.

And it’s going to be a safe space for you to explore that whole aspect of yourself that you have probably been wanting to explore!

It’s going to be the foundation for a whole lot of good things to come. It’ll give your life a whole new look and meaning. 

Inner Magic Making is a great way to awaken your own inner magic. 

So if this feels right to you, hop on the waitlist. 

Let me know if you have any questions, please. 

Share this. 

Let’s work together.

And so it is!

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