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10 Ways to Know If You’re On Your Spiritual Path

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10 Ways to Know If You're On Your Spiritual Path

Does being “spiritual” even matter? Are you on YOUR spiritual path?  

If this is a newer concept for you, even better! 

Because NOW’S the time to think about it seriously and here’s why and how. 

10 Ways to Know If You're on Your Spiritual Path with pink flower symbolizing faith and trust on your path forward

We’re each spiritual in our own way, and being here as a human being, we’re automatically on our spiritual path, living a spiritual life. 

But how do you know if you’re on your spiritual path compared to perhaps someone else’s idea of a spiritual path? 

You may have even asked yourself what’s the meaning of life?

Now, I don’t have all the answers, of course. I’m just another human being, just like you. 

But as a psychic, I have dabbled in a different spiritual realm, or beyond this physical world, if you would like to think of it that way. 

I’ve connected with so many clients and students and we each are on our own unique path and we have a different meaning of life. 

And this is what makes it so beautiful, our experience here as a human being and our many gifts that we have to offer to the world. 

This is where real inner peace comes from. 

So how do you know if you’re on your spiritual path? 

This is a powerful tool to use to understand WHY you’re here. 

First, you want to ask yourself, what does spirituality mean to me? This is the start of fully recognizing the spiritual journey you’re on. 

Not necessarily religious, although I do feel that they intertwine with one another. 

Just to help you understand, being spiritual could mean, for example – 

Feeling connected to a higher power, to yourself, to Mother Nature, to a higher power, spiritual realm. 

1. That’s one of the ways to know you’re on YOUR spiritual path… is feeling connected. 

Are you feeling genuinely connected? Do you feel at home or free? Do you feel this sense of awe or enlightenment or true nature? 

Now, not every moment is going to be perfect. 

Not everything is going to be grand every single day or in the best ways. 

Maybe sometimes we feel disconnected temporarily or that shadow work is needed. 

But in the grand scheme of things overall, are you feeling this sense of connectedness to this higher realm, to this infiniteness, to this God, to this higher power, to your higher power, your spiritual teachers or to your higher self? 

It’s however you want to think of it. 

And that goes hand in hand with what does spirituality mean to you? 

So this is a message from Spirit or The Universe or God inviting you to think about this: 

“What does spirituality mean to me on my spiritual journey?” 

Digging deeper into the present moment and with your true self. 

Do you still believe in the things that you were taught when you were younger or does it bring up negative thoughts or feelings for you? 

Do you believe in the religion or the rules or the ideas or whatever it is that you once believed in before? 

Maybe your perspective on life has shifted or changed because when we’re younger, we are raised to believe certain things, whether someone else has projected that on us, either intentionally or unintentionally, it still happens.

Are You Feeling Connected? Beach symbolizing peace and tranquility.

It happens in family and friends and society, in the media with spiritual teachers. 

All these different factors impact us and our meaning of life. 

You have to ask yourself, do I still believe what I once believed before? Is that still true to me?

And that’s another way to determine whether you’re on your own spiritual development.

2. If you’re taking action and making decisions that move you toward whatever it is you’re seeking, you know that you’re on your spiritual path – even when it’s scary! 

Every human being, every creature experiences a sense of fear. This is all part of spiritual growth. 

Now, I’m not talking about fear for your life, whether this is a life or death instance. 

I’m talking more about feeling the fear of stepping into what you know deep down resonates with you, what you know in your heart you are meant to do. 

And maybe you don’t have all the answers, right? 

None of us really have ALL of the answers forever and ever.

It’s almost like we have to just take the next step in order to reveal the next answer, to reveal the clarity, to reveal whether this was a good decision or perhaps it could have been changed a little bit. 

So if you’re taking action forward rather than remaining stuck in a situation that is stagnant, unhealthy, leading you down a path that doesn’t feel like it resonates with you, or it’s leading you down a path that feels completely disconnected with negative thoughts or emotions.  

That’s going to help you understand whether you’re on your spiritual path or not if you’re taking action and you’re making decisions that move you toward what it is that you’re seeking. 

There’s plenty of times in my daily life where I don’t really know what it is specifically that I’m seeking. 

Sometimes it’s helpful to get that clarity for inner peace.

You might not have that clarity until you start making moves forward. This is definitely gonna help you find the meaning of life and YOUR spiritual development.  

And then you’re like, “oh my gosh, okay, this makes sense. Or you know what? I’ve found out that this is NOT what I want to do. That doesn’t align with my spiritual life.  

So I’m going to alter the path. I’m going to change the path a little bit.”

3. You’re doing the best that you know how and you’re making adjustments as you go along. 

So if you know in your heart that you’re doing the absolute best that you can and you’re making adjustments along the way, then you know that you’re on your spiritual path. 

We’re not going to be perfect. 

There are some days where we’re just not going to feel like we want to do anything, or we look at something and we’re like, damn, I could have done that differently, or I should have done that differently, or oh man, I hope that didn’t play out the way that it seemed like I did it. It’s all these different things that pop up in our mind, right? 

And so this is more or less like the ego, the worry, the anxiety, the things that come to us in order to help us, maybe protect ourselves a little bit. 

But if you know, in that moment, okay, look, I did what I did and it happened, now I can make adjustments. That’s all there is to it.

4. You’re learning about yourself and you’re open to bettering yourself. 

This is another way to know that you were on your spiritual path if you’re bettering yourself, right? 

There’s specific family members I can think of…

They’re choosing to do what they choose to do. 

We all can look at someone and think, “Oh my gosh, that person…

If they just tweaked this little bit or if they just did this, they could be living a much better life, right? 

They could be living their daily lives differently. 

Their life situations could be much better if only they would take responsibility for their inner peace (rather than projecting or blaming). 

If they just had this perspective and changed it slightly, they could be having so much of a better life! 

They could be happier and more aligned with their true self.”

That’s true with ourselves too!

It’s almost like this ebb and flow and give and take and understanding and reassessing and moving forward from there. 

But if you’re learning about who you are and what you enjoy and what you love and dislike, what you’re naturally good at, your personality type and your personality type and your learning preferences then – 

You’re definitely on your spiritual path because you’re learning about who you are. We’re all spiritual seekers.  

10 Ways to Know If You're on Your Spiritual Path - You Are A Spiritual Seeker - Flowers for Abundance

You’re here in a physical body as a spiritual being, and you’re experiencing this life as a human being. 

What better way to be more on your spiritual development path than to learn about who you are and why you’re here? 

What resonates with you? 

And what feels good to you? 

What are you naturally attracted to? 

What colors are you drawn to? 

How about spaces or an environment? 

Are you drawn to particular types of people or topics or subjects? 

Or are you wanting to travel? 

Are you wanting to stay put? Or are you wanting to start something such as a store or shop? 

Are you wanting to just learn and learn and learn? 

ALL these different things are going to help you unfold who you truly are. 

You’ll be creating your own type of spirituality and your own spiritual experiences. 

And as you’re doing that, you can be calm and reassured that you’re certainly on your spiritual path. Because really, life is all a learning experience. 

Everything that we do, we’re learning. We’re having a spiritual experience. 

There’s no way around it. Even if you do something that you’re like, damn, I really regret that I did that. Well, okay, well, now you can learn from it. 

And I hope that you don’t create such a scene or put yourself in a position where you’re feeling so detrimental about it, but instead you’re forgiving yourself and allowing for inner peace.

You’re saying, “Okay, I did that, and now I can move on. I can learn and I’m going to alter and change.” 

And you can always apologize if you feel like you need to apologize. You can move on if you feel like you need to move on, or you can try and change it. So there’s different ways of altering it. 

So you’re open to bettering yourself for spiritual growth and understanding. 

You’re open to new ways of thinking and new experiences and just being in the moment and learning about who you really are. 

5. You’re asking for help and guidance for your spiritual growth.

And you’re using this as a growing point, and you’re changing. So you have to learn from others, right? 

You have to learn from your daily life experiences. You have to learn from environments and circumstances and situations. 

This is how you discover more about your true self, spiritual journey and meaning of life. 

If you’re asking for help and guidance from others or even if you’re just open to it, you’re learning from others. 

We’re all here to help each other with our shadow work and inner child work. 

We’re all here to grow. But we can’t do it alone. We just can’t. 

And trust me, I just got married, and I have learned intimately that we absolutely need to ask for help from different people, and especially as women. 

I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel like sometimes I think that I don’t need to ask for help, and then I put all this burden on myself.

We don’t want to burden someone or we think we can handle it and juggle it. And a lot of times we can, right? 

We can handle so, so much! 

But then there’s this moment where we feel like at least for me personally, you feel like you’re going to explode into tears, which I literally did. 

Well, I didn’t explode literally, but I just burst into tears. 

And I just explained, I’m like, oh my gosh, I need your help. Could you please help me? And everyone was so willing. 

And there’s other people that offered to help as well, which was so graceful and wonderful and so appreciated as well. 

So asking and learning and growing and reaching out and accepting others’ help and guidance. 

Even if you’re just learning from a mentor or you’re open to guidance from psychic mediumship readings such as what I do, or you’re open to receiving just insight from someone else or a class or a course, whatever it is.

But you’re growing in that way so that you can be sure that you’re on your spiritual path. 

6. If I get chills, little butterflies, goosebumps or tingling sensations – these are all good things.

You’re absolutely on the right track. 

You are definitely on your spiritual path. It’s almost like you can feel it in your bones, right? 

Or another way of thinking of it is you feel it in your soul or it’s a gut feeling. It’s like nervousness, yet it’s a good feeling as well. 

So when you’re experiencing these chills or this sense of knowing, you can be sure you’re on YOUR own unique spiritual journey and aligned with your higher power. 

Now, you don’t have to necessarily experience chills to know that you’re on your spiritual path. 

But for me personally, this happens often.

I’ll think of something and then I’ll get a chill. Or like if I read my own Oracle cards and I literally just got chills down my legs. So this is awesome. 

This is confirmation, right? Validation in the present moment. 

This energy comes over and it’s telling you, yes, this is right, this is true! This is your true self.

Go for it. 

And even if you feel that fear, I want you to do it anyway, right? So that’s a book that I always recommend is Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. 

It’s such a powerful tool! 

And I’ve created a course based on a lot of the information from that book, and I love it. 

It’s called From Fear to Flow in Five Days, especially for introverts and putting yourself out there. 

10 Ways to Know If You're on Your Spiritual Path - Make Space to Heal and Reflect - Pink Flower for Growth and Transformation

So if you’re experiencing these chills and these feelings or these niggles or these notions or these vibrations or this wasp of air that comes through and you just know it in your heart and soul, please trust that feeling. 

Please go after it. Just experience it. Just go after it. 

And I know it’s going to be scary or maybe it’ll just be thrilling. It’s like an adventure, right? 

You can think of it as like, hey, I’m just experimenting, I’m just adventuring out, I’m just going to try it. So you can think of it that way. 

That’s definitely “a knowing”. 

It’s almost like a physical sensation or confirmation that you’re definitely on the right path. But it doesn’t necessarily have to happen.

7. Another powerful tool is if you’re giving yourself space to heal and reflect. 

I always say that when I mention healing, it doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with you, right? I feel like healing is a resetting, regrounding resurfacing of your divine connection. 

It’s making room for you to learn more about yourself and to make adjustments and to grow in all ways for the highest good. 

So when you’re allowing yourself to heal in whatever way you feel you need to heal and you’re reflecting on that, you’re definitely on the right path for sure. 

There’s no doubt about that. We all need healing in a certain way, right? 

Healing is spiritual awakening. 

But the way that we receive that healing can be different. It can look totally different compared to one person, to another person. 

Healing can look like running or exercising for one person.

Maybe healing for another person is writing out your thoughts or doing shadow work. 

Or another idea is perhaps speaking with a spiritual teacher or mentor or receiving information or guidance or insight. 

Or maybe it’s going to see an art therapist or a doctor.

It could be connecting with Mother Nature, experiencing the physical world.

Healing is responding differently to the situation with the right people. 

Maybe healing is viewing that person in your life who you have felt utterly frustrated with for so long and instead shifting your perspective and looking at them with a more compassionate view. 

It’s just shifting and having different perspectives and perceptions on our daily lives. 

When you’re doing that, when you’re making room for that, that growth and that healing and that reflection and that journaling and letting go and that crying and whatever it is. 

You’re on your spiritual path because you’re making time for you.

You’re allowing whatever needs to happen within your soul and your spirit.

Deep within, emotionally, psychologically, the things that you can’t physically see, right? 

It’s these feelings, it’s these notions. 

It’s this knowing deep within that is going to help you understand that you’re on your spiritual path when you allow that to take place. 

Vulnerability is scary, right? 

We feel vulnerable. But this is a powerful tool — being vulnerable and giving it a go!  

A lot of times we hold back though. 

We hold back our feelings, we hold back our emotions and this then requires us to turn around and do some serious shadow work or inner child work..

And we hold back or we blame other people. We project out anger, we project out false ideas on other people. 

A lot of times this is subconscious. We’re not aware of it happening in the present moment. 

We don’t even realize it’s happening. 

But if you’re more aware of your thoughts in the moment and how they’re playing out for you. You have to ask yourself, how is this working for me?

Are people constantly angry at me? Is it everyone else? Is the whole world against me? Or maybe I need to shift my perspective or shift my actions or change. 

8. So that’s how you know you’re on your spiritual path when you’re allowing yourself to make time for yourself. 

Make time for your tears, your feelings and your thoughts and just get them out in some way. This is all part of spiritual development and stepping into your higher power. 

Or allow for someone else to help you in an open minded receiving receptive situation where you’re not projecting out negatively. 

Unless perhaps maybe that’s healing, right?

Maybe you need to get that anger out!

So all different ways of thinking about healing and the best ways we know how to be our true self on this spiritual journey of humanness.

9. You’re on your spiritual path if you’re making the time to either train yourself, learn or practice toward your dreams and aspirations. 

So you must sacrifice time to receive what it is that you want, more or less. You must sacrifice time or perhaps money, but it all works out, right? 

So if you are making that time to practice a craft that you feel that you want to learn more about, you know, that is part of your aspirations and your dreams. 

10 Ways to Know If You're on Your Spiritual Path - Practice Your Dreams, Symbolizing a Pink Flower for Self-Love

You are 100% on your spiritual path because my opinion and my perspective and what a lot of others come to me for is learning more about their soul’s purpose and their journey and their reason for being here. 

And I truly, truly feel and the information that I receive from spirit and God in the universe is the more aligned you are with your heart’s desires, the more that you will feel and know that you are absolutely 100% undeniably on your spiritual path. 

The reason why you’re here is to follow your heart’s desires and to dream and to find fruition in that adventure and to learn and to seek and to be open.

Now again. There are moments of struggle, despair, natural disasters and tragedy, heartache and just having to deal with what the hell the world is happening around us. 

And that too, impacts us, right? This is all part of the physical world. 

So perhaps you feel a pull to help other people.

I feel like that’s really what it comes down to as well.

It’s a combination of you learning about who you are, following your heart’s desires, getting out of your comfort zone, and ultimately all of that is helping others and the world. It’s taking our life experiences along with our unique gifts and applying them outwardly. 

I know it might not seem like that. It might seem very small and minute like these tiny little things or I don’t know, if I just create this one tiny little thing, what difference is that going to make? 

Well, for one, it’s going to help you feel better about who you are. 

It’s going to help you heal and grow and learn more about it’s going to heal you from the inside out. 

And then if you choose to share it, which I hope that you do, if that resonates with you, then you’re helping others. 

Even if you might think that doesn’t resonate with them, they might get so inspired that you chose to take action on your own dreams that you have now inspired them to take action on their dreams. 

It’s this beautiful, rumbling, stumbling, sometimes messy, chaotic moment of just like the snowball effect, right?

But the snowball is a beautiful thing, right?

You get the momentum going, and it’s scary and terrifying, but once you get going, once you start taking that action towards your dreams, you’ll realize, like, oh, my gosh, this isn’t scary, this is fun. 

And now I’m learning about who I am, and I’m helping others, ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, whether directly or indirectly.

So I forget what number we’re even on, but we’re going to keep moving forward. 

10. Being part of a spiritual community is another way to be on your spiritual journey and path. We’re all spiritual seekers! 

10 Ways to Know If You're on Your Spiritual Path - Be part of a Spiritual Circle - with Lots of Flowers to Symbolize Community

This doesn’t have to be through a church. 

Spirituality can be a yoga certification program, for example. 

I’m actually a certified yoga teacher. Did you know that? And I teach online spiritual courses as I’m a licensed school teacher as well. 

But when I went through that program, even though it was just yoga, right? 

You just think, oh, yoga is yoga. 

Maybe you might think of it as just like a physical aspect of life, or you’re just getting physically fit, but the spirituality of yoga is immense, and it’s beautiful. 

I remember going through that program, and I was actually really angry. 

I was just so agitated. Not the entire time, of course, but I remember looking back and thinking, why am I so pissed off? Why am I so freaking angry? 

Why am I tossing my textbooks around like they don’t mean anything? And if you know anything about me, I’m obsessed with books. 

So the way that I treat my books are, like, prime and pristine. So the fact that I was throwing my books around, I’m like, what the hell is going on? 

I later learned. 

Just a side note that when you start to commune with this higher source, right when you start to move your body more physically, right, when you start to either get on the mat or just exercise, you’re unlocking energetic blockages, more or less, or dense energy, if you want to think about that, or stagnant energy, you’re unlocking all that in your body. 

And so with that comes that emotional impact, that emotional effect afterwards. And so it can come as a form of anger or agitation, and so that can be healing as well. Like I had mentioned earlier. But getting back to what I was saying —

A spiritual community is essential since we’re all spiritual seekers. 

If you are a part of some sort of spiritual community, which I am going to have a circle created and I’m so excited about it, I’ll teach you and tell you more about that later on.

But it can be a community of coming together with other women, or how about a yoga community or a class or a course of some sort where you’re coming together with like minded people, with your tribe, with your people who you feel attracted to even if you do not know them. 

I feel like having some sort of community where you’re connecting with others, especially if others that you don’t know I think is really important because you’re expanding and you’re growing when you do that. 

11. BONUS Keeping your faith, even if it doesn’t make sense to others or it seems taboo or weird or whatever the hell it is.

I think keeping your faith about your decisions about your career or about your dreams, or this idea of starting your own business or whatever it is that you want, keeping the faith is so essential.

If you feel in your heart you need to make changes and alter the situation, then go for it. Go for it. 

But if you feel like, you know what, I got to hold this out, I gotta keep pushing forward, I got to do this because I know it’s worth it, then keep going forward, please. That’s how you know you’re on your spiritual path when you’re maintaining that faith. 

Because a lot of times we want immediate action, turnaround, a check in the mail.

We want immediate gratification, we want immediate fruition with this dream of ours. 

And especially if it is a natural intuitive gift of yours and you’re wanting to create this whole business or this whole grand scheme of unfolding, it is absolutely 100% going to take probably a lot longer than what you think. 

And actually, I just spoke with someone recently and she was like, this was so much faster than what I thought. 

So it’s almost like the timing is going to be different than what you think. So you’ve got to keep the faith that it’s all working out for you. 

If you’re taking action towards your dreams, even if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, if you feel like it at first, everyone starts off at the beginning. 

Everyone does. It’s inevitable. This is one of the best ways actually! Is being a beginner with different perspectives and different practices. 

So you’ve got to keep the faith to keep moving forward. Create your own spiritual traditions even! Make it fun. 

If that’s what you feel in your heart and higher power to do.

12. BONUS Anything with self-help, self development, personal development, self-compassion – this is all 100% you’re on the right path.

You’re on the path of spirituality that is meant for YOU. 

If you’re taking the time to care for yourself, to heal, to learn about yourself, to invoke this sense of pride with who you are, not in an egotistical way, not to prove something to someone else. 

Unless, of course, maybe that’s helpful for you, then go for it. 

But it’s almost like, how can you better yourself? 

How can you make things play out for you? And I know that this seems selfish, and it’s not. It’s really not. 

Because what’s happening is the more that you focus on your dreams, the more that you’ll be able to provide for others. 

It truly is that way. It’s like this sense of you as a human being, this connection to spirit or God, the universe, this infiniteness source goddess, however you want to think of it. And then as you blend those two together, you’re automatically trusting the process, and you’re moving forward. You’re hearing these intuitive notions. 

You’re feeling this sense within you, and you’re going for it.

13. BONUS Letting go of what’s holding you back or putting you down and trusting the process.

10 Ways to Know If You're on Your Spiritual Path - Let Go of What's Holding You Back Using a Pink Flower for Healing Transformation

So many times we think we need to just collect, collect, collect, or we need to keep bringing more and more into our lives. 

Or the opposite. We feel like we don’t deserve something, but it’s letting go of those things that are holding you back, right? 

This could be physical, materialistic, items. It could be an environment, space or a relationship.

This could be an emotional perspective on life. This could be a different way of thinking. You’re letting go of the old, you’re stepping into the new. 

You’re trusting the process. 

This is how you’re on your spiritual path is you’re letting go of what you know in your heart is no longer serving you. It probably came into your life. I do trust for a good reason.

It has helped you grow, it has helped you change.

And it has helped you learn about yourself. But is it still necessary?

Is it bringing you down? 

Is it not helping you? Hindering you? Is it doing the opposite and it’s making you feel depressed. 

And again, this is not to blame anyone else, not even to blame yourself.

Perhaps it’s an old situation or an old outdated belief or an old piece of whatever it is that’s bringing you down. 

And a lot of times we hold on to these things. We hold on to these people or this relationship or this situation because it’s like the last scary thing that we know we have to do before we move on, right? 

And so we cling on to and we cling and we hope and hope and hope. 

And it’s like having that faith that once you let go of that is all going to work out, even when you can’t see the next stepping stone, that’s how you know you’re on your spiritual path, is when you trust the next step ahead of you. 

You’ve got to trust yourself. 

You’ve got to trust your soul and these notions that you’re feeling and these intuitive feelings that you’re feeling. 

To trust your gifts and your skills and to learn about what you’re naturally gifted with and to allow that to unfold and to connect with other people in this community. 

So all these different ways, they’re not in any particular order because we’re all different, although we’re all the same. We’re all unique. We have different paths and circumstances. 

So many good things!

Please – like, subscribe and share this. 

Let’s shine our light. 

Let’s get this out. And I do trust that your path is unfolding beautifully as you are listening to this and taking the next step forward.

Even when you feel the fear, you’ll do it anyway.

And so it is! 

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