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When to Listen So You Easily Discover and Find Your Calling

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When to Listen So You Easily Discover and Find Your Calling

We can’t always be constantly on the lookout for “what’s my calling?! What’s my purpose in life?!”

Because then we’re stepping into a state of desperation. And desperation can block the flow of our true calling coming to us easily. 

Sometimes that’s helpful.

Because when we’re in that survival mode – we get serious about our soul’s purpose and calling.

But is there an easier way than desperation? Of course! 

When to Listen so You Easily Find and Discover Your Calling from The Blog Tabitha Stitt The Self-Help Psychic with the moon for light and faith
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The first step to listen for your true calling is by trying to allow for things to just happen. 

So you have a goal, dream, an ambition, action plan, an idea – all of these great things.

If you get your ideas down on paper, then be open to what’s next, to be mindful of what’s next, to ask for what’s next. 

What’s the next step, what’s the next action, what’s the next right thing that I need to take or do? 

And then going for it and allowing for it to happen.

It’s like this give and take, this ebb and flow of putting forth the energy and then kind of watching how the universe reacts to your request, per se.

So it’s being mindful and paying attention when you’re starting to feel upset, agitated, consistently burdened in a way. 

Whatever type of uncomfortable feeling it is, if it’s consistent, you can bet that this is a time for you to really start listening to what your soul and life purpose is trying to tell you.

Your soul wants to feel good, light, free and excited on a regular basis. 

It wants you to feel a strong desire to manifest your goals and ambitions in life.

But if you’re in a situation, a relationship, an environment, whatever it is that is consistently bringing you down (not that you’re blaming that situation or that scenario, that person) –  

but you’re noticing that your soul doesn’t feel free. This is the sweet spot ironically. 

Because that’s when you know to listen, to make different moves, to step forward. 

Whether you leave a relationship, move to a new state, let go of an old hurt, find another career path, start a new course or class… 

It’s all going to be scary no matter what you choose to do. 

When you’re following your soul’s calling and your life purpose, you’re going to start feeling resistance.

You’re going to start feeling doubtful of your true purpose and primary calling. So be mindful of this and pay attention. It’s normal, common and 100% expected!

Doubt is going to pop up in your personal life: “Oh, I don’t know, I don’t have the experience, or what are they going to think about me? Or, oh, it’s not worth it. 

I’m just dreaming, or this can’t be possible. It’s not right for me.” 

That’s all resistance because you’re in your comfort zone. But at the end of the day, are you *really* comfortable?

When to Listen so You Easily Find and Discover Your Calling: Are you actually comfortable in your comfort zone? From The Self-Help Psychic Podcast showing a flower for faith
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That’s your mind getting in the way of your true calling. 

That’s a dense energy getting in the way of your life purpose and life’s work. 

But it’s NOT your true calling or your true purpose or your true soul guiding you.

When you are thinking about your dreams and you’re feeling really, really good about it, *that’s* when you know to tap into that and listen. 

To trust and to make moves forward and to recognize that even as you’re moving forward, you’re still going to feel resistance. 

You’re still going to feel a bit of nervousness, fear, anxiety, apprehension, especially if it’s the first time trying something. 

But it’s like this pool. It’s like this nudge and this calling, right? 

It’s wanting you to move forward, toward your god-given gifts. 

And then on the same side of the coin, right, you’re going to feel resistance, but you have to keep pushing past that threshold. 

You have to keep moving forward.

I know it’s easier said than done. Even though it’s all good works, it’s terrifying. 

Especially if you’re an introvert, especially if you like your comfort zone and are a bit apprehensive of taking on new things. 

We ALL get in these comfort zones as human beings. 

We get into these scenarios, these relationships, these careers, these jobs, where we look at the pros, where, well – “it’s a consistent income and I can pay my bills, maybe, kind of.

I have my friends here. I’ve made some friends. 

But then on the other side, it’s like, well, it feels like a drag. It’s just a day job, not my DREAM job.

People aren’t really always excited. There’s always gossip. 

There’s people talking poorly about other people, or my boss is not treating me kindly, and it feels like a drag.” 

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So that’s when you listen – when something is consistently feeling like a drag or wrong choice.

That’s when you know to push past the borderline and to find a way to figure it out, right? 

The beautiful Marie Forleo says everything is figureoutable. 

She has a book out there, and I truly, truly believe that deep in my heart that you can truly figure it out. Just one small action plan at a time, step-by-step. 

That’s when you know you need to listen, is when things start to feel like a drag, right? 

And I don’t mean just one little bump in the road, because that’s going to happen. 

Being a human is having that challenge every once in a while. You gain spiritual wisdom from the challenging times too. But you don’t have to remain stuck!

You know, deep in your soul, it’s like you’ve had this dream, right? 

As a psychic, I’m getting this vision of that movie, A Field of Dreams, right?

I don’t know all the details of the movie, but I’m just imagining this guy has this dream, and it’s all about baseball, right? 

When to Listen so You Easily Find and Discover Your Calling : Little Bumps in the Road Are Going to Happen from The Blog Tabitha Stitt The Self-Help Psychic, showing a moon for illumination and hope
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You may think, oh, it’s too late, but –

How can you position yourself to make it work? The Universe is always lining up different options for you!

Maybe you can’t be the baseball player on the field anymore, but is there a way for you to talk to someone, to get into the back scenes, to behind the scenes? 

Can you somehow keep score? 

Can you keep stats? What about you writing about it? 

Be a spokesperson? 

How can you get into that field? 

So you might not be the number one player on the field, but maybe you can somehow get in, and you can utilize your gifts. 

Utilize your resourcefulness to make meaningful work for your true purpose in life. 

When you have a dream that is deep within you, you’ve got to find a way. 

That’s how you know it’s still there. It’s a type of drive or a type of work that doesn’t go away. 

That’s when you know to keep following it because, really, that topic or that subject of your dream, it doesn’t go away. 

Your purpose, primary calling or god’s call is *always* there. It’s a whisper that simply feels like the right thing. 

It might go away for a year or so or for a few months, but then it starts to pop up again when you listen. 

Things will happen kind of sporadically, right? 

The universe happens in its own time. As a human, we think that we want everything very, very quickly, but it doesn’t always work that way. 

We have to be open to the timing of The Universe, God, to Spirit, to your angels, on how things work out. That’s the best way.

Because in our mind, we might have a very specific way of working out. 

But really, “the how” is up to the universe. 

It’s up to your higher power, your higher source, your higher self. 

And so it’s like you’re putting in the effort and then also being open to it as well.

When something random happens, listen and pay attention. It can seem sort of odd but it’s good news.

When to Listen so You Easily Find and Discover Your Calling, Be Open to The Timing of The Universe with Tabitha Stitt The Self-Help Psychic showing a moon and pink clouds for faith and hope
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It’s like something just shows up in front of you and it catches your attention. That’s when to pay attention to. 

Because that’s when the universe kind of throws you a curveball, right? Kind of throws you something that you don’t expect. 

You’re like, wait a minute, I was just thinking about that, or I just had that idea, and that’s odd. 

And instead of just pushing it off to the side, thinking, oh, well, that was weird, and then never thinking about it again. 

Spirit’s really wanting you to use this as a sign or a symbol. It’s a hint for your unique calling – which is the most important thing to be mindful of.

It’s this little breadcrumb that’s left in front of you, this is the sign from the universe, from God, from spirit, that this is the way to go. 

This is reassurance. 

This is how the universe speaks to you, is like in these little synchronicities, these little blots of inspiration, these little drops, these little downloads of inspiration. 

A hint could come from a book, a symbolic or biblical example, advice of others, or a complete stranger. 

It might seem random to your logical mind, but intuitively you’re on the right path and to keep moving forward, to find a way. 

You’re a smart person, you’re an intelligent person, you’re very wise. 

If you don’t have the answer, then seek someone or something that can help you find the answer toward your own desires. 

Google is the number one resource. Google it, YouTube it, find a way to figure it out. 

What you know on the back end of my work, what I do, like, I’m a psychic medium and I’m a teacher and I’m a speaker and I do all these things, but yeah, that’s what you see in the public. 

But behind the scenes, I’m working on my website, the tech, creating these courses and researching and reading and doing all these things that you don’t see on the surface, but this is the hard work that has to also be put in.

If it’s your dream, then it’s worth it. Listen to it. It’s talking to you. Go for it. It’s your next step.

Not everything is going to be laid out for you immediately, right? 

You have to find your unique gifts, step by step. 

There’s so many stories out there.

I think Tony Robbins, for example, one of his stories is, I don’t know all the details, so you have to look it up yourself as well, if you’re interested and feel drawn to it. 

But he was poor at one point. His family didn’t have the money or the resources at that time. But he found a way, right? 

It appeared that they didn’t have a resource and there was so much pressure on this family. 

Then I believe the story goes that someone had “randomly” provided him and his family with a dinner for Thanksgiving.

I don’t feel that this was random, and I don’t feel that he thinks that this was random either. This was a spark of insight. 

And this was inspiration. 

When to Listen so You Easily Find and Discover Your Calling: If it's your dream then it's worth it with Tabitha Stitt The Self-Help Psychic Podcast with pink clouds for faith and hope
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This was The Universe, god, the gods, the angels, inspiring him and giving him that hope for the first time.

That hope and that faith to keep moving forward. 

So it could be a miracle, right? When to listen is to notice those miracles that happen.

It may not appear to be a miracle per se, but it’s like these little things that happen that give you that inspiration and that sense of hope. 

Again, that’s when to listen as well.

It’s consistent. It doesn’t go away. Your dreams don’t go away. Your true purpose is talking to you. Are you listening?

You can tweak them, you can change them, but keep the subject of your dream. 

If you’ve always wanted to be a nurse, maybe it’s not a nurse in the field or in the hospital. 

Maybe it’s a different way of caring for someone. It’s still the same. It’s your sense of calling and it’s ALL meaningful work.

Maybe it’s going and volunteering or going and still making money some way. 

But perhaps it’s not injecting someone with a needle to provide them with their medication. 

Perhaps you’re sitting in the hospital and you’re reading to them. 

This is still your soul’s purpose and calling!

You are offering a different type of service, but you’re still giving that care and that attention and that healing in a different way. It can show up in various forms but it’s essentially the same. 

The details may look different but it’s not a different calling. It’s seeing your purpose in new ways. It’s essentially the same type of work though. 

It’s like finding a different way, looking at it and reaching out to a mentor or a healer or a doctor, whoever it is, someone that you can talk to as well about your next step.

And those are all ways to know when to listen, to discover and find more about your soul’s calling and purpose in life. 

To listen to yourself, to pay attention, to recognize when these signs, these things show up.

Give it a good balance of you’re putting in the effort, but you’re also allowing for something to land in front of you as well.

To put forth the effort and the energy, but at the same time seeing where that takes you. 

What’s the next step?

The next step for you calling is to continue to follow your dreams, to figure it out. Even if it’s been a long time. Now’s the right time to listen.  

You might not have all the answers right now, but you know to move forward because it’s within you, isn’t it? 

It is.

So go after it. It’s yours for the keeping. 

It’s yours for the taking. And it’s God’s plan for you to manifest. 

The dream came to you because it’s for you to create into the world. This is your true calling. So listen to yourself. Right now.  

You are a light upon this Earth, upon this planet, to do good works. However that looks and feels to you. 

Breathe and ask to receive a clear answer today.  

However you want to think of it – Consciousness, Universal Spirit, God – is running through you to create this reality for yourself, for others. To help shine your light.

So find a way.

And so it is.

How else can you easily recognize your purpose in life?

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