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9 Ways on How to Unlock Your Inner Magic Power

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9 Ways on How to Unlock Your Inner Magic Power

You’re powerful beyond what you realize.  And yes, I’m talking about REAL magic – YOUR own inner magic!

Even the thoughts that you think are a form of magic! 

But how can you use it constructively to manifest what you want and finally live with trust and truth?

I’ve got 9 ways to step into your soul’s purpose with love and honesty.

9 Ways on How to Unlock Your Inner Magic Power with Tabitha Stitt, The Self Help Psychic showing a girl smiling with sprinklers for magical illumination

Magic is transformation. 

It is changing the energy. It is trusting and moving and using your energy and creating a reality for yourself. 

It’s a spiritual power. 

Now, magic still happens whether you are conscious of it or not, which is kind of crazy. 

Think about your reality and what you see around yourself, believing it is creating your reality. 

This can happen either consciously or subconsciously. 

Whether you are even realizing that you’re doing it, it is still happening, even if you have positive intentions. 

So you’re creating a reality whether you think you are or not. 

Looking around your environment and deciding, is this an environment that I want? Is it desolate?

Does it feel stuck? Does it feel stagnant? How about overwhelming? 

Does it feel great and joyous? Does it feel light and airy? 

It’s tapping into the energy and changing that energy. 

Everything that you have created for yourself can be replicated in your environment, and vice versa. 

Your environment tells you what it is that you’re feeling internally. It doesn’t have to be a perfect place. It offers you insight to make positive change. 

And that’s just one example. 

So what is your inner magic power? 

Here are nine ways to unlock your inner magic power. 

1. So the first thing is to recognize that you have this unique power. 

THAT’S going to help you make the changes that you want to see in your life. 

Now, again, you don’t have to know that you have the power to create a reality for yourself because it’s subconscious. It’s going to happen automatically. 

But the more that you recognize that you have this inner power, the more that you will be able to tap into it, and the more that you will be able to make those changes that you want to see happen. 

Otherwise, your daily life is just going to happen. 

Recognize that you have this inner magic within you that you can utilize, that you can take advantage of in a positive way.

That you can conjure and invoke and create this reality. 

So recognizing it is the first step in unlocking it in a positive way, in a constructed way, in a strategic way.

2. Have a daily practice or ritual for your inner magic. 

Having a daily ritual is a true power source.

Whatever you want, this can be anything. Pick any spiritual practices you can think of.

But the more that you set the intention of creating a daily practice for yourself, or a ritual, the more that you’ll be able to tap into yourself and provide for yourself. 

You create this space where you get to focus on what it is that you want. 

You create a sense of discipline for yourself, where you are telling yourself, “okay, I’m going to set aside time every single day, whether it’s Monday or Sunday or Friday, whatever it is, to create this reality for myself, I’m going to be intentional.” 

So any ritual that you can think of. For example, lighting a candle and saying a prayer to ignite your inner magic power. 

Or it could be the ritual of waking up, looking at yourself in the mirror. 

I personally take a cold rag to my face when I first wake up. 

To me, this is a ritual because I am stepping into the state of where I’m going to be mindful of what it is that I want to create for the day. 

And instead of just immediately jumping on my phone or immediately contending to someone else, I am walking into the bathroom, and I am giving myself a few moments to just recognize, settle ground myself. 

It’s all about honoring yourself for an empowered life. 

So if you create a ritual, you’re honoring yourself, and that helps unlock or reveal even more about these magic powers that you have within yourself.

3. Learn about your strengths. Go on a journey of self-discovery. 

This is one that I really highly recommend, is learning about yourself and ultimately the positive impact you want to have. 

And I’m talking, like, strategic action. 

Take an assessment online. 

The number one recommendation that I have for that is it’s called a STRENGTHS-FINDER Assessment

You can discover your top five strengths, which helps you have a level of self-awareness that offers a deeper understanding on your life path. 

Now, they’ve done a lot of research, and millions of people have actually taken this assessment online. It is truly helpful. 

It’s the one that I personally love the most. 

I’ve also taken the Myers Briggs online assessment. I enjoyed it, but to me, that didn’t really resonate so much. 

But I know a lot of people love that assessment as well.


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Look at your ancestry or your environment, or look at the activities that you enjoy doing, the things that you naturally love to do, which is part of unlocking your magic as well. 

Your strengths are basically what your inner magic is all about as well. Your personal strengths give you a wealth of information! 

That’s how you’re going to fulfill yourself and bring joy, is when you start to learn more about what it is that makes you who you are. 

Perhaps letting go of an old role, and claiming a brand new role for yourself that expresses the power of your true self.

That’s the beauty in it, because no one else can replace you in this entire world (unless there’s some sort of weird phenomenon of a parallel universe that I’m unaware of.) 

But there’s really only one of you with your unique strengths, your unique circumstances, no one can ever take that away from you. 

And that’s the beauty in it, is that you are invoking and strategizing. 

4. True magic is expecting things to always work out for you

– even when they don’t seem like they’re working out for you, the next steps will be revealed soon enough and it’ll all make sense! 

The more that you trust in yourself, your intuition, the more that you pay attention to it, the more that you just expect for things to work out, the more that it will happen. 

Even when it appears that it’s not working out, it actually is.

Recognizing this is a powerful tool you’ll want to utilize.

Things that you just don’t see happening behind scenes – universal phenomenon, things that are happening to help you, but on the surface it might not look like it’s helping you, but maybe it really is. 

Marie Forleo is one of my external influences that continues to inspire me again and again. 

She has this beautiful book called Everything is Figureoutable which offers practical tips for encouragement in your daily life and business. 

I think that everything is figureoutable. I think that you can figure out what it is that you’re after. 

The more that you expect for things to work out, the more that they will, so ask to expect for things to work out and to feel that trust and to know that trust intimately.

5. Connect with your source and inner wisdom. 

God, goddess, spirit guide, the power of the universe, and to be in the present moment. 

When I say connect, what I mean really is quieting the mind as best as you can. And yes, this is practical advice because it’s possible. 

But instead of using the word meditation which might not be your cup of tea, rather think of it as connecting and spending time with your own spiritual power, the natural world or your higher purpose. 

Call it what you want. Make it resonate with you. Whatever you do, make it happen. It’s THE power source of your soul’s purpose.  

It’s really a journey of self-discovery.

“I am connecting with my source, my muse, my inner magic, my inner goddess, my higher purpose.”

Many people will agree with me, even scientifically as well – that meditating heightens your energetic field. It lightens it, it expands it out. 

And it connects you directly with this vibration of the universe. It is calming, it is powerful. 

And that is probably the number one way to definitely unlock your inner magic.

Your inner magic is always happening, right?

But are you aligned with it, or are you misaligned with it? That’s something to remember. 

6. Next is to be kind to yourself. Heal, feel, do some shadow work.

Use your magic powers and face your “inner demons”, if you have to. 

There are parts of us that we have to just break through. We have to face it. It’s personal growth and it’s our responsibility. 

Now one is going to do it for us. No one is going to give us a comprehensive guide or force us to live our truth. 

We have to acknowledge it. 

And it might not feel pretty, it might feel terrifying, it might feel scary, but we have to acknowledge what’s happening.

We are affected by others’ energies, the world, what’s happening, the news. 

We’re affected by just the universe in general. 

We’re affected by our people that are directly in our lives and at work. 

You don’t have to put up a shield to block it out, but instead expand your energy out. Push out the love for the greater good. 

But then with that, it’s like the same coin. But on the flip side, there are moments of despair and struggle and challenges and regret and remorse and shame and all these terrible feelings. 

They’re feelings. It’s a good thing to feel. 

But sometimes it doesn’t feel that good to feel guilt and shame. 

And so the more that you recognize it and step into it and just face it  and say “hey, okay, I’m experiencing this. I feel it. I see you and I hear you.” 

This is not something to deny.

The more that you just pay attention to it, the better it’ll feel.

Then eventually, it’s like you gave yourself that attention that you needed, and now you feel healed, and now you can move on, and things feel lighter and easier.

It’s going back to this sense of trust. 

7. Create sacred space for your inner magic. 

Create positive change. 

So this means literal space. Well, it could be emotional, psychological as well. 

But to fully step into and unlock and reveal and to understand your true inner magic, your true strengths, your talents, and your perspectives on life is to create space for it. 

So if you’re in a relationship, for example, that is bringing it down constantly, you’re doubting it. It feels like a drag. It is burdensome. Perhaps maybe scary, unhealthy, neglectful, whatever it is. 

I’m not saying to blame anyone else, but to honor these feelings and to let go of those things that are holding you back. 

Whatever’s not helpful for you or for your soul – if it’s bringing you down – then it needs to be released. Give your inner magic space to bloom and re-bloom.

And you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone to do this. And that’s okay! It’s time. 

Let’s look at your environment or your home as an example: 

Is it so bombarded with stuff, literal or physical material, that’s stifling positive change or depleting the positive energy?

 (You’re probably so used to it that you might not even realize that it’s affecting you.)

But getting rid of those things, donating them, offering them out into the world. Give them away to someone else. 

But a good book for this is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

I have two versions of the book which is a beautiful resource.

This is like a healing. This is like a deep letting go, creating the space and also mentally as well. 

What is it that is holding you back? 

Is there a mentality or belief that’s holding you back that you could be using towards something else that is better for you, that you want to create for yourself?

You only have so much personal bandwidth for your inner magic to expand. 

If you just keep stuffing it with negativity or negative shows or negative beliefs or things that are dragging you down, then you don’t really have a whole lot of room to bring in the positive things. 

So start to bring in the positive feelings and actively do it.

Think about what is going to help you feel better. It’s up to you. It’s your choice. 

I know sometimes it feels good to feel kind of shitty, and that might sound odd, but sometimes we’re in these states where we feel like we just need to feel sorry for ourselves for a moment. 

And maybe that’s what you need for the moment. 

But try not to allow it to linger on and negatively affect you because you have the power and the creativity and the willpower to create the reality that you want. 

8. Heighten your frequency and your inner self. 

This aligns with the law of attraction. 

Not only think about what you want, but create a FEELING for it too.

Keep your chin up and move on, take the action, set yourself in the seat and connect and meditate.

Breathe and pay attention to creating positive change for yourself.

All of these things are going to continue to invoke this magic that is within you and you’re going to be able to project it out into the world. 

Sidenote: I’m seeing (envisioning) a bunch of rainbows and flowers growing and all these beautiful things that are going to keep surfacing. 

All of a sudden what you thought wasn’t even possible is happening right before your very own eyes. 

Believing in yourself is going to heighten your energy and your vibration, and it’s going to expand out. 

Your light will continue to grow, things will continue to work out for you. 

You might be in a situation where it’s extremely detrimental right now, and I hate that, but I feel like that’s part of your story. 

Eventually, it’s going to be what drives you forward. 

But at the same time, try not to allow it to get you too deep into this moment of sulking.

I’ve been there, maybe that’s why I’m saying this. 

Get yourself out, talk about it, express yourself. 

And that leads me into number nine. 

9. To unlock your inner magic power, do what you *love* to do. 

If you’re not sure what you love, then you’re going to have to figure it out. It’s the right path to take – making the time to figure it out. 

It’s your true purpose – doing what you love. 

If you haven’t been given the opportunity to figure out what you love, reflect back on something that you used to love doing, or when you were a child, or when you were back in school or college.

Maybe you have a brand new idea that you think you might enjoy doing, and it’s probably an idea that’s been downloaded from the universe. 

Go after that!

Yes, you can make time for it whether you have children or not. 

I know that it’s very challenging, but pay attention to what you love and make the time for it – for your passions and purpose. 

This is all part of following your soul’s purpose and stepping into it and embracing it – is doing what you love to do. 

Now is your invitation from the universe, source, spirit, God, from your spirit guides and your higher self:

You’re being invited right now to follow your bliss, purpose, callings, strengths, what you love to do. 

It’s all encompassed in one treasure chest that is being given to you right now. 

This is it. 

Figure it out. Find a way. 

I hope this was helpful. 

Your Soul’s Purpose Assignment is ready for you.

As a licensed teacher, psychic medium and seasoned solo practitioner, I love creating assignments, workbooks and fun magic guides. 

I call them magic guides. 

It’s very insightful, and it’s going to bring you into a whole new world that perhaps you didn’t even know existed.


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