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How to Trust Divine Timing for Manifestation

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How to Trust Divine Timing for Manifestation

How the hell do you trust the right timing, especially when you’re feeling anxious about something manifesting? How do you know you’re in the right place, at the right time or even on the right path? 

Are you wanting to be reassured that everything is working out in perfect divine timing?

I’ve got the answers and best ways for you that’ll help you trust these signs of diving timing.

Guess what???

If you are listening to this, you’re already in the right place at the right time.

How to Trust Divine Timing for Manifestation with Image of Crow as a symbol for freedom and flight
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As a psychic medium, I know that time really doesn’t matter.

It’s all a spiritual journey of divine forces working together to create the perfect manifestation for you – if you allow it! 

I know that that might sound confusing and bear with me as I explain this.

Time matters on one hand, right? 

But on the other hand, it’s actually all kind-of blended together.

The most prominent time frame is the present moment — this is the perfect time.

But what the hell does that really even mean?

Keep an open mind with this. 

You can look back on your life and experiences. 

Maybe you’re thinking about something that you did just an hour ago and maybe you’re thinking, did I say the right thing?

I don’t know if I could have done it differently. It’s making me a little nervous. 

You’re visualizing, imagining and bringing your attention back to that moment in space and time, you are actually reverting your energy back into that moment. 

Thus you are in the present moment and yet in the past at the exact same time.

That goes for the future as well. 

When you envision, dream about what’s yet to come, you’re projecting your energy out into the future as well. 

You’re able to project yourself onto the right path in your own time. 

Thus THAT is also a form of being in the present moment as well as simultaneously being in the future as well.

So it really doesn’t make a whole lot of difference.

As a human-being, we don’t really think that way, do we? We worry. 

We think that something’s taking too long or maybe something came on our desk and it arrived way too early and we’re not prepared and we don’t know what to do. And we have all of these responsibilities and we have to prioritize, right? 

And so all of these things happen to all of us in different circumstances, right? 

But how do you trust the timing of something that you want to manifest?

How do you utilize the law of attraction? 

How to Trust Divine Timing for Manifestation, Utilize the law of attraction with pink flowers and crow to symbolize freedom
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How do you trust the timing?

So this episode is not about how to manifest what you want or how to create what you want, but instead it is about how you can trust.

So that’s what we’re going to chat about and this is going to be a good one. 

What’s the opposite of fear? 

When you are fearing or when you’re in a state of apprehension or uncertainty or doubt. That’s a form of fear. 

That is the opposite of trusting. It’s the fear of the unknown. 

When you trust, you are welcoming anything that happens. 

Now, fear often happens because you care. 

You care. 

You’re a human being. 

And you have compassion and empathy and you worry and you care, right? 

So that’s often what fear is stemmed from. You either care about someone else or you are caring about how something’s going to take place. 

But the opposite of fearing and the opposite of worry and apprehension is trusting. So just knowing that right off the bat is going to help you. 

So anytime you’re in a state of uncertainty or doubt, you can think to yourself, oh my gosh, okay, I’m not trusting the process. 

It’s not trusting.

When you realize this, it will help you reset or reground or resettle your mind.

Just simply recognizing that in itself is going to help you trust the process, because when you’re so in the midst of fear or anxiety, you are in a whirlwind of energy that’s just kind of all jumbled together.

If you can imagine like a tape, the old school cassette tapes, right, where they get all tangled up, they can get tangled and they get all mangled. 

And that’s kind of like this form of energy when you’re not trusting is this mangled form of tape. 

But when you’re trusting, it’s almost like the tape sort of just dissolves. And when it’s not there, it’s like, okay, I don’t see it anymore, but I know or I can believe, I can have faith that it’s all working out for the best. It’s all working out for the best.

So why do you need to trust in order to manifest? Why do you need to trust in order to use the law of attraction?

How to Trust Divine Timing for Manifestation Blog, Trust the Process with Candles for Clear-Seeing
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Why do you need to trust the process, that you’re on the right path or that this is perfect timing? 

I say this all the time, especially if you’re on my newsletter – I always say trust the process. 

Now,  I’m not perfect. At the end of the day, none of us are. 

There are times when I don’t trust the process either, but I will recognize that and I’ll set myself straight and I’ll be like, okay, I can do this. 

I can trust. I can trust this is the universe’s timing. 

So why is it important to trust the process when you want to manifest something or when you want to create something?

Because when you’re not trusting, we’ll look at the opposite side. 

When you’re not trusting, you’re putting out this energy that’s dense, worrisome, and it’s restricting.

You’re resisting. 

It’s a difficult thing to trust when you want good things so badly. 

And all of these feelings that are on the opposite side of the spectrum of trusting are holding back the process. Maybe it’s stalling you. 

And the more that you trust, the more that you open up a little bit, the more that you feel lighter and easier and breezier, and the more that you trust and thus feel lighter and at ease about the situation, the more the universe or God or spirit or your angels are able to provide for you.

But if you’re stuck in your old patterns or your old ways of thinking then you’re not allowing yourself to be open to possibilities. 

It’s hard to get through to someone. 

But it’s like trying to bust through a brick wall when really you can just walk around it, right? You can find an alternative. 

There’s a better understanding. It’s a good idea to allow your guard to come down a little bit.

This is how divine timing works too. It’s a bit of inner work as well. 

Allow this brick wall or this shell or whatever it is that you’re trying to protect yourself from, just to allow it to come down every once in a while. 

Because vulnerability is part of being human. 

And the more that you recognize your vulnerability, the more that you’re able to open up to possibilities and opportunities. 

How to Trust Divine Timing for Manifestation Blog, The Right Path for You Can Feel Scary with Candles as a Symbol for Illumination
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The right path for you can feel scary. 

But the more that you trust, the more that you’re able to bring in those opportunities and the more that you’re able to see that they even exist. 

That there really is a spiritual team looking out for you. 

It’s easier for the universe to provide you what you are seeking and wanting when you are open to it. 

When you are allowing yourself to receive the gifts from the universe, you’re stepping into your higher power.  

Know that obstacles or challenges are ALL part of the plan – it’s all setting you on the right path.

Remember that.

And know that all obstacles or challenges are all part of the plan. 

Long story short, sometimes when something happens that feels annoying or it could be a significant challenge, it could be very challenging, heart-wrenching and heartbreaking.

But you think, you know what, maybe there’s something that will benefit me out of this. 

Maybe there’s something aligned in the stars that I don’t even know exists, that I don’t even know is going to help me in the long run.

So at that point, you can just learn the lesson. You can see it from a different perspective. 

You can say it’s part of your destiny to experience this and learn the lesson. 

Think, “maybe that’s why it took a little bit longer, because I was meant to come across this person or this path or this occurrence in a different way. And now I have a different perspective. It has helped me grow in a different way.”

So that’s another way of learning to trust. 

It can be a difficult realization, but the process in manifesting is knowing that the stars may be aligned a little bit differently than what you expect.

Another way to trust is to pray. This is aligning with your higher power. 

Set your intention, let go of worry, believe in yourself or have faith.

Feel into this sense of inner peace and true love for yourself and your best interests as well. 

Those are all essentially the same concept as praying. These are examples of spiritual practices that help you take control of your life. 

Praying allows you to see the signs of divine timing more easily and at the right moment. 

So you’re offering these worries to the universe. In a way, you’re allowing yourself to be guided. 

You’re giving yourself the opportunity to feel reassured and experience personal growth as well.

And you’re also offering out this openness for the universe to guide you.

When you pray, set your intention, or when you take a deep breath, you are allowing for the universe to come in closer and to give you that sense of peace. 

That’s also how you can trust. 

For me personally, I immediately feel reassured and I know I can just let go for a moment.

I feel deep within it’s the universe’s plan for me, right now. 

How to Trust Divine Timing for Manifestation Blog Pray Believe and Trust with Pink Flowers for a Peaceful Feeling
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Another way to trust is to meditate, or I like to call it ‘connect’. 

Keep an open mind and just connect. 

It’s the best thing! 

You can connect with spirit, your higher self, this higher power, the spirit world, divine forces, your spiritual team, God. 

(Whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t really matter!) 

Meditate so you can be guided and ultimately let fear of the unknown go.

You can listen to a YouTube video, you can listen to one of my meditations that I’ve created for you

But it’s basically allowing your mind to calm itself. 

Now your mind is not going to be totally blank because that’s the element of the mind is to give you thoughts and ideas and imagination. 

And so the brain never really shuts off entirely, even subconsciously.

But when you meditate, you are allowing yourself to go into this state of stillness, into this state of energy, that the more that you do it, the more that you will experience this infiniteness. 

You don’t even have to sit there with a blank slate, right? 

You can sew, you can crochet, you can do artwork, you can write. What abut if you embrace a sense of feminine energy by doing yoga or dancing. 

Those are all forms of meditation as well. It’s almost like getting into this state of bliss, right? 

The state of bliss is perfect manifestation. 

There’s different forms of connecting with your muse and meditating, but this automatically helps you feel at ease. 

It automatically helps your guard down and get into the state of flow. You feel more in control of your life. 

This is all trusting. 

And when you do that, again, the universe is able to provide for you rather than if you were worried. 

There’s this dense energy getting in the way of the universe, allowing for things to flow easily to you. 

How to Trust Divine Timing for Manifestation Blog The State of Bliss is Perfect Manifestation with Candles for Illumination
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The next way is just to ask. Ask to trust the process.

I ask to know in my heart and soul that everything is going to be just fine.

I ask to proceed with this day that will be most beneficial to me and to others that I cross paths with.

To feel at ease.

I ask to experience true love. 

I ask to let go of limiting beliefs. 

To feel a sense of inner peace. 

I ask to recognize the signs of divine timing. 

I ask to feel confident. 

For guidance and patience on this endeavor. 

I ask for a sign that’ll get me on the right path. 

I ask to see the bigger picture. 

To know and feel into my divine plan. 

When you ask, it goes back to what Jesus said, (if you believe in this), “Ask and you shall receive. Ask and you shall receive.”

Believe in your magic and you shall receive.

So when you ask for what you want, it does happen. 

But it’s a good idea to trust the timing. 

Trusting is just allowing for things to flow to you

This is all part of the divine plan, your divine plan. 

Now, this does not mean for you to just sit and you’re just going to wish, and that’s it. 

You’re just going to wish for something to land on your lap, and you’re not going to try. You’re not going to do anything. Or maybe if you try, you only try once and you never try again. 

It’s not about that because you really do need to put in an effort, especially when it comes to manifestation or using the law of attraction. You have to put in the action. 

You have to roll the dice. Get in the momentum of moving the energy, right? 

You’ve got to move the energy. You’ve got to find a way to do it in conjunction with asking for it to manifest for you in always for the highest good, to pray, to hope for, to believe, and to feel good about it as well. To feel good about it as well.

So another way to trust is to get grounded. 

I can feel anxious sometimes, and I hate it. I hate it. Sometimes I feel like I’m being torn and pulled in a million different places. 

I feel like I don’t know what to do. And oftentimes the stimulant for this is ironically, (because I’m drinking coffee right now,) but is usually coffee. 

I will take off my shoes, and my socks and I’ll walk around barefoot, or I’ll just go sit out in nature or my backyard with Mother Nature, and I’ll breathe. 

I’ll feel the sun on my skin for a few minutes. 

I will listen to the trees, the birds. 

Nature is the perfect vibration. So when you connect with these elements of nature and you bring them closer to your true essence, you will really feel the difference. 

I promise you that. So try it out.

How to Trust Divine Timing for Manifestation Blog Let Go of Rigid Expectations with Candles as a Symbol for Illumination
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Let go of rigid or ultra specific expectations. 

That’s another way to help you trust the process and another good idea! 

Now, we want to give the universe clarity on what we want, and oftentimes that’s a reason why something’s not being manifested. 

If you want, like, a million different things and you’re pulling yourself in a million different directions and you’ve got a million different things going on…

But the universe might have a hard time deciphering what it is that you want. 

So you want to find clarity on that, right? How do I want to feel? How do I want to do this?

One of the things that’s coming to me is Danielle Laporte, and she has come up with The Desire Map

I’ve never actually done it. But I am working with Spirit right now, so I’m receiving these messages for you to check that out as well.

So oftentimes we think, oh, my gosh, this should have already happened by now. I should already be making this amount of money. 

This person should have already approached me, or I should already be this far along in my business.

Try to let that go and welcome a better understanding.

It is a challenge because you’re probably very ambitious, you’re probably very motivated. 

I know that’s a part of who you are. You want to do well. 

You want to step fully into your soul’s purpose and your path and your calling. 

And so you’re ambitious, and so that’s why you have these thoughts of when something should be taking place. 

But if you are putting effort toward that, then you can trust that it’s going to happen. 

So, for example, in my own business as a psychic medium and a licensed teacher, I offer readings about your soul’s path as well as offer courses about personal development. 

How to Trust Divine Timing for Manifestation Blog Welcome a Better Understanding with Pink Flowers and Candles for Transformation
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Things have gone quite slowly in my mind. I’ve doubted so much BUT I keep going because I believe in my Inner Magic and the creative planning process

I’m like, I have been working diligently nonstop for years on end, and yes, things are starting to really pick up, but it takes a long time, especially if you’re building your own business. 

It really does. 

Sometimes it looks like, well, that person just exploded overnight. Well, probably not. 

It might look like that, but they’ve probably been working on it for a very long time in the background. 

And that’s probably what you’ve been doing as well towards your dreams and your aspirations also. 

That’s how magic works. It’s having an open mind. 

You put in your effort and you take action and you do this and you reach out to that person and you purchase this course and you do that and you do this. 

And it’s like, when is it going to happen? And it’s like, okay, wait a minute… 

The magic is happening behind the scenes that you don’t even know is existing. 

You don’t even know what’s going on. And then all of a sudden, all of your efforts, all of this energy that you’ve been putting in toward this project or this endeavor or this dream of yours finally comes to fruition. 

It finally is manifested. The law of attraction finally worked! 

And it’s all for the highest good!

And you know what? You might not even realize it has manifested because you’ve been so into what it is that you’ve been doing.

We can get so caught up in the moment but when you step back and you look at the bigger picture, that also helps you trust the process, because you’re like, wait a minute, that DID come true. 

That dream of mine did come true! 

But we just get so wrapped up in the moment that it’s hard to recognize it. 

Step back and look at it from a different perspective is another way of trusting the process.

So that leads into understanding how manifestation works in the first place. 

So when you understand in your own way, there’s less fear and thus more trust. 

But understanding how manifestation works is going to help you indeed in understanding the laws of the universe: 

Abraham and Esther Hicks. There’s tons of information on that as well.

But I am also all about manifesting also. So understanding it is going to help you trust the process.

The next thing is to find reassurance and a sense of peace.

Find a way to reassure yourself and continue to come back to this pattern of reassuring yourself.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to do this solo or alone. 

You can reassure yourself by setting the intention to reach out to someone who can help you feel more at ease, who can give you clarity, who can offer you assistance or guidance or healing in some way.

Because when you find that reassurance, your guard goes down, you lighten up, you can breathe, your heart rate slows down, the universe can work through you.

Things get easier when you are trusting the process.

When you believe in your spiritual team and spirit guides.

How to Trust Divine Timing for Manifestation Blog Find Reassurance and a Sense of Peace with Pink Flowers and a Crow
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It is a healing process as well, right? This divine plan is healing. 

Things have probably happened to you as they have me, where it’s not so easy to trust sometimes. 

It’s not easy to trust other people, whether you know them or not. 

Sometimes you might find yourself thinking, oh, that person’s out to sabotage me, or whatever it is. 

We have these traumatic or dramatic things that have happened to us in the past, and they create these subconscious beliefs in the inner system. 

But the more that you recognize your thoughts and what you’re thinking and these judgments that you might have on others or yourself, the more that you’re able to have control over those because you are giving it attention in a way that it needs. 

So if you’re feeling uneasy, you can think, oh my gosh, okay, I just need to give myself attention a little bit. 

I need to reassure myself a little bit. 

Am I thinking something is either helping me or is it hindering me? 

Is it helping the process or is it hindering it? 

I’m not saying to be perfect all the time. If you’re pissed, then be pissed. If you’re hurt, then be hurt for a minute. What about if you’re sad, be sad for a minute. 

You don’t always have to be happy and excited, and that’s not how this works. 

That’s not being a human being, that’s being a robot.

When you’re not trusting the process, and thus things are going to be a little harder for you in the long run. 

It’s a belief in yourself, having faith, getting back on track.

Think and Grow Rich – that’s coming to me as well. That’s going to help you also trust the process too! 

The most important thing: You don’t want to get stuck in receiving all this good information and then not doing something with it… 

You’ve got to take part in your divine plan! 

Building the momentum, taking action, believing in yourself – this is all part of the manifestation process, right? This is all part of the law of attraction. 

That’s what this is all about, is trusting in your dreams. 

These things that you envision, these things that you feel within you, this notion, this nudge, this intuitive insight, these ideas that you have, these aren’t there just for the hell of it. 

They’re meaningful!!! 

They mean something to you, and they’re coming to you because God, the universe, wants to manifest them through you. 

Through YOU with inspired action!

And I know that can feel f-ing terrifying – this fear of the unknown. Trust me, I know it’s scary as shit. 

But the more that you trust yourself, the more that you open yourself up to opportunities, the more that you receive the gifts from the universe. 

Find a mentor, talk to someone, learn… 

The more that you’re able to create the reality you want, the more that you’re able to step into your soul’s purpose with ease.

The more you’ll recognize serendipitous events unfolding right before your very own eyes. 

(IF you choose to believe, of course…)

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Again, remember those challenges that pop up, that’s all part of the process as well. That’s how divine timing works. 

I do hope that this was helpful for you, interesting, to say the least. 

You’re always welcome to reach out to me to schedule and book a Psychic Soul Reading, where I help you receive messages from the universe. 

They’re very specific messages for you from your highest self. They give you clarity, direction, ideas about your divine purpose. 

And honestly, they kind of give you a sense of faith again, right? 

You’ll probably say to yourself, “That’s what I was thinking!” 

It’s like confirmation.

So trust in yourself, trust the process, and pay attention to your intuition and go for it.

And so it is.

What else will help you better understand and trust this divine plan for your soul’s purpose?

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