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One Simple Rule to Prosperity

You’re meant for prosperity. 

For complete abundance. 

It’s yours to have. 

Often we’re brought up to believe that there’s a lack; there’s a limited resource of whatever it is we want. 

And this may be the case if your family struggled like mine as far as money is concerned. 

My grandma still talks about money all of the time! 

It drives me nuts. 

I‘ve brought it to her attention and she’s getting better at being more mindful of what she says about it. 

See, the words you say about abundance will become reality

This is why it’s hard to get out of a mental state of lack if you’ve been raised to think a certain way about it or you experienced a life lesson and lost something very valuable to you. 

It can be daunting, traumatizing. 

But it can and should be changed. 

You don’t have to live your whole life believing that others are meant for better things and you’re not. 

That’s ridiculous! 

Yes, you’re welcome to have these thoughts and beliefs and I hear you because it’s what I used to think too. 

No one is more special than you are though. 

You’re just as special as the other person you admire; who you seek to aspire to. 

She doesn’t have anything different within herself than you have within yourself. (Yes, we’re ALL unique and offer something special but at our core, we’re made up the same stuff – our soul.)

See, that’s where it all stems. It’s a mindset and can be changed. 

It’s a flow of input and output of energy. 

What you believe you shall receive. 

If you look around you right now, do you feel abundant with special trinkets, books, your favorite rug of all time? 

Or does it feel sparse, neglected? 

Now, please don’t misunderstand me because abundance isn’t only about materialistic things. 

It’s also a feeling of pride, it’s the act of giving because you have so much to give (whether you think so or not). 

It’s the collection of gratitude, it’s being surrounded by those you love. 

Wealth is giving YOURSELF what it is you need in order to follow your dreams. 

It’s also being able to receive and open yourself to the many opportunities in front of you. 

Give way to this new mentality. 

“I am abundant.” 

Repeat this to yourself, over and over again. 

You’ll soon begin to notice that there’s a shift not only in your emotions but your environment too. 

While saying either silently or aloud “I am abundant” nod your head slowly up and down and even smile some too. 

You’re shifting your energy by doing so. 

You’re giving the universe permission to give to you on a regular basis. 

See all the good that surrounds you and then get rid or give away what no longer fills you with joy. 

This makes room for more of what you love. 

Because you deserve it. 

You ARE prosperous. 

Ask yourself: What 10 things can I think of right now that I’m grateful for? 

This is an abundant mindset! 

This is just the beginning too. 

There’s so much more coming your way!

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