The Magic Project Digital Planner

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Manifest your Inner Magic with your Magic Project Planner!

For use on your iPad or tablet with one of these apps: Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, or Xodo


Your Magic Project Planner:

🗝 Contains more than 50+ pages to walk you through your magnificent projects

🗝 Transforms your projects/ideas from just a teeny tiny thought to a tangible object

🗝 Gives you very specific questions to answer to help reveal *your* gifts and strengths

🗝 Has 13 sections for planning out your project with inspiration

🗝 Includes 28 ideas for your next mystical project (just in case you need a boost)

🗝 Gives you 3 personality test links that I recommend taking to learn even more about your fullest potential!

🗝 Teaches you the “SMART” way to manifest your magical project goals

🗝 Sparks your creative energies and ideas

🗝 Uses hyperlinked tabs to easily flow from one section of magic to the other

🗝 Offers 4 specific affirmations for each section to help you manifest what you want

🗝 Gives your project templates including: to-do lists, check-in’s, prediction pages, intuitive note-taking + section sheets

🗝 Taps you into your inner child and his/her/their needs so you can finally flow more freely and lovingly

🗝 Helps you recognize what your soul’s in need of so you can move forward with confidence

🗝 Offers you 12+ healing ways to reassure yourself when you’re in need of a gentle push

🗝 Plus! Some extra special whimsical images and magic-making to light the way



✔️ Download to your computer
✔️ Send the file to your iPad or tablet
✔️ Import to Goodnotes or Noteshelf or other app
✔️ Write and plan using your stylus + get your magic moving!


✔️ This is a digital/downloadable PDF product so nothing physical will be mailed to you
✔️ Upon purchasing, you’ll see a confirmation page (and an email) with the links/buttons to download your purchase
✔️ All sales are final for immediate downloadable purchases


Like all products here, this planner is for YOUR personal use only as a paying customer. Please be respectful and do not share this planner with others who haven’t purchased it. You may not resell this product, use it for PLR (Private Label Rights) or make derivative products or templates from it.


I want to help. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

This planner was made with magic. Find out how! Get yours now.


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