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How to Make The Space for Your Soul’s Purpose

The Self-Help Psychic Podcast with Tabitha Stitt, spiritual teacher and psychic trance reader, speaker and healer in front of steps for growth and transformation
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How to Make The Space for Your Soul's Purpose

You need space to create the life you want and align with your soul’s purpose. It’s true. There’s no denying it. But how do you make it happen? What’s necessary? 

How to Make The Space for Your Soul's Purpose Showing Pink Flowers for Softness and Allowing

You can’t remain in your old ways and expect to manifest what you want. 

We have to continuously grow in our efforts. 

We have to find new paths, readjust, begin to self assess or receive assessment from someone else.

To get more information or insight into how we can grow as a human being, but more so as a spiritual being. 

We are here as humans experiencing this lovely planet called Earth, and yet some days are not easy, some days are wonderful. 

It’s a mixture of both. We can have both.

But if you are indeed human like I am, it can be challenging, right? 

You’re already experiencing your soul’s purpose because everything that you are experiencing will or is or has been part of your growth.

There’s nothing in this world that you have ever experienced that does not help you in some way or another. 

Even those moments that have been terrible, heart-wrenching. Perhaps it’s something that you’re currently going through now.

It is all part of stepping into and fully becoming the expression of who you are to be in this world.

But we must make space. 

But this is all part of the process – these little glitches in life.

How do we make the space for us to really step into our soul’s purpose, our reason for being here, our passions, our callings?

When I first moved into our home, my little cottage, the shelves weren’t black. I decided to paint them black, and I didn’t know what to put up there.

Do I put my books? Do I put up my plants? How about throw everything up there? And everything was so scattered, I didn’t like it.

Although I love my books. I treasure my books. But it feels so dense. I don’t like all the colors. 

So then I rearranged it, and I took the books down and put them in the cabinets, and then I put up other things, like the plants. And I didn’t really like it, so I rearranged it, you know? 

Then I would pull my books out from the cabinet, and it’s like this vicious cycle of, like, being sort of maybe nitpicky or unsatisfied, or perhaps it’s just finding the right energy. Right. The right energy. Energy.

Especially when we’re in a space, an environment, a room, our creative talents, when we’re in that space, we often look at things, right? 

So we either physically look with our eyes, or we’re sensing the energy and we’re rearranging things. 

Or you can put it in a box and you can donate it, but you really have to clear out the stuff. 

As you begin to manifest your physical environment, of where it is that you either create or where you want to create or where you want to be inspired, the more that you adjust this area, the more that you will notice internally, physically, spiritually, energetically, you also will change. 

So it’s the saying “as above, so below”. 

So it’s this intertwining, this yin, this yang, this flowing of, like, what we’re feeling internally.

We will begin to transform our external environment, and vice versa. 

The more that we transform our external environment, the more that we change internally as well. 

So you’re making the space for something that you want to do. 

But maybe there’s doubt. 

Maybe you think there’s not enough time, not enough finances. 

Maybe you think that someone will judge you, that you can’t make it happen or you don’t deserve it. 

Perhaps you think it’s too late. 

All of these doubts will come up. 

What doubt begins to surface when you think about going after something that you want to go after, whether it’s something that you want to try, explore? 

Because once you recognize them, then you can lay them to rest.

You can thank them for showing up. “Thank you for trying to protect me. Thank you for being present in my life with your presence, with your warning.”

So as you do that, you’re making space. 

The more junk that you get out of the mind and the brain and the thoughts, the energy, the more that you’re creating your reality for you.

You may not feel comfortable doing something that you’ve never done before.

Spirit is wanting you to move forward on your path.

As Marie Forleo, one of my wonderful mentors, she says, “Everything is figureoutable.” 

Everything is figureoutable.

So making the space or allowing yourself to move toward what it is that is calling for you, you are opening up a new vessel. 

You are letting go of those things that are creating a sense of doubt. 

You are maintaining the parts of you that you love about yourself. 

Interesting question. 

Maybe you never thought about that question.

What is it that I love about myself?

Spirit wants to ask you that question.

And don’t just hear the question.

What do I love about myself? If you immediately say nothing, well, then there’s some healing that needs to take place, and that’s okay, too. That doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with you.

No, it’s a shedding of these thoughts; these old subconscious beliefs that are surfacing.

That’s what that is. There’s nothing wrong with you if you say I don’t love anything about myself.

But let’s think about the positive here, right? 

Not everything is easy. 

But what are you passionate about? If you’re not sure, what draws your attention? What draws your curiosity? What do you find fascinating about someone else? 

Or what is it that you would like to model after someone else? What is it that you enjoy being in the experience of? What is it that helps you feel connected to God, to Spirit, Source?

This is all about making the space, right? Making the space.

Not for your husband, not for your wife, not for your kids, kids, not for your job – for yourself. 

When you focus on making the space for yourself, that’s when things start to flourish.

When you begin to grow, you see things in a different light. 

Now, just because you’re doing something for yourself doesn’t mean that it’s just solely for yourself.

Because when you do something for yourself, oftentimes people it’s selfish BUT it’s not because ultimately you are helping other people.

You’re giving yourself that space to heal. 

When you allow yourself to focus on your passions and your joy and unwinding or getting rid of things, you are in itself healing. 

You’re making the space within yourself to be who you are. So as you do that, you’re naturally helping other people indirectly.  Just by allowing yourself to do what it is that you want to do.

Maybe you think, I don’t even know what I want to do. Well, you can get a reading. That’s always an option.

This is all that is necessary to align with your heart’s desires, with what it is that you really, truly, wholeheartedly deserve. 


What is it that you deserve? What do you want?

Or what do you need to let go of?

Of course, physical stuff, right? Maybe not. Maybe you’re a minimalist and you have hardly anything.

But maybe making space is allowing for someone to come in closer! 

Imagine you have this beautiful space, and perhaps you’ve feared allowing someone to come in closer. So inviting them into your space IS creating a form of space.

Now, that’s a new way of thinking about your soul’s purpose and passions.

For so long, I’ve thought of making space as getting rid of stuff. 

But maybe this message is allowing for that connection.

Allowing for that compassion, those tears, that closeness, that is healing in itself.

Only you, at the very end of the day, at the very end of time, in this moment, really know what’s best for you.

Sure, we can connect, and I can give you a reading, and I can give you those validating messages, and I can help you see and feel into something that you probably already know.

But at the end of the day, you still have to make the decision what’s best for you. But you have to trust. 

And move forward one step at a time.

You’ve got this. You can make it happen. 

Remember, everything is figureoutable. 

You know in your heart what to do. But you’ve got to take the step forward. You’ve got to make the decision.

You can do it. Say, I can do it. 

I’m doing it. And I’m going to make the time for myself. I am gonna make space for myself. I’m going to.

I’m just gonna wing it. 

What does that mean? 

Can you trust God? Can you trust the universe? What about your angels? Can you trust your loved ones who have passed on? 

Who or what is it that you can trust? Trust in that person or that entity or that energy! 

Use that as your motivation to move forward, because now is the time to truly, truly, truly, truly, truly make the space for yourself.

And so it is.


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