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Finding Your True and Authentic Self in Today’s World

The Self-Help Psychic Podcast with Tabitha Stitt, spiritual teacher and psychic trance reader, speaker and healer in front of steps for growth and transformation
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Finding Your True and Authentic Self in Today's World

What the hell is happening in today’s world?? So many things. It’s insanely crazy. Is it even possible to find your authentic self?? Yes. And there’s only ONE thing you need to do.

Podcast Episode: Finding Your True and Authentic Self in Today's World with Red Flower to Stand Strong and Bold

From my own personal experience, there are days where I wake up and I feel excellent and I feel good, and I’m in the groove. 

I take a moment to have a cup of coffee, and I sit down, and either read or journal.

Then I sometimes will start to get anxious, and I’m starting to notice that just coffee is. Is impacting me. Like, the caffeine from the coffee. 

Why do I feel so anxious? So, you know, 11:00 comes around, and I’m feeling utterly anxious, and my brain is feeling scattered. 

Okay, so coffee, for me, is just one example. Maybe you’ve had the same situation. Like, holy shit, why do I feel so anxious?

Well, for me personally, it would be the caffeine. 

So it’s going to be challenging. 

But I’m going to try and do no caffeine for a while and see how that goes. I’m certainly going to be impacted. I can only imagine. 

But I think it’ll be good for my system overall, for me mentally, and for my emotions. 

So the message here is to start noticing what you do that helps you feel aligned with your true self, with what feels good within yourself, within your heart, what feels exciting, what feels like you are living the life that you want to live.

Just to be mindful of the things that are impacting you that do not feel that way. Right. And it could just be a one time experience. 

You know, just because one thing happens that stirs you up a little bit or makes you feel agitated doesn’t mean you have to entirely get rid of it. It could just be a one time occurrence. Right.

Right. Consistently. 

And that’s the key, right. Is paying attention. 

And that’s how you can align more with your true and authentic self, is by noticing.

For example, is it my friends, is it the people that I’m hanging out with? Is it a particular person? Is it an environment? 

Do I need to change things within my home, within my room, and I’m just gonna spill my. The beans on myself? 

That’s so hilarious. I feel so old saying that, you know, like, my room has been consistently, like, messy. 

I feel like a little kid. 

It’s crazy. 

Like, I will clean my room and it’ll feel great. 

Then I swear to God, like, two, three days later, it’s like something insane happened in my room again. 

What the hell happened? I’m just scatterbrained. 

Things can get overwhelming. Things can add up very, very quickly. 

We can buy things and consume things. 

It might feel cool, it might feel good, it might feel healing that we go and we shop for little things here and there. 

Oh, we had a bargain. 

Oh, it was on sale. 

And then it starts to rack up, and then we start to feel overwhelmed. Oh, my God, we have too many things. And so that’s been my personal issue.

And it might sound like a silly example, but it really impacts you. 

It gets to you. 

It could be accumulation of unhealthy thoughts, adding things to your life that are just unnecessary.

Doing things, habits that are not helping you, they’re totally hindering you.

So allowing yourself to get rid of those things that are going to liberate you from the current madness that you are consistently feeling. 

And I’m talking about this from my own personal experience. 

But I’m also receiving messages as I am recording this, which is how all of my podcast episodes go. 

You know, I close my mind and I just start receiving information.

Now, this is challenging, this is not easy because it gives you comfort in some way, right?

Things that are ultimately, in the long run, uncomfortable for you, they somehow give you comfort because you’re used to it, right? You’re used to the habit. 

You’re used to the unhealthy relationship. And you’re used to someone putting you down.

You’re used to the environment that holds you back.

You’re used to feeling a certain way. And you’re used to feeling like a victim. You’re used to giving yourself excuses.

We allow ourselves to bombard ourselves. We do it to ourselves ultimately.

Just observe it. 


So I did a channel message earlier, a trance channel message that will be posted on YouTube.

And I trans channeled this information about observing yourself and these emotions that pop up. What is it that’s triggering these upsetting emotions in you?

Oftentimes it’s just a memory or a thought or something that happened. 

And all of a sudden now you’re going on this whole whirlwind of thoughts in your mind, and it’s taking you down a rabbit hole in your own mind.

You’re getting so upset, so stressed out, so anxious. 

Okay, I’m feeling angry. I’m feeling anxious, I’m feeling pissed off. I’m feeling whatever it is I’m going to now step back a moment and look.

So that really is the main key here and being and finding and stepping into and aligning with your truest, most authentic self in today’s world is noticing and then taking responsibility for your own life.

It’s hard to do this when there’s so many things that we could easily, easily distract ourselves with. Ah, social media, ah, Facebook, ah, Instagram. 

Oh, my gosh, what’s that person doing? Ah, school. What’s the next trending thing? Oh, the next trending thing.

 Whether we realize it or not, we all do it.

Yes, we have necessary things that we certainly do need in life, right? 

We have things that make things easier for us and more confident, and we want to go on adventures and this and that. 

But to be your true, authentic self is getting rid of the things that are bogging you down because you have to make space. 

You can’t keep adding and adding and adding and adding and adding, and then all of a sudden, you’re not going to be able to breathe. 

You can’t see anymore and don’t even know who you are anymore because you have too much stuff. And I’m, again, this is not even necessarily materialistic stuff.

This could be seeking, constantly seeking reassurance from other people. It could be constantly needing something mentally. 

It could be constantly feeling like you have to do something. 

You have to be constantly busy. You have to constantly doing something.

And you may feel you have to be shopping to heal yourself.

It’s like, okay, recognize what it is that you are bombarding yourself with. Recognize that. 

Get it out. Get out a piece of paper. Write it out. 

What is it? Is it stuff? Is it materialistic? What about a relationship? Are these harsh thoughts? 

For me, I have way too many freaking books. 

Yes, books are very helpful. They are resourceful. They give you answers, they give you inspiration.

My problem is I get bored. So I distract myself with stuff that misaligns and gets me further away from my authentic self.

I find myself at the bookstore, Barnes and Noble, Half Priced Bookstore, The Book Loft down the street from where I live in German Village, right? 

And so I browse, and it’s fun, it’s. Then all of a sudden I look at it for like two days, and then I stack it on top of the rest. 

Then I’m moving books around. It’s just madness. It’s madness. 

Why don’t I just go to the library? Huh? I could go to the library. 

I could borrow the book, and then I can give it back. 

That’s what I’m going to start doing. 

So find an alternative. 

You don’t have to necessarily throw something out if you don’t want to.

You can donate it. Or you could burn it. 

That book saved my life. It is truly, like, saved my sanity.

So you have to make room for your true and authentic self, right? That’s what this is all about.

Oftentimes, we feel like we just need to keep feeling the void that we’re. That we’re feeling. Feeling inside, right? And it’s like, don’t you ever come to a point where you’re like, oh, just get rid of it?

I remember my mom saying something like this, like, growing up, like, feeling so stressed. 

Like, she’s like, oh, my gosh, you know, I just want the house to burn, and then I wouldn’t have to think about it anymore. 

And I know that’s scary and traumatic, and maybe that has happened to you, and of course, she doesn’t really want that to happen. 

But in this mental state, it’s like, what do we really need?

I don’t mean to get rid of everything, because when you think about your craft, the thing that you want to share with the world.

You might need necessary objects and tools and platforms.

But do we need a hundred million of them? No.

Right? Do we need the relationship that keeps hurting our feelings? 

No, we don’t. We somehow think that’s what we need because we’re trying to fill some sort of void. 

We don’t want to confront the fact that we just need to focus on ourselves. 

We’ve put so much time and energy into this relationship that we are so terrified of getting. 

Getting rid of it means that we won’t know what to do. And yet you will. 

And everything is going to be okay. You will heal – you have to give yourself healing. You have to give yourself that space.

So ask to be guided.

Ask to allow yourself to know what it is that you need to do to. To give yourself the space to see your authentic self, your true self.

That’s one answer, right? 

This is one answer, but that’s going to be the answer for this episode, for this answer. 

So that’s what it is.

Do you need to delete a social media platform? 

Do you need to let go of a relationship? A friendship? 

What about writing a letter to send someone off, to bless them, to forgive them? 

Do you need to donate these things for yourself? 

It’s hard work. It’s not easy.

You are growing, you’re blooming. 

You’re making space for your true, authentic self. That’s what you’re doing.

And it’s scary as shit. It’s scary. But have someone that’s supportive. Have someone that can help you. 

Have someone that can encourage you. We all need encouragement, okay? 

We don’t need it every single day, every single second, every single moment. 

No, because…

There’s a lot to learn in those moments where we feel like we have to surrender or we’re crying and feeling like, what the hell do I do next? 

When we are at the end of our rope, or we feel like, what do we do? And then all of a sudden, we feel that connection to God, the universe. Oh, my God. Now I know what I need to do.

So there could be such blessings in those moments of feeling despair and hopelessness, right? 

There is a blessing in those moments because we feel that we are now open to that answer.

We don’t have to get to that state. No, but if we are, we can feel that connection.

So there you have it. That is the message that was channeled through me to you and always for the highest good. 

Let me know what helped you like this. 

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Join the circle. 

I’m so excited to have you, to have this.

Reach out, share this message, and if you have a question, let me know. I’m here to help until next time.

And so it is.

So how else can you align with your true authentic self?

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