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Find The Meaning of Your Higher Purpose With This One Thing

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Find The Meaning of Your Higher Purpose With This One Thing

If you want to make it simple, you only need to do this ONE main thing to find the meaning of your higher purpose in life. And my dear, you’re in the right place, at the right time. Here’s how you get started: 

How to Find the Meaning of Your Higher Purpose with This One Thing on The Podcast, The Self-Help Psychic with Tabitha Stitt showing an Eagle for Leadership and a True Inspired and Soaring Mission

I am asking [Source / Spirit] to provide you with messages in all ways for the highest good. 

So if you ever decide to get a reading with me one-on-one, this is exactly what I do as well. I’m noticing my body shift. 

My energy is changing, and my head is starting to actually slowly droop down a little bit, although I’m still sitting straight up. 

I always think it’s interesting to explain here and there how I work. 

We’re all wanting to find this deeper sense of purpose and greater meaning. 

We all want to feel like we have a purpose. 

We want to feel like we have a meaningful life. 

And we want to feel like the reason why we’re here is for something meaningful. 

Like, what the hell are we here for?? 

As a human being, we naturally have this inclination to know more, to be a seeker of new things and skill sets.

To adventure out, to explore whether that’s physically somewhere or internally in our own minds. 

We’re visualizing and dreaming the possibilities of what could be spirit, source, God, the universe, whatever you like to think about it, or how you would like to think of it. 

Whatever resonates with you is wanting you to know that whatever is in your mind can be created. 

Okay, so you’ve probably heard this a time or two. 

Now, this doesn’t mean if you have negative thoughts or a worry, it’s going to manifest or be created into your reality immediately. 

The good thing is we can actually adjust our thoughts to be aligned more with our authentic self. 

The more that you’re aware of these thoughts, the more that you can adjust them accordingly. 

This isn’t to say that your thoughts are going to be perfect either because thoughts come and go, but the more awareness that you have of what’s going on internally, (your feelings, your emotions, your thoughts) the more you’ll be able to create a meaningful life for yourself. 

Because the beautiful part about being a human in this world is that you get to create the reality that you want. 

Now, this isn’t to say that certain things aren’t going to happen in your own life. 

So challenges are going to happen, struggles are going to happen, people are going to pass on, we’re going to have rough spots in our lives. 

But spirit wants to remind you that this is actually what creates the strength within you. 

And this is a common purpose we all have. 

Getting through our own battles truly is a hero’s journey. 

How to Find the Meaning of Your Higher Purpose: Getting through our own battles is a hero's journey, having a woman with a boxing gloves for inner and outer power, on The Podcast, The Self-Help Psychic with Tabitha Stitt

So these times of turbulence and extreme emotions and hurt and pain and not understanding why, this is part of building the character, this is part of creating your experiences so you can use them for your growth areas. 

There are inner blocks we must push past. Because not everything can be fixated on being controlled. 

So we have to be mindful of that, because the more attached we are to a certain reality that’s happening around us, the more that we will feel out of control. 

Thus you can create, as best as you can, the reality that you’re wanting. 

This can be seen as a shared purpose we all seek to possess

So let’s say something happens and you want to change it. 

Now, of course, nature is nature. 

For example, if someone passes away, we can’t physically bring them back. 

But this understanding that heaven is a vibration, not a location, is what my husband told me the other day… 

We can create and understand that energy is what makes a reality as well. And this is how we can continue to make life with greater meaning. 

So with that being said, you can start to use this energy that you’re made up of, this energy that you’re consumed with this energy that’s within your mind. 

Because everything is energy, and energy is everything. 

You can start to use it to your advantage. You can start to create what a meaningful life means to you. 

So there’s already things that reside in your heart, which is your true vocation. 

Not physically, of course, perhaps, maybe energetically. 

There are desires, there are dreams within you that probably have manifested a little bit here and there, but perhaps there are dreams, visions, things that you want to work on. 

Things that you want to do, things that you want to try out, that perhaps you have not done yet. 

By doing this, a shift happens within and without (externally).

It feels good to hear this message right now. 

It feels motivating to listen to this. But you must do the work as well. 

And doing the work could simply be taking a moment to either pause this or afterwards, you can listen to it, but to actually start to visualize, take a moment to create in your mind. 

Now, if you have a hard time visualizing, you’ll get better and better at it. 

A good way or a good practice to start visualizing in your mind is just literally look around your room and see the different colors, feel the different textures, notice the different sounds. 

Start to see your environment and personal experiences as living things that’ll help you tap into your higher purpose. 

Yes, it’s a new way of thinking and perhaps it seems child-like BUT it will help you start to visualize in your mind. 

(Thus manifest your desires into reality.)

Just use what’s in front of you. If you don’t like what’s in front of you, get rid of it. 

Make space for your higher purpose to bloom. 

Start to visualize what it is that you want and then get into the feeling of it. 

Visualizing and feeling are the economics of higher purpose. 

What is it?

Although there are distinct levels of purpose and passions, this mission is going to be sort of like an umbrella, or all-encompassing, per se. 

No matter what role you take on, no matter what career you take on, no matter what kind of job you take on or project or experience, whatever it is, your mission statement will be sort of like an umbrella, like a holding place. 

However you want to think of it! It’s your unique purpose so you can only go right with this.  

Create a Mission for Yourself and Your Higher Purpose, on The Podcast, The Self-Help Psychic with Tabitha Stitt with an Eagle for Leadership and Empowerment

You can think of it as a funnel or a circle for your soul’s high adventure. 

A place where all these different roles and experiences and feelings you take on can reside within this mission. 

So it’s broad enough for you to understand. 

For example, a mission statement for myself (and the greater good) is: 

“I am a channel of healing energy and messages to inspire, motivate and demonstrate for others to also follow and pursue their dreams, desires, purpose and passions.” 

So I am a healing channel. 

I am a channel for healing messages. 

I am a channel for healing information. 

Healing energy and messages come from me as a channel for Source.

That statement encompasses everything that I do, whether I’m a teacher in the classroom, creating content as a business owner, chatting with you through this microphone and you’re hearing this message, or if you get a one on one reading with me, or if you take one of my workshops or my courses, it’s ALL essentially the same. 

I am channeling information for you that’ll help you recognize your higher purpose. 

I’m relaying these messages to you. 

Similar to the way St. Teresa of Avila or St. Francis of Assisi provided messages of hope and wisdom from their heart. 

I’m not a saint but I am here as a channel. 

So do you see what I mean by creating a mission statement for yourself?

Having a mission or purpose statement is getting specific enough that’ll help you categorize and align yourself to create a more meaningful life. 

Okay, so you don’t want it to be limited to just work and or just limited to just family life or personal life. 

You want it to encompass both of those aspects in your own life. 

So begin to think about what your mission statement would look like and feel like and be like. 

And then that will help you understand and create and find and step fully into and align with the meaning of your higher purpose, your soul’s purpose, your soul’s path. 

You’re already on your soul’s path, being here as a human being. 

But finding alignment and being in alignment with your higher purpose, you will feel it in your bones. 

You will feel it in your heart. So you will know now, when you’re misaligned, you will feel stuck consistently. 

You will feel distracted consistently. 

And you will feel constantly bored, hurt, perhaps by a relationship that you’re in. 

You will feel like life is being sucked out of your soul because the situation is not what your soul is calling for you to do. 

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So all you have to do is shift. Okay? 

Now I say all you have to do, as if it’s super easy. Of course it’s not going to be. Perhaps it will be easier if you have a good friend to help you along the way. 

Maybe you’re so sick of it that you’re like, okay, I’m done. I’m over it. I’m ready to move on. 

But until you decide to make that choice and make that decision, which will be a little scary, but it’s absolutely 100% worth it, because your soul is calling you to make changes. You know this within you. 


Make that mission statement. 

Don’t even make it just a statement. Make it a life, a style, a type of career, it’s what you do. 

It’s how you roll. 

Now, if you don’t like the word mission, think of it as your creation, soul’s goal. Think of it as your reason for being here. There you are. 

And I know that’s going to be very, very helpful for you. 

But remember, spirit is encouraging you to take this a step further. 

By listening to it, you’re already absorbing it into your reality, into your subconsciousness. And perhaps you will remember this later on. 

But in order to align even more with your soul’s purpose, your higher purpose and your reason for being here, you must do the work. 

You must take this next step forward and align even more with your life purpose. 

And in doing that, you must pause this. 

Get still. 

Listen, visualize, write it out.

Make it your reality. 

Step into the role of it now. Because there is no right time. It’s now.  

Do it, see it, be it, have it. It is yours to have, or else you wouldn’t be feeling it.

And there you are. 

And so it is.

How else can you align with your higher purpose in life?

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