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The Space Mockup: A magical and practical membership nook for your soul's purpose with Tabitha Stitt the self-help psychic and spiritual teacher with a butterfly for transformation

A Magical and Practical Nook for Manifesting Your Soul's Purpose and Passions Every Month

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The Space: Inner Magic with The Moon for Illumination
The Space: Now What? Manifest with Flowers for Blooming Brightly

"She is a gift that keeps on giving."

I have personally had the joy to experience Tabitha’s healing energy session and was mesmerized with her intuitive gifts. She has a way to connect deeply with the energy around her and this has reflected in my own energy.  I noticed many sudden shifts that arisen and was able to heal them and move through them quickly thanks to her guidance. I highly recommend her work and especially her one-to-one sessions which have proven to be transformative in more ways than one. She is a gift that keeps on giving.

Isn't it time t

Caterpillar Transformation for The Space in Black and White for Open-Ended Ideas


No matter where you are on your journey, you’re here right now. It’s meant to be. You’re seeing yourself from a new perspective. Essentially we’re all the same but YOU have something special and it’s waiting for your attention and recognition.

Caterpillar Transformation Cocoon Stage for The Space in Black and White for Open-Ended

Give yourself the opportunity to keep growing

This can be scary because we’re all too often in our comfort zones. Growth can seem frightening but once you trust in yourself or Source you’ll begin to know the truth – you’re meant to grow and spread your wings.

Full Butterfly Transformation in The Space: A Magical and Practical Membership for Manifesting Your Soul's Purpose and Passions in Black and White for Subjective Perspective

FINALLY fly wherever and however you want!

You have to go through the process of healing and self-discovery. You must take the chance and opportunity when it’s right in front of you so you can receive these gifts of abundance. Now’s the time for you to fly.  Don’t you feel it too?

Tabitha Stitt, The Self-Help Psychic, Teacher and Creator of The Space: A Magical and Practical Membership for Your Soul's Purpose, with Hands Over My Heart for Compassion


I'm Tabitha

Also known as The Self-Help Psychic. I'm here as a channel to give you messages and creations that'll help you step *fully* into your soul's purpose.

I'm also a licensed school teacher,

reiki healer, psychic reader and speaker. I’ve worked with women from all over the world, from stay-at-home moms to CEOs. I’ve witnessed the most profound changes in these woman from drug addiction to complete financial and emotional freedom.

I still struggle with my own

deep-rooted doubts. Some days don’t feel as motivational and it can be scary.  *BUT* when you start to recognize this is how life works as a compassionate human, you realize these moments are fleeting.  You know ‘this too shall pass’ and your dreams and desires are worth the occasional self-doubt. Everyone experiences fear but it’s what you do with it that matters most.  

I'm honored and blessed TO BE featured

in GOSS magazine with Mel Robbins — and this wasn’t ‘by chance’ either.  Because when you trust in yourself and your dreams, things seem to work out for you no matter what.  The Universe sees your ambition and begins to sort-of reward you for trusting.  It’s the same for you, my friend.  When you give your natural gifts and talents the opportunity to bloom, I promise you that *ANYTHING YOU WANT* is possible!

Goss Magazine with Mel Robbins and Tabitha Stitt, The Self Help Psychic - a mockup of GOSS Magazine cover and featured page

Oracle cards!


Digital Oracle Cards Created by Tabitha Stitt, The Self-Help Psychic All in a row with beautiful colors

"Highly recommend."

I heard from people I respect that she was *VERY* good, so I was interested in finding out what a reading and working with her would be like. I now also highly recommend Tabitha.

Eve Brook

Client + Student


You get it all!

Full Butterfly Transformation in The Space: A Magical and Practical Membership for Manifesting Your Soul's Purpose and Passions in Black and White for Subjective Perspective

you'll receive a surprise selection of one (1) of these beautiful offerings

every month.

That's right.  You immediately receive resources in The Space to get you started and on track toward manifesting your dreams and desires. Then you'll continue to receive a new creation EVERY MONTH, for the lifetime of this program. Because as a licensed teacher and psychic (and from personal experience), I KNOW ongoing encouragement is 100% necessary to see real true growth on your path and mission in life. 


monthly motivation specifically toward your purpose in life


You’re naturally motivated but inspiration is necessary to keep you going.  I wrote my research paper on motivation in college so this is my strong-point to say the least. You’ll find this every month in The Space no matter what.


Fillable MAGIC GUIDES to Manifest Your Purpose and Passions

$27 value

You can’t get away from the fact that you have the power to manifest or create your life however you wish. This can feel intimidating and overwhelming sometimes.  But not to worry. These magical PDF guides will give you the right focus and faith to project your future however you want. 


DIGITAL ORACLE CARDS with inspiring messages

$37 value

Oracle cards reveal the magic within you. They’re symbolic and this is exactly how The Universe works. It uses images, words, colors, etc. to help get the message across to you. And these specific cards will continue to light the path of your self-discovery journey, over and over again.


demonstration of CHANNELED MESSAGES

$150 value

Spirit, God, Source, The Universe – whatever you’d like to call this loving power – is here to help you in all ways for the highest good. And receiving clairvoyant information is one of the healing and validating ways.  Allow these profound messages to give you the self-empowerment we ALL need sometimes.


CONNECTIONS + MEDITATIONS for feeling calm and focused

$49 value

I call it “connection” but you might know it as meditation. Either way, it’s 100% required to step into your highest power. It’s everything – the key, lock and castle door to opportunity.  It heightens your vibration, making it easier to see and step into your power, potential and purpose with confidence and trust.


journal prompts FOR self-discovery and YOUR SOUL's growth

$27 value

Journaling is needed for personal soul growth. It opens the channels to receive answers and guidance from the depths of your own wisdom and higher self.  It provides you the chance to see yourself like you never have before.


Lessons + Lists to organize your dreams, desires and goals

$19 value

You must use these in order to find focus and prioritize your goals and ambitions. These aren’t just ANY lessons or lists but instead they open the pathways to see your strengths and gifts for what they really are. You’ll gain clarity and momentum for manifesting your purpose in ways that are best for you and how you prefer to learn.


sneak-peeks BEHIND SCENES


Magic is real and I’ve been using it for many years! (Although I didn’t know it for the longest time.) So I’d like to share its healing and kind power with you by giving you a little look behind-scenes. You’ll not only be inspired but it’ll give you ideas for your personal magic-making skills and how that plays out in your own home, studio, space, etc.


templates to get clarity and take action

$19 value



lifetime access

to these monthly magical and practical resources to ensure you're manifesting your purpose and unique path.

+ Plu!


all of this

Total Value = $548!

THAT'S OVER $500 WORTH OF OFFERINGS you get right away!


YOU'll continue RECEIVing new goodies EVERY MONTH to keep you on track and MANIFESTING YOUR beautiful purpose in life.

(Because let's be honest, we *all* need ongoing encouragement and guidance to keep us motivated and on track toward fulfilling our highest potential ...I know I do!)

IT'S TIME TO INVEST IN YOUr dreams + step *fully* into your soul's purpose.

The Space Mockup: A magical and practical membership nook for your soul's purpose with Tabitha Stitt the self-help psychic and spiritual teacher with a butterfly for transformation

You Have 2 Options!

The price will be increasing in the near future.
Join now to get lifetime access at this current rate!

Have questions?

If you ANY questions whatsoever, click the little floating grey button just below and I’ll get right back with you. 

I’m here for you through this entire ride.  ❤︎

This is a self-led membership but I do offer one-to-one psychic soul readings so you can book your session with me anytime. I’ll definitely be in the comments in The Space, offering feedback and interacting with you there. (:


Of course you’ll find inspiration and encouragement in The Space but it’s necessary to have practical resources to move you up in life.

As a licensed educator I use researched-based instructional strategies and focus on personal development methods when I create any and everything in The Space. 

I guarantee these offerings and treasures will constructively help you on your soul’s path.

I assure you everything you’ll find in The Space has been created with the intention to help you gain clarity, motivation and momentum for your soul’s purpose and passions in life.

Once you get that clarity, nothing can stop you. 

Whatever you want!

You see, THIS is how magic works… 

Everything in The Space is magic.  Now, whether you choose to *apply* this magic or not is up to you. Just know that YOU can manifest anything your heart desires. 

Perhaps this membership is something you’ve been seeking and manifesting for yourself all along… 

That’s right!

Everything you get is listed above ↑ so scroll back up to get all the fun details.  

You’ll receive one of these surprise treasures each and every month, for lifetime access.  (PLUS some fun bonuses here and there!) 

This keeps it exciting, don’t you think?! 

It’s similar to getting a little surprise package on your doorstep, especially for you. What’s inside this beautifully wrapped box??

Guess you’ll have to find out. (:

This is *very* important to understand:

You cannot manifest your future in the future.  Read that again. 

The Universe works in the present moment.  In other words, you must create and design your future *right now* in order to alter your future how you want it to look and feel.

You’ll see I repeat this below because it’s THAT important to know and understand.

Just for that reason! I’m an actual licensed school teacher and so proud of it. I’m one of those awesome, caring and compassionate teachers that truly pays attention to you.

Not only that but I’m a clairvoyant too. I sense and feel into your specific needs and create from that healing space. ❤️

There’s a reason why I’m in a high-end magazine next to Mel Robbins, who has nearly 6 MILLION followers on Instagram. This takes hard work and true dedication and I’ll prove that to you.  But you have to give me a chance.  We’re in this together.

YAY!  Sign up with the one-time payment of $297 – or – the payment plan of $33/month for 9 months and get started now. 

"a safe space"

Tabitha is able to provide a safe space with loving and helpful messages.

Alyssa May

Client + Student


join no


You cannot MANIFEST your future in the future. Read that again.

The Universe works in *the present moment*. In other words, you must create and design your future *right now* in order to have what you want later on. Please trust me on this. (I had to figure it out the hard way - but you don't have to.)


You get exclusive offerings!





FIRST DIBS ON BOOKing A 1:1 READING (spots are VERY limited)





Working with Source entails lots of surprise goodies. There’s tons of times I don’t even know what I’m creating until I sit down and start flowing with Source. The offerings are truly endless but there’s one thing in common – they’re all created with your soul’s purpose in mind. 

100% satisfaction guarantee for The Space, with a heart to express gratitude and honesty

My promise to you.

I promise this is worth your time and attention.

You know what’s best for you and aligns with your heart.

If you’re unhappy then simply let me know within 14 days of signing up and you’ll be fully refunded.  No questions or judgement.

(Although I have a feeling it wouldn’t be about the money.)

At this point, it’s about committing to yourself, your dreams and desires and THAT’S the scary part, huh?


Take a deep breath and ask to feel at ease. Ask to trust yourself, your dreams and desires.

Step forward with faith.

The Space Mockup: A magical and practical membership nook for your soul's purpose with Tabitha Stitt the self-help psychic and spiritual teacher with a butterfly for transformation

You Have 2 Options!

The price will be increasing in the near future.
Get lifetime access now at this current rate!

Still have questions?

I’d love to help.
Just click that little grey button below and I’ll be right with you.
Or just go for it and join The Space already. 

This is exciting!

Either way, I’m here for you.

As always…
Pay attention to your intuition, take action and keep trusting yourself.
And so it is!


Tabitha Stitt The Self-Help Psychic, psychic medium, spiritual teacher and Reiki master healer

Tabitha Stitt


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Everything here is created with healing energy.