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5 Ways to Guide You on Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose

The Self-Help Psychic Podcast with Tabitha Stitt, spiritual teacher and psychic trance reader, speaker and healer in front of steps for growth and transformation
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5 Ways to Guide You on Discovering Your Soul's Purpose

You’re your higher self, working on earth, as we all are as human beings. But what do you do with this experience? How do you know you’re on the right path that’s best aligned with your soul’s purpose? As a spiritual seeker I know you know. Here are 5 quick and easy examples to tap into your true essence right now. 

5 ways to guide you on discovering your soul's purpose with Tabitha Stitt, The Self-Help Psychic, spiritual teacher and healer displaying a rose for transformation and inner growth and love for your soul's path and journey

I now ask to receive messages in all ways for the highest good. I’m starting to dig a little deeper and I feel the transition happening as a channel. 

In discovering your soul’s purpose, soul’s calling and true self, first recognize that you’re already on your path. 

So you’re already manifesting your soul’s purpose, whether you realize it or not, because you are here as a human being. 

You’re listening to this, you are experiencing this and this because you have free will. 

So you’re already experiencing your purpose. 

However, there are different levels, there are different aspects of it that feel more aligned and misaligned with your highest self. 

(well, maybe not every day) but usually you wake up, you’re excited to do what you want to do for a living, for your career, you are excited to help others, you feel alive, you feel aligned. 

Now, this is a way of knowing when you are feeling a certain way that feels good, that feels aligned to you. 

This is an indicator that you are on the right track ultimately in the long run.

Not everything’s going to be peachy. 

And that’s the point of being a human being, is that we have all these different energies and feelings and emotions that come up. 

So not everything’s going to be perfect, right? Because there are limiting beliefs that persuade us. 

But overall, if you feel pretty good about what you do, then that’s a pretty good indicator that you are pretty much aligned with your soul’s purpose.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling like there’s something missing on your spiritual path, you’re feeling stuck, you’re feeling uncertain, you’re feeling down, doubtful.

In the bigger, grand scheme of things, I’m not saying that you’re feeling depressed consistently.

You know in your soul, you know in your bones, you know in your gut that you’ve got to make changes. 

You’ve got to make changes. A lot of people do. 

And yet this can be so hard and so challenging because we feel safe in our comfort zones, although this is not really where our soul wants us to be, right? 

We want to move on and up. And as humans, we are natural spiritual seekers. 

We want to know more. We have this curiosity, so we’re always going to want to grow and expand, right? 

The first step or one way to guide you to learning more about your soul’s purpose and how you can be more aligned with your spiritual path is to connect with yourself and your curiosities in life and your interests and your passions. 

What do you enjoy thinking about that lights up a sense of inner purpose? 

What types of topics do you like to think about? 

Are you into cooking? Are you into motherhood? How about teaching? Are you into your community? Are you into science? 

You don’t have to experience struggle in order to know that you’re on your soul’s path. 

Your soul wants you to feel alive and feel bright and feel expansive and feel heightened and your vibration is high. 

This is where your free-will comes into play. 

It’s like your art spiritual teachers encouraging you to explore your unique gifts.

This is how we help each other heal and help the earth heal and help everything heal. And this is essentially what it’s about. 

So looking at your passions and what lights you up, what gives you a good feeling, what interests you, that’s how you’re going to know. 

You don’t have to start there. There’s no one single way or one single right path of doing this. 

There’s tons of different ways of doing this. This is one way for your divine life path. 

Look at what you love to do.

Another way is to ask yourself what your ideal way of connecting with spirit, to your true nature, to source, to your higher self, to God, to the universe. 

How do you want to connect with the source? Do you enjoy being creative? Do you enjoy expressing yourself as a form of free will? 

How about connecting with other people? Do you enjoy being by yourself? Do you enjoy mother nature? 

What helps you feel aligned with this mysteriousness that you know exists? You can call it anything, including your higher self. 

You know that there’s something more out there, and no one can really, truly explain exactly what it is besides how we explain our experiences. 

How do you want to connect with this source, with this power, with this force in regards to your true self and soul mission? 

What resonates with you the most now, for example, when I give readings to my clients, or when I teach my students, or when I offer messages just like this on my YouTube channel, or through this little microphone that’s in front of me that’s converting all this information to you audibly and through.

When I’m tapping in directly to receive these messages and this information, that’s how I feel.

That’s when I feel best connected to my true self and soul’s purpose. It’s one of the easiest ways for me. 

I don’t have to be directly in front of someone, per se.

What lights me up is when I tap into this source and then I offer these messages to you

So that’s one example of feeling a sense of inner purpose. 

But how do you enjoy connecting with source or with spirit?

How do you enjoy it? Are you crafting something? 

Are you illustrating something? What about writing? Are you praying? Are you using oracle decks? (My favorite!)

Are you driving down the road and it’s quiet? Are you with your family? 

And it just gives you this sense of peace, this sense of connection, the sense of, you know, that something is out there, and it’s powerful and it’s guiding you. 

Are you in mother nature? 

When you feel this connection, and you know what this connection feels like, you know it. 

And what’s challenging is just living a human experience? 

We get so caught up in distractions that we have to continue to remind ourselves to get back to that, right? 

Getting back to the basics of connecting with our higher power, whatever that is. There’s no one right higher power. 

It’s all one, essentially, because it’s all love, it’s all energy. It’s simply part of the process of being a human. 

It’s all here to help us with our spiritual awakening and realization.

And when you connect with it, that’s what’s most important. 

So that connection, that alignment that you feel is going to continuously help you recognize your soul’s purpose and version of your highest self. 

It is your soul’s purpose, is that connection in addition to utilizing your natural gifts.

The next one in guiding you is doing what you feel is exciting for you as your authentic self. 

So we talked about discussing your passions, right? 

And just looking at the topic, the overall topic. And then we talked about connecting with Source or with God. 

Now the next one is in doing right?

It’s actually taking that action and what is it?

Is that what you enjoy actually doing that’ll feel aligned with your soul’s purpose?

Are you building something with your hands? 

Are you painting? How about sewing? Are you giving someone a big hug? Are you giving someone a shot?

What about writing a book about your childhood experience?

Are you in a hospital nearby? Are you offering energy healing?

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How about printing out paperwork? Are you in an office filing something? Are you on the phone? 

Now, maybe you absolutely hate what you do. And sometimes we get burnout a little bit and we all need breaks sometimes. That doesn’t mean that that’s not what you enjoy doing. 

But again, you know in your heart and your soul what you enjoy doing.

So you have to explore a little bit. 

If you’re not sure, but I bet you there’s at least one thing that you know that you enjoy doing and crazy enough but this is related to your soul mission and higher self! 

So, for example, you could enjoy doodling and drawing and illustrating on your own time. 

And maybe you just feel like you do this because you’re bored, but really you find yourself consistently doing it.

So maybe this is something that you could actually utilize and express from the inside out. 

And whether you choose to sell it as a form of a product or a service, or if you just keep it to yourself, but either way, in order to then take it to the next step as a career or as a job or whatever it is, then you would want to share it with others and to offer that out and to help them heal as well. 

Or you can keep it to yourself as another option as another form of your soul’s calling.

The fourth way in guiding you to discover more about your soul’s purpose is to activate your intuitive senses. 

To begin recognizing even more when you’re on the right path or when you feel aligned with your soul’s true purpose and real reason for what you choose to do. 

So you’ve got to practice activating your intuitive senses, thus inner purpose. 

So we’re all intuitive, in our different roles in life. 

You’re intuitive, I’m intuitive. 

This is part of our soul agreement as being intuitive as a human.

It’s like a mini brief spiritual awakening when we tap into and recognize our intuition in the moment. 

There’s different levels of it. The more that we suppress ourselves with things that are dense. Energy, things that are scaring us, things that are not good for our energy. 

So, like, eating a huge cheeseburger with a bunch of mayonnaise, for example, is probably going to make you feel not so good. 

Physically, emotionally, spiritually, you might end up feeling very dense and creating a hard time for yourself. 

You might feel tired. And not only is your physical body trying to generate energy to absorb what you just consumed, but also you’re dampening your energy. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to do with food. 

Look at your whole time and the bigger picture. 

Are you consuming someone else’s energy within your relationship that is not helpful? That is dense, that is down, that is consistently not supportive? 

Are you in an environment where it is just overwhelmed with physical stuff, materialistic stuff, you walk in and you’re like, oh, I don’t really feel good. Well, is it because you have too much stuff around? 

The more that you recognize what is right for you, what feels right, the easier you’re going to recognize whether you’re aligned or misaligned. 

No matter what, at the end of the day, you know in your heart and on a soul level. 

Right? Yes, you do. 

You might be trying to confuse yourself with your logical mind subconsciously because it feels safer to remain in a situation, although that’s not really the case.

But the more that you activate your intuition, the more that you meditate, the more that you connect, the more that you heighten your energy, the more that you get around people that are supportive… 

This is all going to heighten your intuition, thus giving you a clearer stance on what it is that you feel most aligned with. 

And there you go. 

Now, I know it might not be easy. You might be getting out of your comfort zone. 

Of course, we all do, right? We all have to grow and expand. 

We all have to do things that are uncomfortable to align with our higher self. 

But the more that you allow yourself to connect with this source and your spirit team, then you’ll be able to make better decisions for yourself. 

You’ll feel aligned, you’ll feel light, you’ll feel much love.

And that leads me to the next step, which is in order to help you understand and to step fully into your soul’s purpose, to help you feel most aligned with your life purpose, your soul work, your mission, whatever you would like to call it, you have got to get rid of those things that are not helping you and that are hindering you. 

If something is holding you back, whether it’s a train of thought that you have, whether it’s a habit, whether it’s a person, relationship, an environment, a family member – there’s a better way to handle this than just accept it as is. 

This is going to be the most challenging one because this is really getting out of our comfort zones. 

Isn’t it worth it? Isn’t it worth feeling a little bit uneasy at first? It’s affecting your whole life whether you realize it or not. 

I can guarantee you 100% that you’ve already gone through so much shit in your life that you don’t even realize all of the wonderful things that you have surpassed, that you have broken through, that you have challenged yourself, and you beat that, and you got past it. 

Look at those things that you’ve already done in your life and know that you can do it again.

This is one of the most important things to realize on your journey – your strength, own experience, and life’s journey up to this point! 

Take on the role as one of your favorite spiritual teachers and ask yourself:

How can I step fully into my passions? 

How can I make my love for what I do be who I am? 

In what ways can I most utilize the very essence of what it is that I want to create? 

How can I share what my passions are with other people? 

How can I help animals? In what ways can I help the planet?

How can I help others?

That is how you can help yourself align fully with your soul’s purpose. If you want. I’m here to help you as a channel, as a trance psychic medium. 

We all need that connection. 

It will give you an outside insight, it will give you a different perspective. It will help you realize what aligns and what does not align with you. 

Ultimately, these are all things that are going to help you align even more with your soul’s purpose and higher self. 

Remember, you’re already on your path because you’re here, but you have to get rid of those things that are not for the highest good. And you know in your heart what you need to get rid of. 

Sometimes it’s going to be a quick, easy fix. Sometimes it’s been lingering on for years and years and years. 

You’ve got to make way for what’s important to you and trust that once you let go of something, whatever that is, a relationship, a physical object, a place, a person, an environment, a state of mind, once you get rid of that, once you donate it, once you turn it into a different form of energy, you will be so happy that you did it. 

I promise it’ll give you the ultimate sense of freedom! 

One step at a time and to go for it. 

And that’s all that there is to it. 

And I know that it sounds easier than what it really is because it is challenging, it’s not so easy when you’re creating a sort-of new life for yourself. 

But you’ve got it. You’ve got the inner power, and your spiritual team and NOTHING can ever take that away from you. 

You have your willpower and your inner wisdom and that means a whole lot. 

You have your determination. And you certainly have the energy. (You can increase your energy levels so be aware of this too.)

You’ve got to surround yourself with things that are going to heighten your energy, heighten your soul. 

Ask for your spiritual people above to guide you, and they will. 

You deserve good things – on a daily basis. 

You deserve to follow what resonates with you in your heart. 

Share this message in all ways for the highest good. 

And as always, pay attention to your intuition. Take action and keep trusting yourself.

Head on over to tabithastit.com/podcast and submit your question there.

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