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Best Ways for Finding Your Unique Natural Gifts

The Self-Help Psychic Podcast with Tabitha Stitt, spiritual teacher and psychic trance reader, speaker and healer in front of steps for growth and transformation
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Best Ways for Finding Your Unique Natural Gifts

How do you recognize your own natural gifts? We’re all born with them but sometimes we have to unearth them to really see and use them.

Here’s the best ideas.

Think of this as a little gift guide to help align you on your soul’s path.  

Best Ideas for Finding Your Natural Unique Gifts on The Self-Help Psychic Podcast with Tabitha Stitt, The Self-Help Psychic with a pink rose for acceptance of your natural gifts
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First thing is first. 

I’m seeing the stillness of the room, the space, I’m hearing the clock on the wall, I’m hearing a blower in the distance in the backyard.

I’m just tapping into ALL of these senses. 

This is part of the message – 

Tap into your own senses!

This is a way for you to find more about yourself, utilizing what you already have, right? 

So we talk about these natural gifts which we’ll get more into the specific subject of it. 

Spirit is wanting to actually talk about the more that you are tapped into your own senses, the more that you will be able to become aware of what it is that you’re naturally drawn to – your curiosities, this awareness, this stillness that we experience. 

A great way to start is to use innate natural materials – practice observing your own senses. 

The more that you practice observing and utilizing the senses that you already have, your sight, sound, hearing, taste, the vibrations, the energy, the feelings, the emotions, the more that you pay attention to these things that are happening within you without judgment, right? 

You’re just noticing, you’re taking into account what’s going on. 

You’re noticing the more that you do this, the more that you’ll be able to not only kind of get into your zone of genius and your spiritual gifts. 

And that is important. This is the ideal gift of all. 

That’s important because the more you focus on your curiosity and what calls your attention, the more that you’ll be able to easily recognize that’s the path for you. 

Now, it’s not just like any curiosity, right? It’s something that we feel really, really drawn to, right? 

We feel pulled in. 

We feel like we’ve got to discover more, we’ve got to figure it out. 

Whether it’s a relationship or job opportunity or a space, an environment, moving from one state to another. 

It’s like we feel this curiosity within us and we draw to it. 

So the more that we tap into our senses, the more that we’ll be able to notice and be aligned with that path.

Use your personal life experiences – your unique story.

Another way for you to recognize or to step in or to discover more about your natural, unique gifts is… 

The image that I’m seeing is actually a flower – a symbolic natural material – growing and noticing your growth and your experiences, right? 

This is a good thing! 

It’s part of the best gifts you’ll ever give yourself – self-awareness. 

Your experiences are like sustainable gifts because they’ll keep giving to you. 

Your experiences and what you’ve learned in life, all of these experiences and your unique story that you’ve had in life, you can use them because – the word I’m hearing is circumstances, right? 

We all have different circumstances. We all have different ways of growing up and experiencing the spirit of God. 

Different situations, different families. We all have these different chapters in our lives. 

We have all this background, right? This sustainable gift that we can keep referring back to as a lesson and essentially positive impact.

And so oftentimes we may experience something traumatic or worrisome or we don’t know what to do or something really scary.

Or perhaps we’ve had a life luckily filled with just total abundance and love, but even then we have our own perspective on it. 

It’s our unique story. 

The idea here is to use your experiences and unique story to learn more about yourself and what is going on around you.

What is going on around you? 

Recognize that you can actually use your experiences but what does that mean? 

You can either use your experiences as a way to continually victimize yourself. Being in this state mentally can be challenging. It’s like consuming yourself with toxic chemicals. 

If something traumatic happened to you, then YES, that is a state of being a victim in the moment.

But you’re also in this state of SURVIVAL as well. 

You’re surviving, you’re listening, you’re watching this video. 

You’ve survived that. Which is a good thing. Now you’re in a better place which is a wonderful gift. 

Use that unique story, that part of your life to empower you. It’s the ideal gift of all time. 

Or the opposite of that is to remain in that state of woundedness and that state of pattern where rather than using it for the benefit of your life, you’re using it to sort of deplete your energy and go down a path that isn’t best for you. 

It negatively impacts the neural pathways creating an energetic blockage per say. 

But the more that you tap into these experiences and learn from them, even in small batches, the more that you’ll be able to recognize your unique gifts!

They’re unique to you. And that in itself is the ideal gift. 

No one else has experienced that. Especially as well all have specific family members.

Even if they have experienced it, let’s say it’s within your own family and they have experienced it with you, they’ve witnessed something, then they still have their own perspective on it. 

They still have their own personalities, their own techniques. 

Use your own experiences to learn and to grow. 

This is part of your story. 

This is part of who you are. 

Did you overcome it? Was this willpower that you had to create and utilize? (YES!)

Another great idea – take online assessments to learn more about yourself and unique gifts

How else can you discover more about your unique strengths and talents and skills and strengths and everything else that falls under that is taking an assessment, right? 

So taking a test, so taking online an assessment or something to learn more about yourself. There’s tons out there. But it’s a great way to learn so much about yourself. 

The two that pop up are the Myers Briggs assessment and the StrengthsFinder Assessment 

Essentially if you look up any of those, that will also guide you on the path of learning more about yourself which is also one of the best gifts in the world. 

Now, that’s the one I recommend – StrengthsFinder – it’s one of my favorite books too!

I feel closer to my heart with that one. It’s a very high quality assessment that millions of people have taken. 

That’s actually what I use in my own sessions as well as I’ve learned about this as a licensed teacher as well. 

I’ve helped my students use this and learn more about themselves and unique gifts as well in the courses that I teach. 

Click on the link to discover more – StrengthsFinder

So learning more about yourself and who you are and how you can utilize these traits and these strengths and these talents and how you can create this energy, this flow, right? 

Project it out. Make it happen. Create a NEW unique story that harnesses your hard work through whatever form you prefer to work.

You can’t go wrong, it’s all high quality when you’re expressing from your soul and The Universe or the spirit of God.

Maximizing your personal strengths and natural gifts is truly one of the best gifts you can give yourself and the world. 

Which leads me to… 

It’s a good idea to get active – with your actions and natural abilities.  

The best way to learn and to find out more about your strengths is to actually get active. You can do this first thing in the morning or whenever it feels right to you. 

And I don’t mean physically necessarily. I’m not talking about working out necessarily. 

Maybe that’s your thing, your ideal gift to yourself.

But that’s always a benefit, right? It’s a good thing!

But what I’m saying here is we can sit all day long and just be in our own heads, right? 

Taking action is also like a sustainable gift – the benefits are endless even on special occasions.

We can sit and think all day long, and we can get inspired, and we can learn. And that all is part of it as well. I definitely support that, and I love that as well. 

Especially as a teacher, I always like to learn, learn and want you to learn about your natural gifts, spiritual gifts, sustainable gifts.

You have so much to learn about yourself, but there comes a time where you have to actually utilize that information and to put it out into the world. 

So you want to take what you’re learning, and you want to actually step out of your comfort zone, perhaps, and either apply it or utilize it or figure out a way to manage it and to fill that void or that space within you and also just to follow your curiosity, right?

I know I had mentioned this before, but let’s say you want to take a course or you want to find a mentor, okay? So you have to take action, right? 

You have to take action. You have to get out of your comfort zone. And this can feel like hard work. Trust me, I know. 

You have to do something. And even if you’re like, “I don’t know how this is going to benefit me, I have no clue.” 

But it will benefit you because if you’re drawn into it, this is your intuition, right? 

Your intuition is an innate, natural material found right within you. 

A lot of times our intuition is just very like a spark, a spark of insight. It’s very rather quick but makes a huge, positive impact. 

It comes out of nowhere. It comes out of the blue, and that’s your intuition. It’s a great way or the best way to know your natural gifts.

Now, your ego might get in the way, your mind or even social media gets in the way and says, “oh, you can’t afford that. You don’t have time. You have these other responsibilities.” 

But Spirit, God, The Universe is encouraging you to follow those steps and to go after that. It’s the perfect gift for yourself, on your soul’s journey. 

You don’t want to stall yourself or your spiritual gifts.

A lot of times we have these doubts, right? So we do have circumstances, right? We do have responsibilities, right? 

And so we don’t want to go bankrupt just to take a class. 

There might be a way of figuring that out. Perhaps you take that class and you learn to make $100,000 within the first year. 

So there’s all these different circumstances, but to always find a way that works best for you, and you’re not going to know until you actually take action, right? 

So again, we can sit all day long and learn and feel inspired, which is wonderful, and that’s important too –

It may feel like hard work emotionally but you have to actually just do the thing. 

You just have to do it. There’s a wonderful book called “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. 

So every human being experiences fear. But this can be used as a good thing! 

It’ll drive you forward and you’ll notice its positive impact.

Feeling fearful is just Spirit encouraging you to go after that curious thing that you think about or that interest, or perhaps you thought about taking a class or you want to learn more. 

And so a story that comes to me about my own life to help you understand this is that not everything is linear, right? 

We’re not born with all of the answers, right? 

For the most part, even on special occasions, we have no clue really. 

Even in the past year, I’ve discovered SO much about myself and calling. 

We just go breadcrumb to breadcrumb. 

And kind of figure it out. It can be hard work too. 

And we might have all these goals in our mind, and we have all these ambitions and aspirations, and we have these long term goals and short term goals, but oftentimes we’ll take a step because it aligns with our goal, but then we might think, oh, okay, that was unexpected. 

I wasn’t expecting to learn that or to meet that person or to connect or to network. 

And now I’m on a whole different path, right? 

I’m on a whole different path, and I forget what the heck I was even talking about. 

But it’s interesting. 

So this is part of the process as well, is just trusting, right, and being open and not worrying what people think about you, right? 

Not worrying about what people think about you.

I’ve been on camera, right, and I’ve done hundreds and thousands of readings and healings, because readings are healing, but you have to just be vulnerable, right? 

And so now I remember what I was talking about before, but I think that’s part of it, too. I do trust that this is Spirit’s way of showing you, that you have to trust. So at that moment, I forgot. I forgot, right? 

But then I’m like, oh, my gosh, I could stop the video, I could start all over. 

But I’m just going to keep going, right? 

I’m just going to keep rolling with it because we all have to be in the state of vulnerability. 

And vulnerability is good, right, as long as you’re safe. Right, but I feel like physically safe, but like, emotionally, you might be putting yourself on the line, right? 

But that’s okay because you have to push yourself forward, and that’s how you grow and expand. It’s hard work at times but it’s worth it! 

And that’s what this is all about with the self help psychic is personal development, self growth and self awareness, right? 

So you have to push yourself out there. 

You have to try new things. 

You have to get out there. That’s how you’re going to discover your natural gifts, right, besides just knowing what you’re naturally drawn to, right? 

Recognize and know what you’re naturally drawn to and love doing.

You probably are so naturally good at something that you don’t even recognize that you’re good at it. It’s probably just something that you love doodling. 

So, for example, you might love doodling, right? 

It’s something that you love doing, even on special occasions or within the past year. 

Drawing and illustrating and painting, and you have all these wonderful organic gifts. 

And a lot of times our most natural talents are where we should be focusing, right? 

But we’re not really necessarily taught that in school, right? 

There’s all these differences. We won’t even go there with education, but it’s a different way of looking at life and just using what it is that you love to do. 

And you might not notice your natural talents until you start doing something, and then you’re like, oh, my gosh, I have a knack for this. I’ve always loved just drawing, for example. 

Not me personally. I’m just putting an example out there. 

And then you take a course and you’re like, oh, my gosh, now I learned that I love collage art, right? 

That is something that I do love to do. And so then you might figure out that, oh, now I’m going to start doing this. This is all part of my natural gifts! Now I see my natural talents.

But then you have to figure out, okay, well, now if I’m going to make this as a living, if I’m going to make this as a job or a career, then I have to really put myself out there. 

I have to sell, I have to find a way to put my artwork out there or my music or whatever it is, right? 

And so that’s all part of the plan as well. It’s just experiencing that vulnerability of expressing your spiritual gifts. 

And I know Brené Brown is a beautiful resource for that as she talks about vulnerability.

So going back to what I was saying before is this short story about myself.

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. 

I’ve known that my whole life that I’ve always enjoyed being by myself too.  

I would come home from school and I’d be like, oh, thank God, no one is home. 

No one is home.

Perhaps I could feel the serene spirit of God when it was quiet and still. 

I think maybe because we’re all sensitive to energies, right? (Enjoying being alone is part of my natural talents and natural gifts!) 

But maybe I was ultra sensitive. And so when there’s tons of energy in the home. 

It’s like, oh, my gosh, it feels so nice just to have time by myself and be quiet. 

So anyway, I’ve always loved being by myself. 

Notice what you’ve always loved. This will lead you to a better place – a natural home for yourself.

You might not be able to remember everything, but just little blips of your memories of things that you’ve always enjoyed doing. 

I’ve always known I wanted to be a teacher as well. I don’t really know why, but here I am teaching. 

I went to college and I became a licensed school teacher, and I taught for seven years. 

But along the way, I had an issue growing up with my mom, and I witnessed her as she had experienced a completely sudden and unexpected addiction to this drug. 

She has told me that she wants people to know about this and her unique story. 

It’s okay that I’m sharing this because it’s a part of my story as well. 

So that was a pretty horrific and scary moment for all of us. 

She conquered through. 

Which is the best and most wonderful gift ever. 

The idea here is that it’s part of my experience. 

It was hard work but that led me to want to look more into healing and how I can help others heal – which has been one of the best gifts. 

And I didn’t really even recognize it at the time, but then I stumbled across this magazine because I’m obsessed with books, and it was all about reiki, and I had no idea what it was. 

And that led me to becoming a practitioner. That very first time I experienced that, I experienced clairvoyance, which is crazy. 

I told the people in my class what had happened, and they all looked at me with, like, their jaws dropped open, like as if, like, what? 

That was totally clairvoyance. It came spontaneously – as a natural gift and spiritual gift.  

That led me on to speaking with another psychic medium and getting a reading. Which was such a good thing! 

Because she said, yes, you’re supposed to be giving readings. 

Then that led into this better place – trance work, and here we are! 

We’re all in a better place, right now at this very moment. Compared to where we were yesterday. 

We’re progressing on our paths toward aligning even more with our natural gifts and spiritual gifts. 

So with all that being said, I’m not really totally in a trance. 

I’m just kind of giving a psychic reading at this moment. I’m giving, like, impromptu messages and readings, and it’s a universal message, right? But that’s not linear. 

I could have never predicted that. 

But what happened was I just followed my intuition, and I used my experiences from before, even though I didn’t realize it at the time. 

How can you actively use your experiences now? 

Those traumatic events or those things that really stand out to you, whether they are traumatic or not so much those things that have stood out to you, you can use them and think – 

Why did that stand out to me and how does that help me? 

How can I help others as well? 

How can you use your natural gifts as natural gift ideas, per say. 

What wonderful gift do you have to offer out? 

And then learning about your personality, your strengths and your natural talents and your skills and learning more about that, right? 

Ask others what they see in you as your natural gifts and talents.

You can ask friends, colleagues, even a family member.

And then you can also ask others as well, like, what do you think is my natural talent; my natural gifts; natural abilities? 

How do I work best? What do you notice in me that is positive? 

You can ask others these questions and that’s helpful as well, because you’re getting the outside perspective. 

But it’s also helpful to know to not put all of your marbles in one basket, right? 

So you don’t want to put all of your emphasis on just one person’s opinion. 

You want to also certainly recognize your own feelings about it and think, okay, well, that makes sense to me, or maybe I agree or maybe I disagree with that, right? 

But just looking at what you’re naturally gifted with, and I know that sounds sort of like cliche – 

Truly, look at what it is that you love to do. 

You can absolutely make your natural gifts into a career. You can think of this as natural gift ideas!

When you find a way to turn what you love into a career you’re basically finding a natural home for yourself at all times.

The difference is, when you do it, you then transition into taking that. You might have to add skills to it, right?

And then you have to find a way to sell it, right? You can sell it. You can just start off small, presenting to your family and saying, would you like to buy this from me? And then moving on. 

But it’s a long journey, right? It can be hard work. But it’s high quality. 

It’s a journey of your soul’s purpose, because your soul’s purpose is all about utilizing what it is that you feel in your heart and your soul and going after that. 

That’s what it’s all about. 

Leading yourself into a better place. 

A wonderful gift for yourself. 

Perhaps even a mothers day gift for yourself? 

And yes, we have things that come along the way that kind of maybe stall us or stifle us a little bit, but that’s always going to happen. 

Those challenges are always going to pop up. They ironically make a positive impact. 

The more that you push past them and the more determined you are and the more perseverance that you utilize and that you use – 

the more that you will see that your life unfolds beautifully and these synchronicities start to happen more and more.

So that is the message for you at this moment. 

I know that I start to speed up very, very quickly, but if you’re interested in receiving a very specific psychic soul reading from me, please contact me. 

I keep using that word, “utilize”. It’s driving me nuts. 

That’s the word of the day, right? 

Look up that word and find the meaning for yourself. 

It’ll make a positive impact for you on this whole journey of discovering your unique talents. 

That is my little challenge for you. 

How can you apply your natural gifts (what you already have within) and then just project it out there? 

But those are the best ways that I can come up for you in this moment, through Spirit and always for the highest good. 

One of the best gifts you can also give yourself?

If you’re interested in learning more or working with me, please reach out, schedule a reading.

If you have questions HEAD HERE and you can actually submit your own question. 

Allow it to be open ended, and then that way, we can help others as well.

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