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Spiritual Signs from The Universe You’re On The Right Path

The Self-Help Psychic Podcast with Tabitha Stitt, spiritual teacher and psychic trance reader, speaker and healer in front of steps for growth and transformation
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Spiritual Signs from The Universe You're On The Right Path

There are spiritual signs from the universe you’re on the right path. So many times I’ve thought, “Am I on the right path? What do I need to do now?” You too?! Here’s what I’ve learned as a psychic medium that are direct signs from The Universe, God, your angels, guides, spirit animals, etc that you’re indeed on the right path – or you need to realign.

Spiritual Signs from The Universe You Are On The Right Path with the sun for illuminating the path ahead

We run in circles. We find excuses.

The more that you allow yourself to pay attention to what your soul is telling you to do, which is like this inner feeling, right? It’s this inner knowing. You know it’s your intuition.

It’s like this larger pull or this larger magnetic draw for you to do something different.

the more you pay attention to YOUR own callings, AND the more you follow through, the more you’ll feel totally fulfilled and joyful.

You’re probably certainly not gonna have all of these specific minute details right off the bat. And I think that’s what stalls us, right?

We think we need to have every answer. We need to have everything. But that’s not going to be the case. It’s almost like this larger feeling.

So you’re focused on accomplishing your goals, your dreams, your desires. You’re focused on yourself, really.

I know that might sound selfish but this doesn’t mean that you’re not helping others, the environment or community in the larger scheme of things.

Because if you’re truly following what your soul is asking you to follow, then ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, you are absolutely 100% helping other people. Because you are increasing your vibration.

You are aligning with your soul’s purpose.

You are feeling good. And when you feel good, you’re naturally healing other people.

You’re helping other people. You have more patience. You’re focused on what it is that your spirit, your soul is asking you to do.

So you are becoming a light source for others naturally. So even though you’re focused on your own goals and your dreams and accomplishing those goals, that doesn’t mean you’re being selfish.

So the next spiritual sign from the universe that you’re on the right path is you may find that you start to receive signs or symbols or little messages from either your angels, your animal friends, your animal guides, your spirit guides.

You might find feathers on the ground or coins or wherever they are.

You might see numbers.

Or perhaps you’ll be driving, and see a license plate that resonates with you, and you’re like, “Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe that!”

Now, if you’re actively looking for these signs, you might not necessarily find them, because that’s not really how it works.

What you can do is you set the intention ahead of time and be open to receiving.

“I asked for aa sign or a couple signs, and always for the highest good, to know that I’m on the right track.”

Coming across challenges is “normal” when you’re going after your dreams.

Try not to get discouraged and know that this too shall pass.

When you know in your heart you’re doing what your soul is calling you to do, you can be sure that you’re on the right track.

But be aware that bumps in the road will happen. You can see this as a challenge from the universe or you can see it as a challenge as a human being.

Either way continue to follow YOUR path.

This happens to me often when I receive messages and information from books.

Other resources could be getting an idea that feels random, waking up from a dream and you have the perfect answer.

Receiving guidance from who appears as a stranger, finding a brochure with a counselor that addresses your exact concerns.

Being referred to a psychic medium who can help you with your Soul’s purpose.

These are just a few examples of coming across the perfect resources. What resources have you received that have helped you along the way?

In order to create what it is that your heart and soul desires, you must make room for it.

We must make the space in order to fulfill our dreams and desires.

If you’re willing to let go of those things that are holding you back, creating consistently dense feelings within you then you know that you’re on the right track.

This is a sign that your soul is wanting to soar.

Please don’t ignore this one. Make the space for your soul to soar.

You were born with very specific natural gifts in order to use them and help yourself and help all of consciousness.

The more you allow yourself to learn about your natural gifts the more you will feel aligned with your purpose and path in life.

So get to learning!

One of my favorites is the Clifton StrengthsFinder or it’s also called Gallup.

You can also learn about your natural gifts by choosing to receive a psychic reading (this is one of my specialties!), you can take personality assessments, quizzes online, books that look into your path and the Art of making a living.

Recognize that your gifts are to be utilized. The more you apply them the more that you will feel and know for sure that you’re aligned on your soul’s path.

Often times we get stuck in our own ways, we don’t want to make changes because we feel or think that we’re comfortable where we are, or we have such a strong disciplined mindset that getting out of that regimented space can be challenging.

But again your soul is needing to expand so when you feel the urge to explore an adventure out do know that you’re on the right path and doing this.

No matter what, no one else can tell you what to do. Yes, they can tell you what to do but at the end of the day you are the one that gets to decide what is best for you.

Start to pay attention to your inner feelings these nudges that seem perhaps random. Your inner Compass is another way of explaining your intuition.

You are naturally intuitive and nothing can take this away from you. Your intuition can certainly be muddled a little bit if you’re choosing to stay in situations that bring you down or you’re consuming foods or entertainment that is making your energy dense rather than vibrant and free so be aware of these culprits that prevent your intuition from Guiding you in the best ways possible.

This goes back to making space for your soul to soar.

when you’re on the right path you will feel motivated to live the life of your dreams. This doesn’t mean that it will be easy because remember you will feel a bit of resistance but this is common and you’ll want to be aware of this resistance. The more that you’re aware the easier it’ll be to move past it and continue to trust and have faith in your ability to fulfill your dreams.

Pick one (1) of the above to focus on as you move forward on the right path for YOU.

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