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What is the Meaningful Reason of Serving a Higher Purpose?

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What is the Meaningful Reason of Serving a Higher Purpose?

What is the meaningful reason for serving a higher purpose? We’re all here as human beings on planet Earth trying to figure things out, are we not? Yes. And some days are frustrating. Some days are awesome. So how do we make it meaningful? 

What is the meaningful reason of serving a higher purpose? by Tabitha Stitt in The Self-Help Psychic Podcast showing a sunflower for love and support on our journey

Sometimes things can drag on. 

Sometimes we deal with the death of someone passing and feeling that sadness. 

And then other days, we get back on track and we feel this sense of hope and faith and that we have clarity. 

Then the next day, we feel right back to being drained again. This is part of the human condition. 

So it’s this eb and flow of figuring things out as a human being, right? 

There’s probably so many times where you think, what the hell is the purpose?

What is the ultimate meaning? 

And then we begin to shift, right? There’s a shift happening. This shift, this shift.

So, as I’m giving you this message, as Tabitha Stitt, The Self-Help Psychic, is another human being, as I’m looking at this and answering the question, what is the meaningful reason behind having a higher purpose and a positive impact? 

And what’s wrong with feeling good, right? We’re here to experience all of these feelings as human beings, right? 

We’re not here to just pretend or put up a meager display like everything is all perfect.

But I do feel like we’re here to also feel the sense of liberation and freedom and to see the higher good in not only ourselves, but others as well. 

We can’t deny that there is a lot of shit and difficult times going on around the world. 

A lot of pain, a lot of hurt. We can’t deny that happens. 

But the more that we focus on that hurt and that pain, the more that we begin to feel into that as well. And in the moment, it’s okay to feel into it, right? 

Because we’re resonating with the greater good. 

We are being real. We’re not denying we’re seeing what’s happening. We are connecting with others feelings. 

But in order to help the situation, we must provide this sense of foundation.

And in order to do that, we must give them hope as well for true happiness. 

To give ourselves hope, too. 

To give our immediate family hope, and our immediate students and clients and our immediate whoever it is that’s within our circle. 

But then if we expand this out further, and see earth as our circle, right, seeing that, we begin to realize that it’s like this butterfly effect, right? 

So these tiny little things that you decide to do in your own life will also heighten the vibration and expand this energy out. And you’ll begin to see and feel that not only do you feel better? But you’re also helping others feel better as well. 

You’re heightening this vibration. You’re sending this frequency out for the greater good of, “Hey, this too shall pass. And you’re not alone.” 

We’re in it together. 

We’re all trying to figure it out. And that’s the meaningful reason behind doing something positive in this higher, grand scheme of beyond your own enjoyment.

And really, what happens is when you step into what feels joyful to you, you are heightening your energy, and then that’s expanding out, and then others will start to feel that, and maybe they resist your positive energy, right? 

Especially if they don’t understand it or they have their own perspective, right? And you can’t control others’ perspectives. 

But what you can do is control your current reality and your situation and what you enjoy doing as an open-minded inquirer. 

And then as you expand that energy out by doing what you enjoy doing, that will eventually heighten others’ energies, whether they will see it directly or they’ll start to say, “Hey, I can do this for myself.” 

Or they choose to look the other way. It’s all in their choice, right? 

This is how manifestation works.

And then you begin to naturally unfold this grander scheme, this higher purpose, by stepping into what brings you joy. 

This is the higher purpose, right? And so we might think, oh, well, why is this person’s. What they do, is that considered a higher purpose than someone else? 

Well, it’s not. 


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When you are doing work that you enjoy doing, that lights up your energy. That brings you a sense of happiness and a sense of satisfaction.

That’s when you are doing your higher purpose. 

That’s when you’re stepping into your soul’s purpose is when you’re doing that. Now, again, this is not to say that everything’s going to be positive and perfect. 

We’ll have those days where we feel down, but we will also experience the sense of, okay, I can do this. I can reach higher states. 

I can go into what feels blissful for me and from this comes a better future. 

And it’s meaningful just because of that reason. 

How do you know you have found your bliss? 

Well, it feels good! It feels like a better place for ourselves.

Again, not every single day is going to feel like you have a clear sense of purpose, right? 

But then that’s when we get back, realigned with ourselves. 

We readjust, we notice “Hey, this doesn’t feel right. Something has affected me.” 

But the meaning behind all of this is to raise the vibration. Now, that might sound totally woo woo.

What the hell does that really mean? Everything is energy, right? I mean, it really is! 

Everything is this grand scheme, this grand plantation, this grand platform, this grand plane of energy.

And it’s all here to heighten, to raise its vibration. 

Now, the thing with having the ability to manifest others are, and perhaps yourself sometimes we can do this unintentionally, and others may do it intentionally. 

Whatever the intention is, if we’re doing something that, although it is something that we can manifest, we’re doing it to where it’s negatively impacting others. 

So once we start to realize that we can step into this higher state of vibration with a new look, we can change this. 

Everything that you choose to do is impacting your life, from social media to an active spiritual life. 

Even those little minor thoughts that we have, those minor thoughts can take up much time and energy. 

Now, this isn’t to be scared of the thoughts that you have, because as soon as you have that thought and you don’t like it, you can choose to change the vibration, right? 

The more that you recognize the vibration is changing, the more that you’ll be able to alter your thoughts as soon as they come in.

Again, you’re not in denial. 

You’re starting to choose to focus on the positive with easier access. 

What that is doing is heightening not only your energy, but other people’s likes and energy, as well, right? 

And we had already mentioned that to you, so hopefully you recognize that.

As I was going along, I’m also channeling information as well from a higher sentient being, as I would like to explain it to you now. 

This source, this light, is streaming through me, and I can feel that as I’m doing my work, you are being affected by this work.

And perhaps after this, you might feel different, right? 

You might feel different, okay? And then that’s how it works. And then as you feel different, then someone else will feel different. Okay? 

And so this is how the beauty of it works, is getting into that state of energy that makes you feel good, that makes you feel heightened, that makes you feel liberated and free. 

This is the state of being of, in the higher purpose. 

The soul’s purpose, right? 

The soul’s purpose is to experience all different kinds of things, but to alter them as you go along and to heighten that energy to more or less spread the light, right? 

The light. The light. And The light. 

You can call it whatever you would like, but this is all here to help us.

We are in a situation of being here on Mother Earth trying to live harmoniously with digital distraction. 

And it can be hellacious, it can be pure hell, depending on where you are in the world at that given moment. And you don’t have to be in a part of the world where there is a sense of war, a lack of financial resources, or physical destruction and war. 

You can have an internal war within yourself as well. But how do you change that? How do you shift that? 

I know that this is going to sound crazy, but you honestly have to get grounded. 

You have to feel into the body. You have to maintain that sense of control – despite distracting or misleading social programs. Okay? 

Ask to feel in control.

“I ask to be grounded. I asked to be back in my body”.

Because what happens is we have out of body experiences and this can feel liberating as well. But this can also give a sense of out of controlness as well. 

So as soon as you’re feeling these emotions are skipping away from you, begin to come back to the body, ask to come back, ask to feel grounded, ask to feel reassured. 

And then that’s when you’ll start to feel this inner sense of peace within you.

And what is happening there is that you are allowing Source / God / The Universe, your angels, your higher power, your higher source, your higher power, your source. 


And that’s all part of the higher purpose as well. It’s having the sense of control of who you are and your own responsibility of being grounded and expressing yourself from the inside out, lighting the way to your own life and to others as well. 

That’s the meaning behind all of this.

You can set your own meaning to it. You can create your own meaning. I am not the only meaning here. This is not the only right way. 

Take what resonates with you and release the rest. Come back and listen again and step into your truth, whatever that truth is to you. Begin to explore self discovery, self empowerment, self help.

This means that you are recognizing the power that you have within you. 

To then ask for the help, to ask for mentorship, to ask for a coach, to ask for a reading, to ask for someone to help you along the way, or to have the power within you to know that you can do something on your own as well. 

It’s having the recognition that you have this higher power, you have this higher purpose, and that is to recognize what it is that you have within you that feels joyful and to do that. 

Follow it. 

And as you do that, you will light the path for others naturally. And that’s what this is about. Lighting the world, world from the inside out.

If you’d like to learn more about this positive ripple effect, you can do so over on my website. I’m here to help you do so as another source. 

From me to you. In all ways, for the highest good and for a higher purpose. And so it is.

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