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How to Not Neglect Your Passions in Life

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How to Not Neglect Your Passions in Life

What you’re passionate about is directly connected to your soul’s purpose. So why the hell do we neglect our passions? Well, here’s how NOT to ignore your passions anymore!

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We have fears, we have doubts, we have old beliefs.

All of these things are getting in the way.

But how can you step into or align with your soul’s passions? 

How to NOT neglect them?

I think the reason why it’s surfacing so much in society and in social media and in certain environments is that there is a lot of healing that needs to take place when it comes to feeling worthy of what it is that we want to step into, or our passions, or getting out of something that’s not healthy for us. 

Stepping away from something that we know is not good for us, but we choose to stay there. 

It’s this understanding that we have to break free of what’s holding us back. 

Recognizing that something may be holding you back, even if you don’t know exactly what that is, but if it feels depleting, it feels restricting.

Perhaps you feel stuck or uneasy.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are stuck. 

I don’t ever feel like we’re actually stuck. We just feel like it. Right? 

It’s this molasses, ickiness, dense energy. 

It’s interesting because I’ve spoken with my own personal coaches, I’ve spoken with psychic mediums myself, and I’ve spoken with my loved ones. 

And this term for me has come up as well. 


We’re more alike than what we think. We think that we’re so different. 

Yes, we have unique talents and skills and traits and experiences, but essentially, at the end of the day, we’re pretty much the same.

So why would we not feel worthy? 

Why would this be keeping us stuck? 

What are these old beliefs? 

It’s like this old stagnant energy that gets stuck in our subconsciousness. We don’t even recognize that it’s there.

So once you start realizing,

“Hey, you know what? I can do this. I can do this. I’m capable of doing this, and I would love to do this. I want to try it out.”

THAT’S when everything shifts and changes.

How not to neglect your passions?

I’m talking about not only a mental space – meaning creating this vision in your mind, this visualization, this imagination, these ideas that stem from the brain, right? They stem from inspired messages and downloads from the universe. 

But what about creating an actual physical space within your home, apartment, car, mode of transportation, or within your journal?

Creating the space is going to help you activate the passions within you. 

It’s this two way street of receiving this information and inspiration from Spirit, God, The Universe. 

Now that you have that space, you can utilize, invoke and you can emit that from the inside out into the space that you have created for yourself.

You probably want some sort of supplies, whether that’s just a number two pencil and a pad of paper, or you have tons of colors to work with. 

Maybe you just have a cushion to sit on. Because meditation is your form of connection, your form of passion.

Maybe creating a space is finally taking the plunge and renting an office, or building your very own studio.

A place where you go in either daily, weekly, and you have clients. You bring them into your space to connect and heal each other.

Perhaps you’re working with fabrics, materials and technological gadgets, paperwork, binders, oils, animals, all these different things. 

So creating a space where you can actually work with your passion or invoke that passion again, if you’re not sure what you’re passionate about.

What draws you in? Is it certain people, subjects, genres, colors, places?

What is it that piques your interest?

What is it? And then find yourself, involving yourself in that space of curiosity, whether that’s taking a class, a course, or connecting, speaking with a therapist, a coach, going on a solo road trip, or with your friend. 

That’s how you find your passions, natural gifts, and talents – is simply by looking at what it is that you enjoy doing and or what you’re curious about.

Now, I say simply because it is often right in front of you. 

It really is right in front of you.

It’s so natural to us that we don’t even even see it. 

It’s like we think, oh, my gosh, but doesn’t it have to be harder than this? Don’t I have to struggle? 

Don’t I have to feel and experience fear and pain in order to recognize my purpose, my passions?

No, not necessarily. 

Now, that doesn’t mean that we won’t experience struggles and pain and hurt along the way, and that in itself grows our passion as well. 

We can be so angry and infuriated with something that we want to advocate for a certain topic, a certain person, or the underdog. 

That in itself also creates that passion within you. 

Look in that direction as well. It might not be a curiosity that you feel drawn to. 

It’s so belligerently invoking this feeling within your gut.

It’s not something that feels settling, that can be a topic of interest for you as well.

Start to reflect, assess, get quiet for the love of effing God.

Goodness gracious. We need to find quietness. Be quiet.

Sit and reflect.

Sit and pray.

Or sit and meditate.

Sit by yourself alone with mother nature.

That is how you’re also going to recognize these passions.

You’re going to begin to feel more sensitive.

If you step into the presence of this quietness, stillness, then this God source, God, the universe can work with you and your energy. 

You’ll find this balance and this blending of the spirit world (what you’re made of!).

And so this balancing begins to take place. And things won’t feel so overwhelming for you anymore. 

It’s all part of recognizing what it is that you need. 

Now, self assessment does not mean that you need to be brutally blunt with yourself.

It doesn’t mean that you need to be harsh or judgmental. It’s just an act of awareness, an act of noticing, trying not to be judgmental.

These are all forms of how you can not neglect your passions.

So making the space, finding what it is, recognizing your curiosity, blending with God, quieting the mind. 

What is it that you need to do in order to align with what fuels your soul?

What is it that you need to do that will help you align even more with this path that ignites your soul?

You know what you need to do. You know what you need to do.

It’s probably scary.

It’s probably something that you are resisting.

But it is the next step to this unfoldment of this beautiful course of life that you are playing, that you are part of.

If you remain consistently where you are right now, continuously repeating the same old, knowing that you need to do something differently, you will continue to feel this neglectedness that your soul is trying to tell you about.

This is a time for you to give yourself, your soul, your spirit, what it is needing from you.

This isn’t to put pressure on you, but instead help you be the best version of who you are.

It’s an unfoldment. 

It’s a continuous unfoldment of discovery; a self-discovering of who you are.

I hope this has helped.

And so it is!

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