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Magic: What Is It, Really?!

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Magic: What Is It, Really?!

What is magic?

The intention of this episode is to give you a different perspective or a higher perspective, or a new perspective of what magic is and how you can use it for the highest good in all ways, for the highest good.

My understanding of magic is that –

t is movement of energy.

Whether that energy is a thought, a behavior, a feeling, something physical, something more dense and energy, right, more dense and matter. It is movement of energy.

Magic is usually stemmed from an idea, it’s a thought, it’s a desire, it’s something that you want within yourself, and then you can just keep it just like that.

You can just have it within you that it’s just a desire, it’s just a dream,

it’s just a passion, it’s just a thought and it just stays within you.

But then the magic of that as well is the movement of that energy.

So your thought is a form of energy, right?

Energy is a thought form, vice versa. So then taking that thought, taking that desire, that feeling, and then projecting it out somehow taking another action, getting the ball moving, getting it going, uh, taking charge, doing something in order to move the energy.

Now, if you just keep it as a thought inside, then that’s simply what it is.

That also has impact as well, because thoughts are more or less electromagnetic waves or patterns, energy, and it is being projected out.

That’s why you might be feeling something negative from someone, even though they’re not saying anything, but perhaps they have something in their mind or you might be picking up on something.

Maybe that’s just telepathy?

Maybe that is you experiencing, um, empathy on a deeper level.

Maybe that has something or nothing to do with that person.

Actually, it could just be the surrounding energies as well. But thoughts are very powerful.

That’s where most of magic stems from, is a single thought. And from there, you get to choose what you would like to do with that thought. You can keep it to yourself, but that doesn’t necessarily create the reality that you’re looking for in order to manifest.

Then you must take action from that thought.

So you must move the energ.

Magic is also co-creating. It is co-creating and making and creating what it is that you want, co-creating with, um, your higher self. Co-creating with spirit source, God, the universe, your angels, spirit guides your intuition. Magic is allowing yourself to be in a space of flow, of movement, of energy.

You are setting yourself up to co-create with this higher source. Now, I say higher source, but really it’s all one source of energy

Everything is one source of energy.

And as human beings, we use the term higher and in essence to help us understand. But really it’s, it’s essentially all one energy that is, it is helping us.

And if you would like to think of it as a higher energy, then that is, that is certainly helpful. And you can think of it that that way. I do like to think of it that way actually, because I feel like I’m being guided, but I do feel like it’s coming from, um, my higher self as well in God and source.

But it’s co-creating.

So what I mean by this is you are setting yourself up for success by being in a position of co-creation. What I’m meaning.

Co-creation doesn’t necessarily mean children by creating children, but creating anything that you want!

Creating your dream.

Creating the house that you want, building the house, creating confidence, creating a sense of joy, creating with your art, creating with your words and your music and your power and your energy.

You’re setting yourself up with success by putting yourself in a position of co-creation.

For example –

You want to start becoming more creative in the sense that you would like to start painting.

Now, you can’t start painting without paint, right?

And so you must go to the paint store and you must get the paint, and you must get the utensils and the different medium formats and the different ways of expressing that paint.

Then you must come home. And whether you wanna paint a wall or you wanna paint a canvas, you then have to set yourself up that way. Then you need to get the resources from there.

And let’s say you do all of that, okay?

Now you need to put on the gear, the clothes or the gloves or whatever it is that you, so you are setting yourself up to co-create.

You’re giving yourself the resources to allow spirit to work through you, to create the reality that you want.

And so that’s how you do that.

So whatever it is that you want…

Collect those materials and have them in front of you to then be able to guide and give that higher power, that higher source, the outlet to work through you.

Another quick example, what I’m doing here, if you wanna start a podcast, you’re gonna have to get a microphone.

You’re gonna have to get some sort of source to speak through.

You might have to have an app on your phone or on your computer, a website, or maybe not a website. Or you need to have a, a vocal cord, a voice to be able to express this.

Or maybe not really.

You might be able to

do it in a different way.

Let’s say that you’re not able to verbally use your voice.

Another way of starting a podcast is somehow converting what it is that you would like to say through a machine that then converts that into words, that speaks through a microphone.

That’s another way of co-creating, is setting up the materials in order to create what it is.

Now that is a form of magic. That is… that is moving the energy.

Uh, magic is also good…and it can also be used for not so good.

Magic is just the tool in itsel.

What you do with the tool is your intention with that tool.

And I don’t wanna go into like two extreme negative examples or anything like this, but you can imagine just having a single tool in front of your pencil and you could do positive with it, or you could, you know, hurt someone with it or you could write your dreams and your aspirations down, and then you can erase them and start over.

And you can circle them and you can, um, use that pencil to maybe you can give to someone else. You could share it.

They could start their aspirations. And then you now have a blog.

Magic is set within your intentions. And so you must be mindful of what your intentions are and how you want to use the tool that you want to use. How do you wanna use it?

Do you want it to be for good?

Most likely.

Or are you using in a way that might not be so good?

Or are you using in a way that is potentially creating the opposite effect of what you want?

Now, I would say 99% of people are wanting to do good.

Be mindful of your intentions and how that is impacting other, other people. And so that is what magic is as well, is, is setting the intention and using the intention and the feelings and the thoughts, and combining those together to then give the tool the energy of what it is that you’re wanting.

Magic comes most easily when you allow it to come to you.

So if you’re resisting change, if you’re stuck in your comfort zone, if you want to grow, but you’re not giving yourself the room to grow, if you’re hoarding your home, if you’re drowning in a relationship, if you are totally unsatisfied, if you are eating foods that are depleting your energy, all of these things are doing the opposite of allowing for your beautiful magic to flow.

It is actually creating dense energy that is stalling you. It is up to you to change the energy, and you have the free will as a human being to change the energy.

So magic is with intentio.

So again, you’re using that tool, you’re using the tool of your mind to decide how you wanna use your magic.

Do you wanna create a life of unhappiness and misery and unhealthy, um, habits, or do you wanna create a life of abundance and excitement and thrill and adventure?

And the tool of your mind is the determining factor of how you use it.

You choose how you create your reality.

And so allowing yourself to create what it is that you want, you have to give yourself room and faith and hope and that willingness and motivation and ambition to create what it is that you want.

Magic – it’s most beneficial to you

hen you are intentional.

For example, if you have a deck of cards, I love cards.

I have so many cards, and if you’re just shuffling and shuffling and just flipping over cards, well, what the hell does any of ’em mean?

You don’t have the intention behind the cards.

You have to ask it a question.

You have to give it some clarity. You have to give it some background.

You have to give it a way to go.

You have to give it direction.

You have to let it know what it is that you want. And this is how the universe works.

This is how magic works.

You need to be intentional with your intentions, what it is that you want.

Start being mindful about what it is that you want, being mindful and present in your everyday life, being mindful and present of those around you.

And you will start to actually see sparks of magic happening before you. You’ll start to experience it. You’ll start to feel it. You’ll start to embrace it and create it.

Once you allow it to happen, the more intentional you are, the more that you’ll be able to create that reality.

So many of us are just going blindly.

Um, and I say blindly in a way that’s just absentmindedly is maybe a better way of explaining it, just not paying attention to what’s happening around us.

We are so far away from our current reality.

We’re so distracted that we’re not embracing what’s happening right before us.

We’re not giving the moment the chance that it deserves.

And by being more intentional with your mind and your thoughts, you are then creating the reality that you want. You are in the reality that you want.

And if you’re not well, then you have the ability to change it. You are magic in itself. You and your gifts and your natural talents are magic. Everything about you is magic because everything is energy, and energy is everything. Thus energy is magic.

And magic is energy.

Magic is manifestin.

You are the energy, you are the magic.

Your gifts, your talents, your abilities, your experiences, everything about you is magic in itself. You are the tool as well as the creator.

Hopefully that settles in…

You have the ability to create. You have the ability to co-create.

You have the ability to use everything about you to create the reality that you want.

Now, this isn’t to say that everything’s gonna be perfect and pretty and you know, fantastic, and there’s never gonna be any struggles or challenges because I think part of the magic is also overcoming those energies that are coming at you that you don’t necessarily want…

But you’re going to have to deal with them in a way that is still creating the reality that you want by challenging those energies or by just not allowing them to affect you or by handling them in a way that is conducive to what it is that you want.

So not everything is going to be perfect all the time, but basically you’re going to use your own magic.

*You* are the magi.

You’re going to use your own resources to create the reality that you want.

And if something challenges challenging happens, you then go back to yourself and your resources and your patience and whatever it is that you have within you to overcome this challenge, that’s just going to make your magic that much stronger. Okay? Stuckness being stuck is actually the opposite of magic.

So if you’re feeling stuck, then that means…

that you’re not using your magic.

You are not trusting in it, you’re not trusting in yourself, you’re not trusting in your abilities.

You are allowing for others energies to sort of dictate or control what is happening in your own life. You are, you are allowing that. So this is not about blaming someone else, but you have the ability to move the energy to get unstuck. So stuckness or feeling stuck is the opposite of being magical and using your magic.

So remember that, uh, magic, it can happen immediately and or it can happen over time in the long run.

So sometimes things happen very, very quickly.

Maybe you have a thought, you wish for it, you think about it, you visualize it, and the next day you get out of bed and you go to the store and Walla, exactly what you were thinking is right before your very own eyes. And you’re like, what? How is this possible? Well, that my dear is your magic.

That is you visualizing it –

creating it, because thoughts are things and they create your physical existence before your very own eyes. Now, that’s an example of something happening immediately.

This has happened to me before multiple different times. It is trusting in the flow of the energy. It’s trusting in your intuition. It’s trusting in these notions that you get.

Maybe you weren’t expecting it at the store, you weren’t expecting it to go to the the store, and then all of a sudden you just feel this urge to go to the store that you never go to.

Or maybe you’re on a trip and you’re like, ah, I’m just gonna stop by the store.

And then voila!

it’s there right before your own very eyes.

And that’s trusting in the process. That’s also giving yourself the time to visualize and dream about what it is that you want. Those things that you dream in your mind will happen.

They’re going to happen. You have to continue believing that you have the ability to create the reality that you want.

Sometimes magic takes time.

The universe is working its own magic , which we are the universe, and the universe is within us, and everything is all one.

And so sometimes the way that things are manifested before our very own eyes can take time. So for instance, if you wanna start your own business, it may take some time to get to the goal that you want to reach.

There is a possibility that…

things could happen overnight.

And then there’s the other possibility, which is most likely where it’s going to take perhaps a few weeks, a few months, a few years to get to the goal that you are wanting.

If you keep persevering, you keep moving that, that energy. You keep utilizing your gifts. You keep emphasizing with universe what you want. You keep trusting, you keep allowing, you keep creating the environment to co-create, bring in the resources that you need. You trust, ask for what it is that you want.

Everything, all of this is accumulation of, of creating what it is that you want.

It will happen, there’s no doubt about it.

Now, you can’t force someone, another person to, I wanna say, to do your bidding for you.

Yeah, certainly you can force that, but that’s not for the highest good, right?

So we don’t wanna force anyone or anything.

We don’t wanna force someone to fall in love with us or anything like that because that’s actually, that would be, even though you might have think that you have good intentions, but trying to force someone out of their own free will is actually not the best of intentions.

And so you want to just focus on creating from this sense of your own inner willingness to do the work yourself and to trust what comes to you in the way that it comes is going to help you somehow.

That’s also part of the magic, is trusting.

It’s ultimately a sense of power is what magic is.

It’s a force.

It’s an element of nature. It is your thought patterns. It is energy.

That is what magic is.

You can observe it when you’re still and when you’re quiet and when you’re aware and when you’re tapped in, you can observe the feeling.

When I say observe, I mean internally.

You could feel it, you can sense it, you could watch it. You know this thought is coming to me, that you might be thinking, well, you know, why aren’t things better then? Why aren’t things? Why?

Why is there still hurt in this world?

And this is a whole nother topic that I can’t really answer.

What I can say is that the more that you use this force of love within you and your willpower and your resources that you have within you, your inner magic that you have within you,

The more that you follow your calling…

and your dreams and your deepest desires, the the more that you will spread your light, the more that you will spread hope and faith. And this could look in so many different ways.

This could look and feel completely different to someone else’s dreams and hopes that they want to spread.

But the more that you just follow your dreams, the more that you use your magic, the more that you believe in your ability to create the reality that you want, the more that you give the opportunity to co-create with source and spirit and God, the more that you will be able to see the positives of your actions because you do have these good intentions within you.

It’s just breaking free of…

more-or-less self-sabotaging ways, or you can call them more protective patterns.

What it might be stopping you in the first place.

But if you believe that what you’re doing and you trust in it, the more that you will spread your light and the more joy and hope that it will continue to spread. It’s like the butterfly effect, and that what you do positively will affect other people. It does impact. It does bring light.

And you might be thinking, well, how can I impact someone from the other side of the world?

Well, certainly inter the internet is a good start, but energy is infinite. Magic is infinite. What you do makes a difference with all of this to say, your magic matters.

You matter. And what you do matters.

And this light that you want to spread to the world matters. And it does make a difference. It absolutely makes a difference. You have to trust. You have to take action. Remember that magic is all about taking action. You have to move the energy.

You have to move the energy, make the magic, move it, do it, be it. See it, feel it, experience it. We’ve got this trust in it. Move the energy.

This is your magic – your *Inner Magic*.

Thank you so much for listening.

If you have a question that you want answered about Spirit, empowering yourself, or how to manifest a life you truly love,

head on over to tabithastitt.com/podcast and submit your question there. Until next time, continue to tap into your intuition.

Take action and trust the process.

And so it is!

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