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Why You Need to Start Playing

The Magic Blog - Why You Need to Start PlayingCan’t we just stop being so damn serious and relax a bit.

Maybe take a chill pill. 

Or – how about we just PLAY some more instead! 

What does that even mean though?

How can you start playing more?

What is it that lights you up?

What did you used to do when you were young and were just totally immersed in an activity that it brought such curiosity?

Speaking of curiosity – what’s something that you’ve been curious about?

Something that you’ve been wondering about or that’s caught your attention lately.

Now THAT would definitely be a route to take in order to lighten up a bit, to figure out what it is that you’re being called to do.

See – your calling is what calls to you.

It gets you excited when you think about it (even if at first it seems a bit intimidating).

But what happens when you don’t follow that nuance, that small voice inside?

Well it depends on how long it’s been trying to get your attention.

It can certainly become worn down and start to cave and hide away.

It doesn’t think you’re interested in playing anymore so puts its head down and slowly walks away.

It begins to feel gloomy, unhappy, burdened, blunt, down right pissed perhaps.

Or it’s so upset you’re not paying attention or listening to it call to you that it just becomes empty, disappearing into a whole other realm.


Don’t let it go away.

You can help its sadness; it doesn’t think it’s wanted.

But that’s not true – is it? So…

The Magic Blog - Why You Need to Start PlayingWhat’s been trying to catch your attention?

Is it watercolors, skating, traveling to Belize, writing your heart out, building an empire to encourage other women?

It’s coming to YOU because it wants to work with you. It wants to PLAY with you.

Try not to take it so seriously.

Sure, it gets sad but don’t we all when we’re ignored?

It just wants to have some fun.

It just wants to create.

Like you used to with Play-Doh or your coloring book.

Acknowledge its presence.

It’s small right now but wants to be big just like you.

Help it grow with confidence.

Give it encouragement, say nice things to it such as I hear you and I’m ready, let’s go! Let’s see what you’re all about.

What’s been calling to you?

Don’t be afraid.

If you’ve already went after it before and it seemed to shun you away, that’s because it was scared too.

Approach it differently.

With a childlike way of thinking.

A new way of connecting with it.

It’s calling.

It’s trying to get your attention.

It only has you to be manifested through.

No pressure, right?

But there isn’t any pressure if you just approach this calling with playfulness, rather than needing to take a chill pill or feeling like it’ll be the end of the world if it’s not perfect.

Just have fun with it! It’s what you’re meant to do.

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