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Why You Need to Befriend Fear

The Magical Blog - Why You Need to Befriend FearFollowing your heart is scary.

It really is.

But why?

It’s because you know you must be vulnerable.

You must face your truth.

You must make moves that’ll be uncomfortable.

You must step off the pier into the unknown; it’s the only way to live your dreams.

And I can promise you that once you start walking toward what it is you want in life and believe in your ability to manifest then you’re going to surpass all of those scary moments.

It’ll still be a bit intimidating here and there but that’s how you know you’re on the right track.

There will a bit of fear at the beginning of any endeavor whether big or small and spurts of fear throughout each process too.

Fear is your friend though.

It’s not here to paralyze you.

Fear is here as a sign that you’re on the right path!

So see it as a sign.

Learn to stand by fear because it’s not going anywhere.

It’s here to help you take flight – to move you up and beyond what you can’t see while standing on the ground.

Anything worth pursuing is going to have some challenges and that’s part of the plan.

Your plan.

Something that’ll help to know is that you’re not alone.

EVERYONE experiences fear. Everyone.

Plus! You’re being guided by your angels, loved-ones, spirit guides and your Higher Self.

Take what you will about that but it’s the truth.

You can ask them for signs as well.

They can ease any anxious feelings that may pop up toward making your dreams a reality but they can’t be removed entirely.

Because it’s a good thing to have these scared, unsure feelings when following your truth.

It’s good because it shows you’re growing and becoming a better person who can move beyond any challenge. 

And by growing, you’re helping to spread light to those who really need you, giving them the courage to follow their heart.

When you think about taking a specific step in the direction of manifesting your dream reality, what seems to get in the way?

The Magical Blog - Why You Need to Befriend FearWhat specific fear do you have that surfaces?

Now talk to that fear:

Ask it questions like:

“How can you help me?”
“Would you mind to let me take charge and you stand behind for some support?”
“How can we learn from each other?”
“Why do you feel so scary?”

You can write questions down and pretend as though you’re writing to a good friend.

Write and be patient.

An answer will surface. Maybe not in the exact moment but later when you’re least expecting it.

It may or not bring total clarification but it will bring healing and more confidence to begin your unique journey of living out your visions.

What if you choose NOT to befriend fear; NOT to move beyond your comfort zone? 

Well, you’ll stay right where you are. Is this what you want – forever

See it this way…

Feeling a sense of fear is like feeling a sense of excitement. It’s your soul gently pushing you; encouraging you.

If there’s fear, you’re on the right track. 

Follow it.

Accept it.

Befriend it.

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