How to Recognize Divine GuidanceI’ve been divining – working with Spirit and using my intuition to obtain insightful information – before I even realized it! I remember back in middle school telling my friends how ‘weird’ it was that I kept seeing the same thing over and over again.

My friends’ reply was that I was the one that was weird. I laughed it off but deep down, I knew that something was trying to get my attention.  

The Universe was communicating with me by giving me signs, omens, and gifts. Although I was totally in-tune with this, I had absolutely no clue what was going on! I didn’t have an explanation for it.

Of course I understand now that this is divine guidance.

These occurrences were meaningful to me. I noticed them and I felt a sense of peace that something higher was trying to converse with me. It was giving me advice and leading me along a purposeful path just for me.

Over the years I’ve been following these, if you will, little divine breadcrumbs.  In doing so, Spirit has rewarded me greatly for having the confidence to listen to my inner wise self and not be put off by others’ lack of faith or awareness.

Now get this.  Spirit guides you every single day.  That’s right!  You.

And I’m going to let you know exactly how you can recognize this divine guidance.

Are you ready?

Be open to any ‘weird’ occurrences that seem like coincidences but are actually synchronicities!

Seems simple, right?  Not necessarily.  Especially if this is all brand new to you.  Which is totally fine!  That’s why Spirit is having me explain.

So here goes…

Have you ever heard the name of… ?  What about… ?  How about…. ?

First, you must be open to receiving.  If you have any fears or doubts, this can get in the way of recognizing the signs; although it will certainly not deter Spirit from trying to contact you with loving guidance.  Because that’s exactly what your spirit guides, angels, and loved ones are here for!  They so badly desire to help you on your path toward oneness.  And there’s nothing going to stop them from doing so.

Spirit guides you every single day.  Tweet It!Tweet it and believe it!

After all, they’ve experienced this whole earth plane physical life ordeal and have quite a bit of wisdom being on the other side of it all.

Now, understand that you don’t have to be obsessed with receiving these signs or messages.  Nor do you need to frantically look for them.  Actually, if you just ask for a sign and then let it go, it’ll come to you way more easily.  Because if you have certain expectations of how it’ll show up, you’ll be limiting yourself (and Spirit).  Instead, simply ask for a sign or message.  Be specific. And then forget about it.  Don’t worry.  It’ll show up right when you need it.

Here are a just few ways Spirit guides and communicates with you:

  • Uses literal signs such as license plates, addresses, advertisements
  • Presents to you the same name, number, or phrase repeatedly
  • Gives you chills or goosebumps when you’re thinking certain thoughts
  • Provides you with similar spiritual messages from different mediums and healers
  • Offers you guidance within books, magazines, blogs and at just the right time
  • Pops random thoughts, ideas, and projects right into your mind
  • Reminds you to focus on your breath, to believe, and find courage within

Quite often, a sign or message will show up more than once. Maybe even three or four times. That’s when you know Spirit is really trying to get your attention and it’s coming from this profound loving source of divinity.

This is so important to remember:

Don’t frantically search for a sign or message.  Let go of expectations.  Be open to receiving.  Ask for divine guidance with a specific question or intention.  Then let it go.  Spirit will give you guidance without you asking questions as well; sometimes your ego self may not recognize what’s best for you.  And have faith Spirit will show up for you.  Trust Spirit.  Trust yourself.

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