How to Summon Your Soulwork

“Now is the time to summon your soulwork, the work that ignites your true essence.”

I wrote those words a few months ago.

Lately, I’ve been coming across old notes that I’ve written to myself about my future.  All of my aspirations, plans, dreams.  And I’m like, holy shit.  I’ve been wanting to start my own practice and do energy work for 5 years!  I wrote this 5 years ago!

What the hell have I been doing with my time?!  Good Lord.  I’ve been hesitant for THAT long.  It can’t be possible.  Yet, it is.  My old crumpled notes don’t lie.

So here I am. I know exactly what I’m passionate about and what lights me up.  However, FEAR has been stopping me right in my tracks.  What a burden!  Yet, I’ve been allowing it to happen.

I’ve been coming up with excuse after excuse after excuse not to take action.  I’ve been indecisive. I’ve been blaming others. I’ve been a perfectionist.

What the?  Why am I doing this?  What’s really been holding me back?

I’ve been allowing MYSELF to stand in the way of… myself.  Wow. That’s one hell of a realization.

Now, I do believe that sometimes it’s not the right time to start an endeavor.  Or maybe we don’t have all the knowledge or resources to complete something immediately.  And sometimes it just takes days, months or even years to accomplish whatever it is that our hearts desire.

Our soul work is a big deal.  We’re put on this earth to follow our calling (among other important things too).  That’s a LOT of pressure.  Of course we’re feeling anxious and fearful.

But I had a conversation with my dad the other day and he made a good point about all of this.  He searched around for the right word.  “Apprehensive”.  He said “you’re apprehensive but ONLY because you’re stepping into the unknown”.  That’s all.  That’s the only reason why.

My dad went on to explain how my uncle has always been pretty fearful of starting a new job (they work together as carpenters).  My uncle can’t sleep the night before. He’s restless, worried, and stressed.  But my dad on the other hand has always been sort of a badass about starting a new job.  He’s able to go right to sleep without a second thought.

So I asked him how.  How can you be so confident about starting something unknown? “Because I think to myself, ‘everyone puts on their pants the same way'”.  Then he reassured me. “Tabitha, I have faith in you.”

For the most part, we’re uncomfortable not knowing what to expect.  We think to ourselves ‘how can I possibly do something if I don’t know the results?  How can I just put myself out there without knowing it’ll work?’

Well looking back, everything I’ve chosen to do HAS worked out for me.  Whether it turned out the way I thought it would or turned out completely different.  It still turned out for the best.

So how do you summon your soulwork?

Realize that ultimately, at our very core, everyone is the same.  Everyone has fears, uncertainties, stress, worries, complaints, struggles, and misunderstandings.  Along with that, we’re alike too because we’re all very unique!  We all have SO much to offer this crazy world.

You must remember you had a reason for coming here.  But how do you know what your calling is?

By actually listening to yourself!!!

Get clear on your passions.  Write them down.  Look them right in the face. Ask them what they need.  Then take constructive action.

Because if you’re not doing your soulwork then you’re either (A) doing what you have to do by obligation or you’re (B) doing something you don’t like.  The former is necessary at times and the latter is just simply not fun.

So you might as well do what you love.

Look.  You know what’s best for you so don’t stand in your own way.  Definitely don’t let fear take control (at least not for too long).  And just have faith in yourself.

Because if you weren’t able to accomplish your soulwork, it wouldn’t be calling to you in the first place.  After all, you are the only one who can do what you are meant to do.

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