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Quiz Which Type of Intuitive Are You? with Tabitha Stitt The Self-Help Psychic

You did it!


Much-Needed Intuitive

So what does this mean for you?

You’re a natural intuitive with a twist and you’re needed, like now!

You’re very aware. You’ve been tapping into this sacred knowledge and you know how to use the tools wisely too.

Think of this as your Higher Self confirming that this is indeed a path for you to take and use for the betterment of not only yourself but others too.

Being “intuitive” means you’re receiving AND listening to the clear messages from your Higher Self and your guides. 

You’re doing this. So keep it up!

Based on your quiz results:

You could take it to the next step and use your intuitive skills and passions professionally (if you’re not already)!


You already have what it takes. You have the mindset, the practice, the understanding and skills to expand your intuitiveness by offering your knowledge and experience to others – if you want. 

When this type of information comes easily, it’s a sign that you’re meant for more. You’re now expanding toward the role of a mentor, leader, teacher, advocate, healer, etc. and the list goes on.

Remain open to the infinite possibilities before you. 

Continue to trust.

You're Intuitive! Quiz Results

Ways to use your intuition even more:

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