Want to know the direction to go?  Let’s see what Spirit has to say.

You absolutely have the ability to create your life any way you wish!  By working together and receiving a reading, you’ll immediately begin to notice a shift within that’ll evoke continuous empowering thoughts, feelings and actions.

For your reading you’ll be given messages from, what I like to call, Spirit and your Higher Self (an all-knowing powerful force of love and your wise, intuitive self).  You’ll receive personal and specific messages exactly as they’re portrayed clairvoyantly.  They appear most often as visions, symbols, and feelings which relate directly to your life, so you’ll be shown a larger picture with more choices and a better understanding.

Rest assured that your messages will flow in all ways that are perfect for you.  And therefore help you with what you’re dealing with, any past issues still affecting you, and the options you have now and for the future.


We all have the ability to connect intuitively. 
Sometimes we just need a little support along the way.


Are you… 
  • Lacking confidence in yourself and your path in life?

  • Fearful and resisting a certain change that may take place?

  • Wanting to feel more fulfilled deep down and looking for some direction?

  • Worrying about which way to go in life and if you’re making the right decision?


Do you…
  • Want to become more creative but can’t figure out where to even begin?

  • Feel trapped in your current circumstances and aren’t sure what to do?

  • Have many wonderful options in front of you but you’re still hesitant to take action?

  • Need some insight or different perspective into a situation or relationship?


Find Guidance to the Answers You Seek



A Phone Reading is 30-minutes in length, interactive, and more intimate as we’ll connect one-on-one.  You can be in charge of this session so you may ask as many or as few questions as they come up in your reading for clarification, guidance and empowerment.


An Email Reading is more open-ended, allowing for messages be written in a free-flowing manner as Spirit fully guides in this session.  So you can sit back and relax while trusting the process.  It’ll come to you as a beautiful PDF to keep forever and gain insight each time you read it.


An Oracle Card Reading will reveal to you a 3-card spread for insight and guidance.  We’ll look into your current spiritual state-of-being, any concerns and helpful ways to move forward.  You’ll receive your reading in a PDF via email with visuals of the cards to interpret even deeper.




Love from Clients


Tabitha was spot on, on so many topics! I loved it all. Thank you again.
Cathy Zulock

Loved this!  Thank you.  You truly have a gift.
Jeni Beck

I’m impressed. It was comfortable and my interpretation was easy to understand.  I can’t wait to do it again!
June Corbett





What to Foresee in Your Reading

You’ll receive…
  • Personal and detailed messages channeled just for you

  • Ideas for inspiration and confirmation for worthwhile change, although you’ll never feel forced as you’re always in charge

  • Practical, positive and uplifting messages for any/all areas of your life such as your career, family-life, or relationships

  • Guidance toward the creative paths that are just right for you 

  • Specific messages that’ll be described literally and symbolically to help you make sense of your options

  • The opportunity to keep your reading forever either via email or choosing to record it during your phone session

  • Insight into your whys, wants, and wonders (but we won’t look into anyone else’s for privacy reasons)

  • Reassurance, solutions and love for any concerns or worries you may have about the past, present and/or future 


What I’m All About

I’m a professional psychic medium, spiritual teacher, reiki energy healer, and oracle card creator.  And this space that I’ve created is just for you! It can be seen as a spiritual forum, an outlet for your own calling, a mystical movement of the feminine energy. 

I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves and each other, and to continuously discover what our souls are seeking.  I’m not here to convince you of any particular way of life. Instead, I’m here to support you as you choose your own experiences, perspectives, and beliefs and bring YOUR truth into light.

I invite you to join me and SO many other magic-makers to begin your beautiful journey of discovering (or re-discovering) your sacred self – the wise intuitive that lives deep within you, and that calls for you to follow your dreams with courage and confidence.





How can I prepare for my reading?
You actually don’t need to do anything.  But it is very useful to think ahead of time why you want to get a reading in the first place – are you concerned, trying to make a decision, just want some input, would like encouragement, ideas, direction, etc.  Once you’ve got that down then take a few moments in quiet solitude and set an intention for your reading.  In other words, give your reading a meaning, a purpose, a goal, and then allow yourself to trust the process. And that’s it!

What type of information can I expect to receive?
Your reading can be about any area of your life, such as a relationship, creative endeavor, your higher purpose, your next move, or a specific area of concern to focus on for transformation and resolution. You may find that your reading will focus on your heart’s passions and the many ways you can honor that.  But of course, a reading can really take you anywhere!

What will happen during my reading?
You’ll receive your reading via phone or email.  I’ll connect with you intuitively, energetically, and clairvoyantly – therefore – psychically.  I allow information to flow naturally and explain what I see, sense, feel, and hear exactly as it’s given to me and will present it to you either verbally or in written format depending on the type of reading you choose to go with.

Will you tell me anything bad or scary?
No, although sometimes a message can come through that may bring up an issue, challenge, or concern of yours depending on your current habits and circumstances.  However, this is not to discourage or scare you in any way but instead encourage you to start taking positive actions and make different decisions that’ll better suit you.

I honestly believe we’re presented with challenging times to ultimately help and heal us. And we’re certainly NOT stuck in our circumstances! Instead, you can use any hard times to grow and expand. You can choose to view them with optimism and trust that life is working for you rather than against you.

What if I don't understand a message?
I have so much fun with this work but I also take it very seriously.  It’s possible information can come through which you may not recognize or understand instantly – and that’s okay!  You’re receiving the message now because you’ve opened the opportunity.  Spirit knows you’ll understand it at a later time when your circumstances have changed or when you’re more prepared to welcome it (similar to when I first experienced clairvoyance – I didn’t recognize or appreciate it until many years later).  So if a specific message doesn’t resonate right now just set it off to the side. It’ll all click into place.  Rest assured that you’ll receive what you need.

Can you predict my future?
I’ve shared messages many times before that appear to be from the future.  However, I do not claim to absolutely predict nor determine your future.  I believe the future is created by many factors including our desires, thought-patterns, actions, trends, and choices along with other mysterious happenings.  I’m absolutely here to help you in so many ways and I’m working to guide you in the right direction!  But I certainly don’t have the power nor desire to choose your fate for you.  Essentially, we ALL have free-will to purposefully create and design our lives however we so wish.  Which is amazing and so empowering!

Will I connect with my loved-ones who have passed?
Overall you can expect to receive more of a psychic, intuitive reading.  It’s certainly possible a loved-one may connect with caring messages and reassurance but please anticipate for your reading to be more about your life and ways for enhancement.

What do you mean by 'Spirit' and my 'Higher Self'?
Spirit is a name I use that can be best understood as a collective consciousness – a powerful and infinite force of absolute love.  You can understand it as: The Universe, All-Knowing, God/Goddess, Life-Force, Great Creator, Source or anything else that resonates with you. 

And your Higher Self is what I believe is the part of you that lives forever.  It’s your wise, sacred self.  It’s the intuitive part of you that you know is there deep, deep down but may have a hard time hearing and trusting.  We also have our angels, spiritual guides with great wisdom, our loved-ones and ancestors, and other sources of compassion that watch over and guide us too.

Anything else I should know?
The energies vibrate at a much higher level during a reading so because of this you may feel subtle shifts before, during and afterwards.  This is to be embraced as you’re aligning more closely to your source!  No matter what you experience or what you’re told throughout your life, YOU have the power and wisdom within to live abundantly, trusting and following your calling and soul-purpose. 

Tabitha is really good! She was very accurate and touched on some things that no one else would know. She also explains things in simple fun ways. It was such a joy to be read by her!
Sandy Richter

Compare Your Reading Options

What’s the format of the reading?We’ll connect one-on-one via phone for 30-minutes (I’ll call you).We won’t connect one-on-one but instead you’ll receive your reading as a PDF via email quickly and conveniently. We won’t connect one-on-one but instead you’ll receive your reading as a PDF via email quickly and conveniently.
When can I expect to receive it?On your chosen scheduled date/timeWithin 3 days of your chosen scheduled date/timeWithin 3 days of your chosen scheduled date/time
Will I be given the option to ask specific questions?Yes, since we’ll be interacting one-on-one you’ll be offered the choice to either guide the direction of your reading by asking questions OR you can just keep it open-ended. Rather than asking specific questions, you can totally rely on Spirit and your Higher Self to guide this reading for you as it’s written in a free-flowing manner for you to easily understand.Rather than asking specific questions, you can totally rely on Spirit, your Higher Self and the the oracle cards to guide this reading for you to easily understand.
What’s my investment?$75$59$59
They all seem like amazing options!
How should I choose?
If you’d like to connect with me one-on-one, enjoy the option of guiding the session, and prefer to learn by listening then you’ll love a Phone Reading!If you’re more open and flexible, feel confident to receive messages without directly participating, don’t care for oracle cards, and prefer to learn on your own time by reading then you’ll love an Email Reading!If you’re into colors, artwork and symbology, enjoy the fun mysteriousness of oracle cards, and prefer to learn with visuals then you’ll love an Oracle Card Reading!

Are you ready to hear what your Higher Self’s been trying to tell you?

You were guided here for a good reason. Trust your intuition on this.


More Love

I came to Tabitha to help resolve an issue.  She brought my father through when I didn’t expect. He was the right spirit to address my concerns and I will take action on his thoughts. I was thrown back a bit but I just needed to hear that to take the next step in changing my rather negative attitude. It has not been a positive situation but now I can fix it.  Thank you SO much!
Deborah Loflin

The reading took me in directions that were unexpected and relevant.  She mentioned one of my spirit guides that came through; I’ve seen him many times as well.
Mary Margerum

Tabitha hit on so much relevant information that I would only know! And when she said the name Shirley came to her I was amazed – that is my mother! Such an accurate reading! I can’t thank her enough for connecting with my Ma, so good to know she is not crippled anymore.
Julie Weller