distant-divine-light-healingDivine Light Healing

What’s beautiful about energy work is that we don’t have to be in-person for you to experience its magic!

This life-force energy is ultimately what everything is comprised of at it’s purest form so Spirit certainly does not allow time and space to be a barrier for your healing needs.  We can be thousands of miles away and you will still receive all the benefits and physically feel the enchanted power of this loving energy.

The Basics of Monthly Moon Energy Healings:

For hundreds of centuries, the moon has been used as a reliable source of direction, light, power, and precursor for the cycles of nature.  Due to the many wonderful benefits of being in tune with Mother Nature, I send Energy Healing to many others just like you each month during the new moon and full moon.

In addition to receiving energy healing at a distance, you will be given guided templates for reflecting and journeying through Spirit Quests – the key to connecting to your truth.  By writing down and connecting with your true intentions and using the moon as a faithful focal point, you’ll amplify the healing process thus awakening your soul to its fullest potential!

The Benefits of Joining The Circle:

  • Recognize your truth and soul purpose
  • Discover small yet profound ways to turn your life around
  • Face your fears with a new sense of confidence
  • Rise above any self-defeating criticism or doubt
  • Uncover new ways of living your life with pure passion
  • Bring to light your unique gifts and creativeness
  • Indulge in a wave of peaceful loving energy
  • Find harmony within yourself and your relationships
  • Connect with the sacredness of the divine feminine
  • Release what no longer serves your highest self
  • Clear any energetic blockages that are weighing you down
  • Accept your whole self just the way you are
  • Mend from any past wounds, hurt, or emotional distress
  • Be a part of a profound movement toward spiritual awakening

Learn more about The Circle:  

The Circle comes with a 12-page e-book explaining its powerful effects.  It  provides you with all of the details and benefits you can expect from your monthly sessions. It goes into detail about Spiritual Quests and includes inspiration, encouragement, and supportive tips so you get the most out of every healing.

Download the Distant Divine Light Healing e-book now.
Bonus!  A free Spirit Quest is included to get you started!
divine light healing
Now is the time.  
Allow yourself the honor to heal so your soul can shine!
Will you join me (and so many others) in this inner connectedness of the Divine?

Distant Divine Light Healing:  $19/month  – or –  $209/year (one month’s free)

Yes, I’m Ready to Heal