At every single moment we’re affected by our surroundings, who we associate with, what we consume, and how we think. And all of these elements play a role in the way we feel.  But without an awareness of exactly how you’re being influenced, it’s very hard to make any positive changes. Therefore you may become energetically blocked and eventually worsen with time creating feelings of stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, a lack on confidence and the list goes on.

The good news is you absolutely have the power to take charge of your life no matter what your circumstances are, what you’ve experienced in the past, or what you’ve been telling yourself !




Energy Healing is the process of:

  • Receiving Reiki either in-person or at a distance
  • Reworking the body, mind and spirit to higher vibrations
  • Clearing any negative space and releasing energetic blockages
  • Using meditation, visualization and intention-setting
  • Connecting with and intuitively tapping into your Higher Self
  • Integrating sound therapy, crystals and aromatherapy (in-person sessions)

*Each session is personalized to align with your specific needs

Energy Healing is right for you if:

  • You feel overworked, upset, uncertain, anxious, worried or stressed
  • Desire to finally let go of what may be holding you back
  • You’re ready and willing to begin your journey of empowerment
  • Are looking to potentially understand deeper meaning of issues
  • Long for emotional support, reassurance and clarity
  • Seek a spiritual connection to your higher self, others or life in general
  • Or you simply want to relax in a calm and sacred space of vital energy


What to Expect

Energy is not restricted by time or space so it can be sent and received in-person and at a distance! By giving yourself the permission to receive, I will hold the space for you to amplify your own natural healing abilities!

We will initially discuss your intention for clarity and direction. While working within your energy field, I’ll intuitively connect and gain additional insight.  I’ll then share with you the impressions I received during the session; these messages, feelings and visions have proven time and time again as a truthful and profound gateway to ultimate inner healing.

After your session and on your own time, you’ll be encouraged to write a reflection about your experience for deeper self-discovery and transformation. You’ll then be guided through an action plan to continue your journey for positive change – because an Energy Healing is just the beginning to empowerment!


What is Reiki?
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an alternative form of healing that promotes a greater sense of wellbeing, peace and relaxation, reduces stress, and eases tension. I connect with the body’s biofield in which loving life-force energy is then channeled to help you heal and release what no longer serves you.  Reiki also helps to free any energetic blockages that could be causing you to feel tired, overwhelmed, worried, angry, confused, burdened, etc.

What do I do during my session?
You won’t need to do much!  If you choose to receive an in-person session, you’ll be lying down on a comfy massage table for the majority of the time and you’ll remain fully clothed besides your shoes. For distance sessions, you’ll receive an email with a list of ways to prepare such as finding a quiet, uninterrupted space within your home or similar space, lighting a candle or playing relaxing music to set the tone, setting an intention, etc. If you still have additional questions after receiving the email, please bring them to the surface during your session or contact me ahead of time.

What does an energy healing feel like?
This is different for everyone but I’ve found that clients feel completely at ease, very relaxed and comforted. You’ll probably notice warm and calming vibrations and waves of energy throughout your entire body, especially around your head, neck and shoulders as this is where I focus the initiation and flow of energy.
Do you offer sessions at a distance?
Yes, and they’re just as powerful as the in-person sessions!  Distance sessions begin via phone and then conclude with a followup email.

Will I experience any discomfort?
Certainly not. The only discomfort you may experience is any pain you’re already taking on (whether consciously or subconsciously). But that’s part of the reason for scheduling a session. To ease, heal and better understand any possible root issues whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

How many sessions do I need?
This is ultimately up to you. It can be very helpful to experience multiple sessions as each one offers profound changes and additional insight!  I recommend taking note of how you’re feeling prior to a session and afterwards. Continue being mindful of any changes you experience as it will enhance your own intuition thus helping you to determine how often you would like to experience these sacred sessions.
Where does the healing take place?
You have two options!  You may choose to receive your Energy Healing at a distance – so it’ll take place wherever you are!  Another option is an in-person session which is located at my studio in central Columbus, Ohio. You will be given the exact address via email upon scheduling.

What happens once I schedule?
Once you schedule, I will immediately send you an email with all the details!  This includes the expectations, tips to successfully prepare, areas of life to focus your intention, the specific address of my studio for in-person sessions, etc.

What happens after my Energy Healing?
An Energy Healing is just the beginning to reclaiming your inner power! Long-lasting change is ultimately up to you but I’ll certainly help set you off on the right track. After your session, I’ll followup and send you a recorded audio/MP3 of the insight I received and a guide for you to reflect upon for further transformation and to take action toward the life you truly desire and deserve!

The Many Benefits

By receiving an energetic healing you’ll be making yourself available for purposeful positive changes to take place in your life, therefore opening yourself to endless benefits and blessings!  Reiki essentially assists to alleviate any mental, emotional, spiritual and physical issues and ailments!  An Energy Healing helps you to reconnect with your true nature, trust in the process of life, increase your confidence and make space within to create what you desire.  It allows you to become more mindful and to release any self-sabotaging thoughts or actions. Ultimately, an Energy Healing emphasizes, amplifies and reawakens your inner power!

What You Receive



A guide






MP3 recording of the insight received during your Energy Healing



Energy Healing

At a Distance | 60-Minute Session | $119
In-Person | 90-Minute Session | $149

Yes, I’m Ready!


Reiki-TestimonialI was experiencing a lot of stress in my personal life. I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world and was on the verge of tears for the past two weeks. Within just a few minutes, my mind chatter quieted and I started to feel relaxed and tranquil for the first time in weeks. At the end of my session I had released the pain and worry that had been weighing me down and felt grounded and focused. Several days later, I am still experiencing the positive effects of my session with Tabitha.
Emma Böhm | Stay-at-Home Mom

Embrace the parts of yourself that long to be reawakened!