reiki-testimonialThe moment you walk into Tabitha’s home studio you are instantly transported somewhere calm and peaceful. After the session, we talked about our experiences which was so eye-opening. She helped me find intent and nurture the feelings I was having. Also, I never felt rushed during the entire time being there, which in today’s world is very hard to come by. I headed out the door to face the day with a clean slate and a new intent! What a wonderful experience I had. I will be returning to her very soon!
Andrea Hanson | Restaurant Manager & Student

Reiki-TestimonialMy session with Tabitha was the first time experiencing Reiki. I went in feeling very down which I didn’t express to her; afterwards she shared her vision during the session and it was spot on. In addition, the act of human touch was so comforting. When she moved on to my feet from my head, I could still feel hands on top of my head. What an interesting sensation! Tabitha is truly a healer with a comforting touch and soothing voice. You will not be disappointed.
Erin Malee | Artist

Reiki-ClientInitially I was skeptical about my Reiki session. However, Tabitha set the stage for an enjoyable hour as she actively listened to me. I felt an inner peace with her comforting touch. Time seemed to slip away.  Leaving her studio, my body was relaxed and reenergized.  I also felt a rejuvenated awareness of my surroundings. I would highly recommend to a searching soul Tabitha’s healing session as a huge stepping stone in finding inner peace and direction.
Tony Sobony | Retiree

Reiki-TestimonialTabitha’s space is so beautiful and inviting, just like herself. The serene environment with the palo santo, plants, meditative music, and her calming presence was an added bonus to the healing. She was kind, gentle, and very accommodating. The Reiki she provided was just what I needed for it was powerful and purposeful! I’ll surely be returning for another session with Tabitha!
Erin Staebler | Teacher

Reiki-ClientI was experiencing a lot of stress in my personal life. I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world and was on the verge of tears for the past two weeks. Within just a few minutes, my mind chatter quieted and I started to feel relaxed and tranquil for the first time in weeks. At the end of my session I had released the pain and worry that had been weighing me down and felt grounded and focused. Several days later, I am still experiencing the positive effects of my session with Tabitha.
Emma Böhm | Stay-at-Home Mom

Reiki-TestimonialMy healing sessions with Tabitha always leave me feeling lighter and more centered. Her energy is so peaceful. Overall, I feel less stressed and more confident with where I am spiritually.  It’s clear that she sincerely cares for your wellbeing.
Danielle Mooney | Intervention Specialist

Reiki-TestimonialI started my healing by setting the intention to let go; it took me a minute but it was worth the effort! My body seemed to leave the table more than once and that feeling of freedom was remarkable. I saw many images and there were moments of white light that I could see through closed eyes. What stood out the most was the overwhelming feeling of lightness. It was all so brilliant and fulfilling! I will do this again and again.
Linda Jakes | Social Worker