Feed Your Soul and Become The True YouAs you feed your soul with your passions, dreams, and endeavors, your soul expands opening the channel ever so greatly for Spirit to shine through you.

The more opportunities you give Spirit to shine through you, the more you’ll become aligned with your higher purpose.  Your soul purpose.  

You’ll feel on top of the world.  But you must know that the first step is to simply believe.  It’s simple because the power lies right within you to believe.  Imagine all of the beautiful possibilities that will come from believing, visualizing and taking action toward your soul purpose in life.

It’s a journey, not a destination.  I bet you’ve heard that one before.  And that’s because it’s true.  It’s a process not just a product.  Life is a cycle not a straight line.  The up’s and down’s are all part of it; it gives you opportunities to learn.  It’s all a learning process.

When you’re feeding your soul, you’ll know.

Because it’ll feel abundant.  It’ll bring tears to your eyes. You’ll find yourself escaping into this abyss where everything around you is a blur, a warm fuzziness supporting you.

It’ll feel like home.

When you feed your soul, you’ll feel Spirit behind you, in front of you, beside you and even through you cheering you on for listening.  For listening and being true to you.  The real you.

Maybe you haven’t fed your soul in a while and you forget how to.  Well that’s okay because it’s not going anywhere!

When you’re feeding your soul, you’ll know.  Tweet It! Tweet it if you believe it!

But it’s certainly waiting for you.

Sometimes patiently and other times not-so-much.  You can tell the difference when you can’t get your mind off of something.  Such as a project, a plan, a dream, a yearning for this truth that lies within you.  If you haven’t fed your soul and may be forgetting how, then ASK!  Ask Spirit to come to you in a dream, ask for a sign, ask for reassurance, ask, ask, ask and you so shall receive.  Spirit is waiting for you to open up and just be you!

So what are you waiting for?

Just take one step forward.  Just get started on something.  Anything.  Paint, draw, write, cook, clean, move, read, garden, sew, dance, plan, dream, see, forgive, heal.  Anything that feeds your hungry soul.

Remember, the more you feed it, the more it opens.  The more it opens, the brighter you shine.  The brighter you are, the easier it is for Spirit to work with you and through you.  The true you.

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