Are you overwhelmed and taking on too much? Perhaps you just feel stuck? Maybe you’re carrying some deep, heavy emotions and aren’t sure what to do?

At every single moment we’re affected by our surroundings, who we associate with, what we consume, and how we think.  All of these elements play a role in the way we feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  But without an awareness of how you’re being influenced, it’s very hard to make any positive changes. So your body, mind, and spirit may become energetically blocked and eventually worsen with time creating feelings of stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, a lack on confidence and the list goes on.

But the good news is you absolutely have the power to heal and take charge of your life no matter what your circumstances are, what you’ve experienced in the past, or what you’ve been telling yourself!

divine light healing

My session with Tabitha was the first time experiencing Reiki healing.  I went in feeling very down.  I didn’t express this to her but afterwards she shared her vision during the session and it was spot on.  In addition, the act of human touch was so comforting.  When she moved on to my feet from my head, I could still feel hands on top of my head.  What an interesting sensation!  Tabitha is truly a healer with a comforting touch and soothing voice.  You will not be disappointed.
Erin Sobony, Artist

Divine Light Healing is the process of:

  • Channeling universal love, light and energy with Reiki
  • Reworking the body’s aura to higher vibrations
  • Clearing any negative space and releasing energetic blockages
  • Using prayer, meditation, visualization and intention setting
  • Balancing the chakras through sound therapy and crystals
  • Connecting with and tapping into your higher self

*Each session is personalized to align with your healing needs

This type of healing is right for you:

  • If you feel overwhelmed, angry, anxious, worried, or stressed
  • Have any stuck, heavy or burdensome feelings
  • Desire to finally let go of what may be holding you back
  • Are looking to potentially understand any root causes of pain
  • Long for emotional support and reassurance
  • Seek a spiritual connection to your higher self, others, or life in general
  • Or just want to simply relax in a calm retreat of healing energy

divine light healing

I was experiencing a lot of stress in my personal life.  I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world and was on the verge of tears for the past two weeks. Within just a few minutes of Tabitha placing her hands on my head, my mind chatter quieted and I started to feel relaxed and tranquil for the first time in weeks. At the end of my session I had released the pain and worry that had been weighing me down and felt grounded and focused. Several days later, I am still experiencing the positive effects of my session with Tabitha.
Emma Böhm, Stay-at-Home Mom

Why Would Someone Choose to be Healed?

To ‘heal’ does not mean that something is wrong.  Rather, you’re making yourself available and ready for purposeful positive changes to take place in your life.  By receiving healing energy, you’ll be inviting and opening yourself to endless benefits and blessings!

  • To heal means to reconnect with your true nature
  • It’s trusting the process of life again or possibly for the very first time
  • Healing helps you to accept yourself and become more aware and awakened
  • It brings you closer to Divine/God/Universe/Spirit and to your higher self
  • Healing with intention allows you to remove any burdens that have been weighing you down
  • You’ll be able to more easily release any false beliefs and increase your confidence
  • You’ll make more space within to create the life you truly desire

What to Expect During Your Divine Light Healing

By giving yourself the chance and permission to heal, I help you initiate the process and amplify your own natural healing abilities.  During your session, I set the intention to bring forth what’s best for your highest good at that moment in time and at a rate which you can effectively handle.  While I’m working within your energy field, I’m often times presented with intuitive impressions just for you and your needs which can then be shared with you afterwards. These messages, feelings, and visions have proven time and time again as a truthful and sincere gateway to ultimate inner healing.

Allow me to answer some of your potential questions or concerns

What is Reiki?
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an alternative form of healing that promotes a greater sense of wellbeing, peace and relaxation, reduces stress, and eases tension. Using a light touch with my hands, I connect with the body’s biofield in which loving life-force energy is then channeled to help you heal and release what no longer serves you.  Reiki also helps to free any energetic blockages that could be causing you to feel tired, overwhelmed, worried, angry, confused, burdened, etc.

What do I need to do to prepare for my healing?
If you have any questions or concerns that have been weighing heavily on your mind, please bring them to the surface. It’s also very helpful to contemplate about the reason(s) you feel drawn to this type of healing.  In other words, think ahead of time about your intention for coming. For example, are you looking to feel more at ease, do you need to get centered and focused, have physical pain, want to have more confidence, or desire to release hurt from your past. Besides that, you won’t need to do much prepping.  You’ll be lying down on a comfy massage table for the majority of the time and you’ll remain fully clothed besides your shoes.

What does an energy healing feel like?
This is different for everyone but I’ve found time and time again that most clients feel completely at ease, very relaxed and comforted. You’ll probably notice warm and calming vibrations and waves of energy throughout your entire body, especially around your head, neck and shoulders as this is where I focus the initiation and flow of energy.

What's the difference between a 60 and 90-minute session?
By allowing more time during a session, we can discuss in-depth about what we each experienced during the healing. By doing so, you can gain a deeper meaning of certain issues you’re going through and any changes that would be beneficial for you at this time in your life.  When deciding which session is best for you, pay attention to what feels right and trust you’re making the right decision.  It’ll all work out as it should.
Will I experience any discomfort?
The only discomfort you may experience is any pain you’re already taking on (whether consciously or subconsciously). But that’s part of the reason for coming – to ease, heal and better understand any root causes of your pain whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Therefore it’s so important to allow certain emotions and feelings to surface so that they can be addressed and set free with your acceptance and nurturance.

How many sessions do I need?
This is ultimately up to you. I recommend taking note of how you’re feeling prior to a session and then immediately afterwards. Continue being mindful of any changes you feel within your body as well as any thoughts or concerns that may have increased or decreased. This will enhance your own intuition thus helping you to determine how many and how often you would like to experience these sacred sessions.

Where does the healing take place?
I am located at 536 S 3rd Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 in beautiful German Village. I’ve put my all into creating this sacred space with every intention to help you heal in whatever way your soul is in need.  Please be aware that Divine Light Healing sessions are by appointment only so please schedule first.

What can I expect after my healing?
This will depend on the intentions and goals you set for your healing but no matter what, you can certainly expect to start feeling better! This can come in many different ways such as having a renewed sense of hope, clarity, inspiration, and enthusiasm. You could experience subtle shifts of old thinking patterns and start to notice any ailments subsiding. You may feel lighter as though you have more space within to do what you’ve always wanted to do.  You can gain the energy and motivation to finally change those habits that have been in your way and finally begin to feel worthy and empowered (as you should)!

Tabitha’s space is so beautiful and inviting, just like herself. The serene environment with the palo santo, plants, meditative music, and her calming presence was an added bonus to the healing. She was kind, gentle, and very accommodating. The Reiki she provided was just what I needed, for it was powerful and purposeful. I will surely be returning for another session with Tabitha!
Erin Staebler, Teacher

Embrace the parts of yourself that long to be healed.

divine light healing

Divine Light Healing

60 Minute Session – $109
90 Minute Session – $149

Yes, I’m Ready to Heal


The moment you walk into Tabitha’s studio you are instantly transported somewhere calm and peaceful. After the session we talked about our experiences which was so eye opening for both of us. She helped me find intent and nurture the feelings I was having. Also, I never felt rushed during the entire time being there, which in today’s world is very hard to come by. I headed out the door to face the day with a clean slate and a new intent!  What a wonderful experience I had. I will be returning to her very soon!
Andrea Hanson, Student