Tabitha Stitt is dedicated to assist and support you with various issues, concerns and matters. She does this by offering Energy Healings, Intuitive Readings as well as information, advice, and instruction through her products and services. She offers you an alternative form of healing as research supports the effectiveness of energy healing.  She is a licensed professional educator, certified yoga teacher, and has also received the appropriate certification as a Reiki Master practitioner and healer. 

By purchasing and/or participating in the services provided by Tabitha Stitt you agree that all interactions and communications between you and her are solely subject to your interpretation. She is not accountable for any decisions made by you based on information, products, and/or alternative healing provided.  The services offered by Tabitha can complement any mental, emotional and/or psychological care you may be receiving but should not replace any advice or instructions given to you by a qualified medical or legal professional.