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Quiz Which Type of Intuitive Are You? with Tabitha Stitt The Self-Help Psychic

You did it!


Natural Intuitive

So what does this mean for you?

You’re absolutely intuitive so KEEP GOING! 

Think of this as your Higher Self congratulating you for being aware and open to receiving divine guidance.

Being “intuitive” means you’re receiving AND listening to the clear messages for yourself from your Higher Self and your guides.

So keep this up!

Based on your quiz results:

You already have an understanding and practice but you’ll want to make it more consistent. 


The more you choose to tap in, ask for guidance and are open to receiving the more you’ll notice what’s right for you (even if it feels a little scary).

The important part to remember here is to stay open-minded. Try not to expect something too specific. It’ll come to you in the best ways possible!

Remain vulnerable and child-like to the infinite opportunities.

Continue to trust.

You're Intuitive! Quiz Results

Ways to awaken your intuition even more:

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