Meet The Queen of Wands and Her Manifesting Ways

The Queen of Wands and her symbolic ways of manifesting
The Queen of Wands
Manifesting with The Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is ALL about manifesting a life you truly want. She’s a symbol for creation, confidence and courageeverything YOU possess – but may have forgotten about. She’s here to remind you…And it all starts with how you see yourself and how you visualize your future.

In this lesson, you’re going to learn:

✓ Why you’ll want to embrace The Queen of Wands’ ways – right here, right now
✓ Which Queen of Wands YOU resonate with the most and why
✓ The 3 main traits she has and how you can use them as a gift to keep for yourself
✓ Why it’s necessary to use your imagination to create your own “throne”
✓ How to tap in and get answers straight from the source – your own intuition
✓ The top 5 questions she asks that’ll reveal your very own potential 
✓ The essence of picking specific words to ignite your inner power   

Get started below:

Manifest with The Queen of Wands

Download your Magic PDF Guide in the materials section above and follow along!

Feel free to use captions (CC) or speed up the video (1.2x or 1.5x) for your listening preference.


Start – What the Queen of Wands represents  
2:25 – Examples using Tarot
12:50 – Your top 3 traits
15:15 – 1. How are you expressing your creative energies?
17:10 – 2. When do you feel powerful and passionate?
20:25 – 3. What do you need to let go of?
22:22 – 4. In what ways do you want to see your life unfold?
23:35 – 5. What are you waiting for?
24:40 – Creating your own castle and throne
27:10 – Pick Your Power!
28:50 – Oracle Reveal – What do you see, sense and feel?

✓ To mark this module complete, you’ll need to:

Turn in your completed Magic PDF Guide “Assignment” below (or any other form of notes, screenshots, etc.). This will also help you hold yourself accountable so you can create forward momentum toward what you ultimately want!

DOWNLOAD THIS ⇢ The Queen of Wands Magic PDF Guide

IMPORTANT ⚠️  Download and SAVE IT to your device BEFORE typing in it. And then save it as you go along. You can also PRINT and write with pen/paper instead as another option. (:

Optional - To mark this module complete ✓ Turn in your completed Magic PDF Guide “Assignment” below for this module (or any other form of notes, screenshot, etc.) in order to hold yourself accountable and create forward momentum toward what you want!

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