Welcome to From Fear to FLOW!

Welcome to the mini course, From Fear to Flow in 5 Days
Welcome to From Fear to Flow
Course Contents

YAY! Welcome to From Fear to Flow in 5 Days!

It’s important to start here and NOT skip this video. 

I’m going to share with you the in’s and out’s of this mini course and how you can get the most out it – which is so much! 

From Fear to Flow Framework:

For each module lesson: 
  • Watch the videos, pause and take notes as you go along, speed up the video and/or use the captions for your listening preference.
  • Download your Magic PDF Guides and either complete them as I walk you through the modules and lessons, or complete it afterwards on your own time.
  • In order to mark your modules complete ✓ you’ll need to “turn in” or upload your completed Magic PDF Guide assignment for each lesson! You’re welcome to upload ANY handwritten notes, screenshots, images, etc. as another option. This will hold you accountable and give you momentum to follow through with your goals and ultimately manifest what you want!
Commit to yourself:

Make sure you pinky promise yourself that you’re going to make this happen; you’re going to allow yourself to begin flowing forward, however that looks like for you: 

PINKY PROMISE HERE   Click Here to Access the From Fear to Flow Pinky Promise 

Alright! Get excited and get going!

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